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Performed by Tool

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Give It Up | Reviewer: shadowprojector | 10/3/07

Ivan Vargas, you are certainly a legitimate source. Of course the members of Tool don't do drugs... Wait except for the DMT which has been described as being the key to Danny Carey's understanding of the hidden aspect behind the unicursal hexagram. Maybe you would understand their lyrics better if you weren't missing a chromosome. You, little buddy, must have been in an "alterate states of mind", as you so eloquently put it, when you wrote this. I'm guessing you are not a drug user so I will have to blame it on years of inbreeding. thanks

No need for drugs! | Reviewer: Lenny | 9/17/07

You do not need drugs to have any of these experiences that are being spoken of.

Becoming one with the world is something that I was only able to do without drugs.

Finding that space inside of myself came from quieting my mind. Realizing that my mind is just bunch of analyzing, and worrying, controlling, self doubt. It so self centered.

When I realize that I am the sum total of all my experiences, and that life deals me the cards and presents me with opportunities, then there is no reason to go to my mind for the answers. My mind just complicates things. It gets in the way of the life flow. I have no choices when I can see the influences of everything. All my decisions are based something that already happened and all of my experiences.

My mind is useless chatter when I connect with life.

I experience all kinds of crazy things when I ignore my mind and experience life free of analyzations and worry.

I am so high on life right now. Better than crack or any mushroom trip.

We are all one. The world is an organism at war with itself. I am the same as everyone. If I walked in their shoes I'd be doing the same things.

I experience visual stimulation when on this spiritual high. I experience everything.

I just have an animal mind, and it alone cannot see the big picture.

Opening the third eye comes from quieting the mind down to a certain scientific level of action.

Drugs is not the answer.

3rd eye | Reviewer: matt | 8/10/07

The song is most definately about the use of meditation and drugs to get a sense of your subconciousness and to have spritual enlightenment. Another great song by a great band.

BTW Ivan, Tool's member's frequently use drugs to obtain this sense of spirituality. I believe it is documented that some not if all the members have used psychedelics such as LSD and DMT. Bill Hicks is also very pro drug.

The Third Eye, The Pineal, and DMT | Reviewer: KonYu | 7/20/07

a previous person suggested that opening the third eye could mean the use of LSD but I believe it to mean the use of DMT which relates to the pineal gland from which DMT is secreted into your brain. The term prying seems similar to smoking a large dose of DMT in the sense that it is an intense explosion of DMT in your brain which is in a sense a prying open of your 3rd Eye whether you like it or not.

So Good To See You | Reviewer: James | 7/6/07

It is incredible how Maynard uses words in such a way that he can display his views and make everything sound so rich and deep and soulful. I also love the way he refers to Mescaline in the song as 'phosphourescent desert buttons' Clever shit, Tool are unquestionably my favourite band.

lvl 15 ja | Reviewer: | 6/27/07

I bet Maynard played a Samurai in FFXI. I'd love it if that's what this song was about.

Interpretation? | Reviewer: Ivan Vargas | 6/25/07

You know, there are several ways to achieve the "nirvana", trance, or whatever you wanna call it, some of these are meditation, dancing, and the "fake gate" are drougs. As far as I know, Maynard and Tool, do not do drougs, so they try to get to "alterate states of mind" trough their music, that´s why at the beginning of the song you can hear a commediant making fun of "great", because, everything they did was, supposly under the effect of drougs, like the Beatles, for example.. third eye is a place in our brain, the pineal gland. You may also research about third eye as a metaphysical concept,

Tool is awesome | Reviewer: nathan | 5/29/07

The song Third eye is so deep and takes you on a trip where its almost like your doing the drugs. The first time i heard this song i didnt real11ly think much of it, a catchy riff here, some good solos there, things like that. but the more i listened to it the more i learnt how deep it goes. what i get out of this song is this persons is confused, about life and also himse1f. Now this character resorts to drugs to try and figure these things out. The third eye then represents how he tries to see more and the drugs as well. In the end when he is "prying open his Third eye" it represents him realising the truth and how he wants to get out of his drug adiction.
This is my interpretation on the song and please corect me if im wrong.
Other amazing songs by Tool-
10,000 days(

One of my opinions behind the true meaning of the song | Reviewer: Open your mind | 5/16/07

I love third eye. its amazing, truly a mind opener... i believe that this song is about opening the "third eye" otherwise known as expanding your mind.. the use of LSD. It symbolizes the other side to life, the spiritual side, to love, experience, and feel true beauty, an inner sanctum that most could not understand. the true side of life that cannot be achieved through any other methods. finding the beautiful innerself.. dropping acid.

the greatest | Reviewer: A Persian ! | 5/14/07

totally the most amazing and simple lyrics ever with meanings of the whole world,gotta feel it to understand it..see you there!

PRY OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE! | Reviewer: Zildjian232 | 5/14/07

this song is about opening your third eye, which is the eye on the center of your forehead, your physic eye which can lead you father into your concsiousness and travel in time. its a really intense subject, search "using your third eye" on google, and read on it, ive done it, changed my life

Second Sun | Reviewer: tom | 5/4/07

The song is talking about opening the third eye, in other sense a spiritual awakening and understanding that when understood elimnates time of ones life. Preparing them for the end of the 23rd solar cycle of the earth which we are currently in. This cycle started 3114BC known as the Birth of venus to becomming the second star, shimmering blue creating a second shadow. The earth will then tilt on its axis due to the pull of venus and the electromagnetics of earth dropping in late 2011. and the end of the cycle in 2012 dec 21/22 will be a dimensional shift of conciouness due to time no longer existing in the evolutionary pattern of earth.the 24th cycle is the start of this. When ones acheives 3rd party conciousness time will be eliminated from ones life and their conciousness will cruise throuh time existing all in all and choosing in all. One will realize time is the Illusions of Illusions and is which separates all from one and holds of conecepts of - and + and will no longer be confined to the body. The viel between life and death (-&+) will be broken and one will remember life is only dream. By 2020 2/3rds the population will be gone. and in 2010 many better be learing to swim. This tool song complately 100% signifies this even down to metaphorics and math patterns within the song that have to do with the cycles all acients including mayans that new it.

The second sun | Reviewer: Tom | 5/4/07

This song talks about how the earth will tilt on its axis in late 2011 and the end of the 23th solar cycle will end and the age known as the birth of Venus as our second sun will arise blue and shimmering. By 2020 2/3 the population of the planet will be gone and ppl that have not "opened, " their thrid eye in othersense of not prepare for the diminensional shift of conciousness the 24th cycle will bring which is the elimination of time. Time is simply which draws us apart from on another and where our souls reside it is the ultimate illusion of relitivity. By elimnating time one can again understand life is only a dream and their conciousness can then cruise the time wave. Time is in a enternal state of fixation. All time changes but not does time. When this happens many will need to learn to swim.

Third eye | Reviewer: Dan | 4/30/07

Tool is amazing. Their music transcends space and time. where they are i want to be and where i am they are.

Life is but a Dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/07

Tool is one of the few bands that produces music as an artform rather than an industry. so much of todays music is just...well shit basically. Tool has to be one of the best bands around and this has to be one of their best songs.

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