I've Lived This Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/11

This song is and always has and will be my favorite of Tool's. Listening to the lyrics, I realized that this song is a complete description of what I'm going through. It's talking about all these stories of death on the television, and how we all need death to live. Even thoughts or hearing about death is needed. Many don't want to admit it because they probably think that everyone else will think of them as a "freak" or something. When in reality, we should admit that we have these thoughts. It's probably killing many of us inside, because no one has the guts to admit to these thoughts. However, ever since I've admitted it, I feel safe and better about myself. This song has helped me through my many issues and Tool is a great band.

popular culture is... | Reviewer: AHMAD | 4/1/11

i've been thinking the same as maynard.
men are disgustingly self-centered, they don give a fuck what happens to others. this song is a little hopeless ,though, when he says"you're all like that, don' lie" , yes, maynard confesses .
and he makes fun of the idea which "angel lives in men's heart". i think it's wrong, too, as maynard does, but there are a few exceptions. there are still very nice people who really seem to have an angel in their hearts, like mother teresa, or others. i can't say this idea is ALL WRONG.say we may be able to behave in a different way...start from yourselves...clean your thoughts, souls and behaviour, it's the only way.
about TOOL, no band comes very close, in richness of lyrical themes, and, in matter of musical diversity, they really do grand. but i guess they need to include classical music inspirations and use unconventional instruments more often.
this song, after all, is a condemnationation of popular culture, pop, with all it's dimensons, and tool is moving in the opposite direction, trying to popularize real things, not britney spears' widely seen vagina or lady gaga's boobs, and they've not been very successful in this way... it's a shame, really it is.
P.S. I'm a muslim, and i love TOOL

Real Meaning of this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

Ive scanned through the comments a bit, and Ive seen some intresting comments, including one that really caught my attention, is that Tool is a work of art to be interperatted by everyone else diffrently and the song has no meaning, but I beg to differ, as you all focus on death and destruction, being the same people he describes, I think of it diffrently.

He is trying to interpret that we thrive off Death and suffering, only because our emotions demand it. No emotion is not useless, for example, Greed. Without Greed there is no generousity, for we have no feeling of it if there wasn't Greed. There is probably plenty of emotions we cannot feel. He is trying to get through that by using the oppisite emotion, we can stimulate the positive/negative emotion. If we watch hate, sometimes we may feel happy, or love, only because we love the hate, or we feel happy for the hate, and If you don't beleive me here is an example:

Colours, I will use red as an emotion, but turn emotion into the word colour, so follow me if you will.

Without red there is no green, for green is the contrast colour of red, and without red we cannot make Blue or Yellow, for Blue and Yellow need red to make new colours that contrast Blue and Yellow so this colour effects all colours. This is our emotions, and to my statement that there are emotions we cannot feel as there is no oppisite emotion, there are multiple colours we cannot see, even though a person who can see all known colours may not be able to see it, because we cannot picture it.

I hope this has opened your eyes to a new prespective, and see how we are not doomed, but we need these emotions to have good emotions, and how we feed off oppisite emotions so we can feel the other emotions.

Love the song, hate SOME comments | Reviewer: Normal Guy | 3/23/11

First off, love the song, beutifully writen and describes how the human species works, and 2, this is a response to the Aethists and Christian haters I've seen on the comments. Fuck off with the stupid "God doesn't exist, where's your proof?" I'm christian, and I have no problem with seprate religion, and Aethism, that's fine, I'm not saying christianity is right, or true, or god DOES exist, I'm saying if your going to bitch that shit, make sure YOU have proof that God DOESN'T exist. Prove it and make sure you have real proof , and not "Hes never done anything." I want some Good proof saying in very good detail why he doesn't exist and some mathimatical equation why he doesn't exist. Fuck off, your allowed to beleive what you want and I think there is a god, because my faith allows me to have hope in hard times, to help me get through hard goings, and to thank in good times. God is their for me and everybody (in my opionion) but he does not interfere with our lives derectly because we ate from the forbbidin tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, and as punishment, he allowed us to have free will, a gift and a curse. Besides there has to be SOME sort of god, maybe not Christian, because why would anybody beleive in some form of superior being, far beyond our power, EVER! Just seems like there is a god, if not Oh well.

nothing to do with religion | Reviewer: zach | 12/21/10

i believe that this is not truly about human nature but instead media... he says "dont't look at me like i'm a monster, frown out your one face but with the other" i think this means that we will all call people like terrorists monsters and people who murder and steal, who wouldn't? thats all wrong! but then instead the people who say this all watch murder and rape and mutilation for enjoyment in movies like saw and final destination! meening in the lines "i need to watch things die from a distance" we all love seeing death in movies and television just for our own pleasure, and enjoy it, but if these things ever were to really happen, these same people would go insane. it all comes down to whether your just an average joe or a crazy murderer we all love to watch the blood gore and violence and punish those who do these things

what I Think about this all | Reviewer: Solid | 12/14/10

God, no god, none the less all of you humans are meat. I don't respect anyone who is disrespectful, and anyone who judges by what only their stupid eyes can see, are in more trouble than they think. I will say one thing though, we are all screwed one way or another, so find joy in whatever our last breath might consist of.

You are not a Snowflake! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/10

This song is about human nature (all of us as a species), and moreover the hostile nature of the universe in general. He wants to clear up the misconception that the world is inherently kind or man is by nature good. The song is intended as an indictment of the self-righteous folks who pretend they are above it, all-the-while glued to their TVs and gossip mags.

Contrary to the 'hippie haze' view of 'angels in the hearts of men' we are by nature inclined to enjoy violence ‘at a safe distance’ because, sick as it may be, it makes us feel more alive. The song culminates in the final lines.. “Vicariously I live while the whole world dies.
Much better you than I”

In other words: Pull your head of out your hippie ass and accept that we by nature revel in much of what we despise and detest. “why can’t we just admit it”.

My point | Reviewer: .45ACP | 12/8/10

This song is about our violent culture. And that we're using other's miseries to entertain our selfs. Like in Roman empire, people watch Gladiators killing each other just for fun. Now we're doing same things, watching people dies. But this is not enough and we shoot movies filled up with violence and gore. We do it to entertain us. "Why" is another question. May-be we just need something to hurt our feelings we need it to feel that we are still alive.

WAKE UP | Reviewer: jammin | 11/22/10

Dudes, this song is all about all of us.
Its talking about us humans, and how we behave, how they have turned us into couch potato zombies, watching the news, watching stupid tv shows.
Isnt it obvious that allmost 8/10 on tv always includes at least the death of someone in series, on newscast, on anything.
Us people have become vampires of our own species, sucking off each other, getting off at other people's miseries.

U guys kinda have the god view all rong.. But I will also talk about the song | Reviewer: Skylar | 11/1/10

God in Christian belief did indeed make the earth but according to the bible that since we ate from the tree of knowledge we gained free will and the will to choose... As a result god punished us by lettig us go through life making our own decisions and the decisions we make have both good and bad consequences. And we can still have a relationship with god through our saviour Jesus Christ... Now that's the christain and my personal view... Now about the song...he dedicated the album 10,000 days to his mother and I think that vicarious is the first chapter in the "story" he is telling in this album

more of the same awesome | Reviewer: lbz | 10/25/10

I skipped over 10000 days somehow, and am just now getting around to listening to it.. good stuff, not as moody as aenima undertow or lateralus but still couldn't ask for better music. and the line the universe is so hostile, so impersonal... just tellin it like it is. he pretty much sums up the entire song with those seven words... how much reading into does it take? do other animals sit and watch the predators succeed in a feeding and bask in the sight of blood? nope... they poop and move on cause its nothing different. we've attached value to tragedy, which has no value in the world as a whole. sonofa goshdarn crap now I'm interpreting... see what you kids make me do???!??

Devine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/10

This band never ceases to facinate me. This song is 9 years old -I have't listened to tool in a long time, even though I am a devout fan. Being 36 years old, my musical preferences have mellowed a bit, but hearing this again brings it right to the top of my playlist. Their musicianship in this genre is absolutely unparalelled. They have no problem playing in odd time (in fact i think they prefer it), but it grooves so much you can't tell unless you've had some musical training. Their sound is both subtle and huge and is deeply moving. Lyrically, they conjure discussions of God and the human experience. Who else can do that? It's a shame people wet their pants when they see Lady Gaga, who contributes nothing to the musical society while Danny, Justin, Adam and Maynard walk around virtually unknown. On second thought, it's probably better that way. Let them live while the whole world dies.


Something Clever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/10

This was one of the first songs that got me into Tool. I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics at first, but after about two minutes of thinking I got it. Although I'm really just repeating what's already been said, people have an innate tendency to be fascinated by violence without much regard for the people who are victims of it. It's like an instinct or something like that, you get what I'm talking about.

Seeing all the shit I do on the internet has just about completely desensitized me to everything I see these days. I can watch Mr. Hands and laugh my ass off knowing that the guy involved died shortly after the video was made due to anal hemorrhaging. I can go through bestgore.com and look through all of the horrible things they've got on there when I'm bored and barely bring myself to care about these tragedies, for the most part. I'm absolutely positive that no matter how self-righteous someone may seem, the phrase "tragedy thrills me" will bear some significance on the things they see in the news. The kinds of things we hear about on the news prove that there is no god. Never has been, never will be. Why would a "fair and loving god" allow such injustices to continue? I'm just gonna stop right there before the christfags get on my case, but even so, they're the most guilty of it; Christians are more fascinated by the violence and bloodiness of Jesus' crucifixion than anything else regarding it. That's why The Passion made so much money.

We've only got ourselves to blame for our reactions. That'll never change. But hey, at least I've come to terms with it.

Bullshit | Reviewer: Price | 8/17/10

Damn, why do some people insist on bringing religion into this? Nobody wants to hear it except other brainwashed, ignorant jackasses. There's no proof God exists, unless you can find some videos of Jesus turning water into wine or walking on water then why bother wasting your life, worshipping some magical man in the sky? While you sit there muttering into the air for help, people work for thier money, people die of hunger, people are taken, raped and killed for no reason other than a instant thrill for some sick piece of shit. So what do your prayers do? Is Gid going to save us? Is He going to show hislmself to us? No, he won't because HE'S NOT REAL!!! I could go on for hours, pointing out the flaws, the contradictions and the outright stupidity of the Bible and Christianity, but I won't so to all of you blind fools, go start a war, go have your priests molest children and go burn "witches" because every day you just give the rest of the world more reasons to hate you.

Now about the song. I believe that this song, in part, is really about people who need to see the world in chaos, who need to see suffering, death and pain to come to terms with thier own mortality. I believe this because I once knew a man named Graham(he was in his late 70's) who would watch the news everyday just to hear about people dying. He would even record certain stories that were particularly gruesome to watch at a later date. When I asked him about this he told me that he took pleasure in knowing he outlived others, he found satisfaction in knowing that he was the lucky one who escaped murder or unfortunate accidents while others were slaughtered, he told me that in his way of looking at things he was superior to them because he had the "right skills" to live when others fell short. Now that's my opinion, anybody who disagrees with me is more than welcome to, though I'm not looking for an argument so anybody who wants to start one with me can go fuck themselves.

?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/10

All one can see, I feel, if they have even bothered finding this thread and posting is that the lyrics written and performed are profound to each of us. In a time where every idea, through media, weather it be musical or otherwise (news) is easily sought out in mass. Is still just that. An idea. This just reminds us that every idea needs an opinion. OUR OPINION! If we want fear.... That's what we get. Masses dictate. Not an incredible song by tool lyrically....awesome musically. Boys must have been long on tunes, short on lyrics when they recorded this? They know tool fans are above media engulfment?