hmm... | Reviewer: Tommy S. | 3/27/10

except the "I hope you choke" part, I was starting to think maybe his wife was pregnant. My wife currently is, and she's always feeling miserable because of the baby (parasite lol) that is sapping her. And when she starts complaining a lot, I'm thinking to myself, "this is what you wanted. This is what you had in mind." Lol. This is mostly joking, of course.

Meaning....My stance | Reviewer: Roadie Dan | 2/25/10

I think it is about sociopaths in general. Really who hasnt had the pleasure of knowing a sociopath. I know several right off the top of my head. Maybe not fullblown terrible cases. But I can attest to knowing many with at least a minor case, or tendencies. Im sure being in Maynard's Situation of being famous and awesome...Im sure he has known many more. I would not doubt that the song is about his disgust with these types of people/ personalities.

Narcissism | Reviewer: Chris | 1/14/10

The song reminds me a lot of narcissistic personality disorder. These people are sometimes referred to as emotional vampires because they suck the life out of you. There are at least couple of other Tool songs that make me believe Maynard had someone in his life who had this disorder. Take a look at the PUSHIT lyrics and the BOTTOM lyrics. It seems crystal clear if know someone who is a full blown narcissist.

giving the bastards what for | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

Life demands a lot of us, and working with people professionally and personally who are thankless for what you give them-- only demanding more-- inspires a hell of a lot of resentment. Eventually, a lot of us quit humoring them or giving them anything.

Stan is right -- the tune is wicked-- but I think it's something people can relate to even more once they listen to the words.

maaaaybe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

Its sounds as if he is talking to the crowd. If that is so its like saying when he's at a show that the people who come to the show take what they want make him do a little dance and then leave. But then again he makes a living off it. Then again this is a tool song so its support to be riddles with intellectuality. and its your job to buy the cd and look for the mystery toy inside the box.

Perfect for psychic vampires | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/09

I had a friend in high school and he always sucked the life out of me. I was getting very ill because of him. And it got to the point to where I couldn't be around him anymore without getting the energy sucked from me. When we ended the friendship on bad terms because I couldn't take it anymore,I emailed him the song and a video of me mouthing the words in anger at him. It was perfect because he finally got the picture. I got better almost as soon as I stopped seeing him. To this day I can't hear that song without thinking of how awful he was and the feeling of releasing that anger.

Maybe? | Reviewer: Tizool | 12/29/08

Maybe this is about pressure from the record lables...sucking them dry musically...
so this is what they get...a song about them sucking them dry...hope its what they wanted!...
the screaming is in pure frustration...

"Taken all I can taken all I can, we can take. Taken all you can taken you can, we can take."
The parasites use them, take all they can from them for their own gain....
hope you choke!... on this song...hope its what you wanted, cuz its what you are getting!...

first line of the song | Reviewer: stan | 6/23/07

the first line of the song should be the initial screaming lyric "suck it dry" i say this because it is the part of the song that really gets you into it with that long maynard scream we've come to love...maybe people don't know what he says...just thought i'd suggest it