>fan | Reviewer: Kyotom | 9/17/11

One of my personal favourites of Tool.

I as a lot of others have come to realise that Maynard could literally be singing about anything. His lyrics are formed and constructed almost as well as the other instruments that play a massive role in Tools songs.

As a musician I find it impossible to decipher which member produced the first riff that created the songs that we all love listening to so much!

Pure genious and VERY under appreciated.

Love what you guys do.
Danny you are an INCREDIBLE drummer
I have no words that justify your talents Maynard
Adam - Who would have thought that a sitar would go with your genre. You! Cuz you're one of the greats!
And last but most definitely not least, Justin. As a bassist you are my role model. You play from behind the scenes and are so modest. Yet Tool just wouldn't have that vital dynamic without you!


weak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

i only read a few comments to see pathetic arguments. How about you noobs look into what the third eye actually is. They've been telling us all along, most sheep to ignorant to see..
as always, namaste

Third eye | Reviewer: ave | 7/23/11

Drugs didn't ruin material of songs they played a roll in ones life to help create them and the only ones that died from drugs were on crack or some OPIATE product.. Coincidentally the government allows OPIATEs

This guy | Reviewer: Rodheh | 7/22/11

Hey strazdaz, see, we have these things called opinions. While you like those "great artists", probably like Justin Bieber or N*Sync, we prefer those who sang from their heart.

My opinion is that you're a dumbshit and since you can't grasp the fact that this is subjective, not "incorrect", you should stand in front of a train.

Firs quote | Reviewer: Strazdas | 7/10/11

"Cause you know what? The musicians who’ve made all that great music that’s enhanced your lives throughout the years...
high on drugs"
Incorrect. Most famous artists, when started to use drugs of any form, have lost most of their talent.

Spiral Out! | Reviewer: geekgurl | 5/11/11

In the words of another GREAT song....

Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.

Feel the rhythm....

Anyway, I personally feel that the above lyrics sum up most of Tools songs. Quit analyzing the lyrics, close your eyes and just let the rhythm take you to where your mind wanders. The reason that Tool doesn't release the lyrics to their songs when new material is released is because they want you to just experience the art that they have given you. Trying to figure out what the meaning really is ruins the experience.

Anyway, just my take, it's not what the band meant to say in a song that's important, it's what you feel yourself and take from the journey that counts. Tool just happens to do that better than any other band has to this point.

Ride the spiral!

Fourth eye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/11

Probably the deepest song along with disgustipated and pushit. Comments don't matter really to me at all, because I know that tools songs are about the mind and subconscious, not the shallowness of the tongue.

Tool heads | Reviewer: BK lounger | 3/12/11

you know what? I love tool. and when i submerge myself in their brilliance, i can only feel supreme inspiration and love for a band who cares so much. I love it. the passion that gets passed down to the target audience (aka intelligent individuals) who love tool to a point where one is so extremely satisfied they could die happy, is immensely rewarding to delve into. Listen, we all know tool is best. doesn't it just make you happy to listen and just have being within the sounds? Fighting about the message defeats the purpose. tool writes so that you can experience and flow with whats really important, that being your ride on the spiral till the end.. let tool put you somewhere no one else can influence. I know i've got nothing to prove... ;)

Stop hating, if you're on this page reacting angrily to other peoples' dumb comments, the song's message is not penetrating...there's more important things, people!! | Reviewer: Jesse | 2/17/11

This song is fantastic. Chill with all the angry comments. Yes duh all tool songs are open to individual interpretation. Yes duh it is about consciousness knowledge etc., "tripping," be it drug induced or not (although the reference to drug induced trips is clearly in play if you take the opening quotes into account). Meditating on the nature of life and the universe.

One thing that a lot of people seem to be overlooking is the part "so nice to see you again..." etc. verse. To me (yes I said TO ME so hold your angry comments about being right or wrong), this verse describes that feeling after you come down from your trip (or whatever), and you feel all in touch with the universe, and child like, but then when you try to relate with a person or a child (just want to watch you play) you find ironically that you relate even less to them than before the drug experience, they "run away" cuz you are like a weird trippy drug dude now lol (yes I've done hallucinogens many times). In the end, you just keep looking for knowledge and "reason" by smoking whatever again (pot, dmt etc.), ie "chasing a trail of smoke and reason," figuratively "prying" (ie forcing) your third eye open just to learn more about the nature of our dreamlike existence, a consciousness/awareness that was clear as a child but now feels as though it can only be accessed, semi-artificially/unsatisfyingly, through drug experiences. Tool rules, peace y'all!

Something calls to me... | Reviewer: bailey | 2/8/11

"Think for yourself. Question authority. Throughout history as our species has faced the frightening, terrorising reality that we do not know who we are or where we are in this ocean of chaos".

That was the beginning of the quote they used in the live performance of this so many times over (which is amazing by the way).

I agree that the lyrics invite you on a journey of thought, importantly on critical reflection but something in the song's lyrics draws me to it: "So glad it's over, I've missed you so much, Came out to watch you play, Why are you running away?". This speaks to me of what fear and anger and subsequent segregation might feel like. I wonder where that comes from? I don't wonder from MJKs perspective as I have no idea what he has experienced, but where the feeling comes from when I see those lyrics.

It's a good thing to think about. Not too much though 'cause I have to get some work done...

@ mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

"For me, it was like I was inside my body and at the same time I was out of it. I was out of it in the sense I was part of a universal consciousness."

Ive experienced this myself when my second time on shrooms. It does sound crazy but when it was happening It felt.. amazing, it felt as if I had dug up the true nature of being human. Completely separated from my body, but yet still inside. I find a lot of tools songs relate to this phenomenon. Or at least that is my perception of it.

oneness | Reviewer: Mike | 12/31/10

For me this song is about the oneness we finally experience if we take the path towards discovering it. When we were young we experienced reality directly, without the blinders of conditioning. We slowly move away from this direct perception into a conditioned and programmed state of being. The direct perception of reality startles us. It's usually pure bliss. We perceive a state of oneness. For me, it was like I was inside my body and at the same time I was out of it. I was out of it in the sense I was part of a universal consciousness. This sounds like weird shit and it WAS. Language is rational. The experience of oneness isn't. There is no way to rationally define it. Opening the third eye is a metaphor for this experience of oneness. I don't see how it could be anything else.

make up your own minds | Reviewer: cameron | 9/20/10

the third eye, as well as the pineal gland, is also the third sahkra, referred to as the third eye.
however, if you apply this as a metaphorical third eye, as does mr hicks, and then you take into account the whole album, aenima, you are just being asked to view the world around you from your own point of view. just relax and be comfortable with your own space, and what ever you do, don't rely on the mainstream media's opinion. make up your own minds. pry it, squeegee it, take drugs or pray, just make up your own damn minds. :)

LSD does not come from plants! | Reviewer: Ashley Parks | 8/23/10

LSD mainly is a type of fungus that mainly grows in rye; it is mainly synthesized from the acid known as lysergic acid that was derived from ergot. Fungi differs from plants because fungi doesn't have leaves or roots, its not photosynthetic, its cell walls made of chitin, and it doesn't produce its own food.

This is hilarious. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/10

It's kinda funny how you all think you KNOW what the song is about. I'm not saying you can't THINK you know what it's about, just don't claim it's fact (unless you all are trolls, then go away.)

All you need to know is MJK is a genius lyricist and this is pure poetry.