Spritual revolution/evolution | Reviewer: Justice | 3/28/10

The song, as with all art, is percieved in the eye of the beholder, so essentially any review or critique is absurd and meaningless. Having said that, ever since my third eye was opened i recieve secret messages from all the spirtual leaders that ever lived and they all tell me TOOL is working to prepare us all for the great awakening in 2012.

Look at yourselves | Reviewer: saiktanas | 3/19/10

Thrid eye is much more than you all think.

Third eye is about the perception, about the enlightened being inside ourselves.

He was looking for his essence all his life, when he remembered that he is exactly what he was when he was born. The child that isn't stuck into this world's rules and dogmas. The "reason" may be devastating separating the spirit (or true will if you prefer) from the body (vessel).Since our true selves are not judgemental and doesn't obey to any religious rules.

The reasoning distracts us from the voice we have inside, the true self, our enlightened side.

That is why he has to search all his life trying to discover through something that was "suffocating" his will.

A true lesson for all.

Third eye is linked to the book and film Alice in wonderland | Reviewer: Marshall B24 | 3/10/10

This song is linked to alice in wonderland.
Dreaming of that face again
It's bright and blue and shimmering.
Grinning wide
(about the blue cat)
On my back and tumbling
Down that hole and back again
Rising up
And wiping the webs and the dew from my withered eye.
(alice fall down the tunnel)
In... Out... In... Out... In... Out...
third eye is about wonderland itself
and the idea of the book and film, an acid trip, is what hicks talks about in the beginning(acid).
third eye itself is her believing the impossible, its wonderland itselfff
t"So good to see you.
I've missed you so much.
is what mad hatter says

Dimethyltryptamine | Reviewer: Divine Moments of Truth | 3/4/10

It's not very rare.
But, it is the most hardcore hallucinogen ever. Made where your third eye is. It is the "dream drug".

Only releases naturally when you are born, asleep, and when you "die".

-Friendly User

ra | Reviewer: tim s | 2/21/10

just like a previous reviewer stated about the third eye, the pineal gland and chakras. and the law of one from the humble messanger known as Ra. everthing and everyone is the same being. good or bad. there is no such thing as death of the soul , only of our physical body.

TOOL DRUGS | Reviewer: mike | 1/6/10

Ok, If you did not know. TOOL gets all of their ideas from doing a rare drug known as Dimethyltryptamine. The scary part about it is that this drug puts you to sleep and causes you to have true real life hallucintations or intense visuals

Subjectivity | Reviewer: Scott | 11/14/09

I think this song contains a unique meaning to each person who experiences this song. I always thought of TOOL as a band who creates songs which can be used as a TOOL to look inward and outward at the world and see it in different viewpoints. Look at each album that has been produced by the band. They each seem to have a unique standpoint on life and self. I believe it is meant to move the mind from theory and dogma to experience and living in the moment. That being said..James is right...its about crab people. He nailed it all completely. He is wise beyond his age.

We all know what this song is about. | Reviewer: Angel Githara | 10/22/09

Even if we have never heard this song before. Life is but a dream. The lyrics are abstract because they're somewhat disconnected from conceptual thought, i.e objectivity. Anyone ever heard about an artist named Alex Grey? Chapel of Sacred Mirrors? I found out about him through listening to Tool, thank god. Other then that, I will not add anything else and agree totally with what Veronica says in her review.

ya never know | Reviewer: hayley | 9/20/09

maybe it's not right, but im guessing its talking about the chakra system and the "third eye" is the sixth level of it. when you reach a certain conscienceness your "opening up your third eye" meaning you're able to understand things from different dimensions and their octaves. it kind of pertains to the song "46 & two" also, because reaching 46&2 is going to the fourth level of conscienceness "christ-conscienceness". a lot of the songs subjects by tool can be found in the book "Nothing in This Book is True, But it's Exactly How Things Are" like the song Merkaba, 46&2, Third Eye. it's pretty awesome

so im going to end this by saying how much i love tool..and a perfect circle, maynard's a genius.

Kenny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/09

This song cannot be explained.
Trip on LSD, shrooms, mescaline or some other psychedelic and you will have your own meaning to this song. Expand your mind and open your pineal gland(which is in the middle of your eyes, right above your brow line, in the middle of you skull, right under you brain) up. The pineal gland is your third eye. do research on it. It produces the most powerful psychedelic known to man which is Dimethytryptamine(DMT). DMT is nicknamed the spirit molecule by Dr. Straussman. There is a book that he wrote. DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Absolutely amazing book. Its about his trials with DMT. Psychedelics will enlighten you. Trip on psychedelics and you will learn a lot about tools songs. PeAcE> One Love

you all suck | Reviewer: sam warren | 9/9/09

how many of you have talked to maynard?
of those who have, who has asked him the meaning of this song?
of those people how many did he tell?
none, none of you know what this song is about, i don't know what this song is about. it could be about anything the lyrics are so abstract.
enjoy the music take your own interpritation but dont try to tell me you know what this song is about!
douche bags!

Truth | Reviewer: Vince Elio | 7/10/09

The song is about the human experience. Saying it is only one part of the universe, the dreamlike state, and our entire lives we search for truth. You use the minds eye (3rd eye) to see reality. Truth exists outside our beliefs.

Even if you lose all the existentialism it's also evident his own search for purity in logic...not the overwhelming state of chaos where our brief human lives reside.

So he talks to absolute truth, and sometimes when he gets close, it eludes him. As it does all of us, the more we learn about the universe, the more questions we inevitably have. It's both our satisfaction gain knowledge..but our flaw that we can't begin in our limited capacity to comprehend everything.

True Tryptamines | Reviewer: The Truth | 7/7/09

This song is definitely about psychedelics, be it LSD, Psilocybin, or DMT, and i'd have to agree with most people that this IS about LSD more specifically.
I feel that Parabol/Parabola is definitely more about DMT than anything else, though.

Crabs... | Reviewer: James | 6/27/09

All of you are wrong! This song is about Crab People. The beautiful thing he talks about in the beggining is a shiny, can of Pepsi, which lures him(Maynard is a Crab person) out of his cave.

Any REAL Tool fan would know that, jeez. You know the song H.? "H" stands for "hermit". Heck, the whole Aenema album is a homage to crabs and crustaceans of all sorts.
And don't get me started on Lateralus...

What? | Reviewer: Sylian | 6/13/09

Why do you have to do drugs to listen to tool? I've only done acid ones in my life and I'm not planning on doing it again, its a personal preference, and have been enjoying tool for the last 5 years. This is truly the best music out there, IMO...and you don't need acid to get into it, its that great...all you need is an open mind...

Obviously that's just my opinion and I know a lot of people will disagree...but thanks for reading!