drugs | Reviewer: A.T.M. | 1/18/09

I'm pretty sure that by third eye he means the pineal gland and using DMT to see inside of the mind and realizing that life isn't what it seems to be.
And will you idiots quit arguing over what a song means, everyone percieves music differently, there is no right or wrong answers, so I hope you read this before you make an ass of yourself.

chasing the trail of smoke and reason | Reviewer: cut&paste | 1/9/09

im sittin here with al ur opinions and idealistic views considered like a bag of marbles resting in the palm of my hand and with this in mind the only point that prominently reveals itself in our conclusions regardin songs like this, particularly from the likes of tool, is that we fail to draw a universal understanding, or at least a logical theory that we could possibly all agree on.
so, that being said it is obvious that the intended meaning of this song wil always be a highly debatable subject, which alone makes it worth the debate.i suppose being the indiviuals we are meant to portray makes such a notion irrational, or even wayward, to comprehend. but thats not a bad thing.

knowledge is power, the more we educate ourselves the more transparent things may become. i like to keep this in mind when reviewing ur opinions because once you allow the mind to stretch to a novel idea, it wil never again return to its former dimension. so i believe it is paramount to maintain an open prospective when discussing topics of such an enigmatic nature.
afteral, the eye wil only see what the mind is willing to comprehend...

P.S- i apologise if i may offend any1 with my particularly bad spellin

Responce to 'Ryan' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/09

Thanks, I know where the third eye is. It is proven that humans don't use all of their brains, and it is the only part of the body that isn't lost due to lack of use. The Chakras are only mildly applicaple to 'reality' because not many people know their true power and how to harness it. Amazing things are done when one knows how to open the chakras. Could this possibly be how 'masters' levitate, walk on water, exist in two places at once, materialize anything out of nothing....
It's amazing what the human race has forgotten about over generations. It's not so much learning, its just remembering what was forgotten.

10% of the brain | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/22/08

This is patently false what anonymous wrote on 12/15/08, we all use 100% of our brains. Anything we don't use is pruned away. If you don't use it, you lose it.

The "Chakras" are phenomenal representations from an era prior to empirical neuroscience. Thus they are only mildly applicable to reality. The "third eye" correlates best with the prefrontal cortices which inhibit the remainder of the brain in planning/forethought and are situated directly behind the forehead/above the eyes.

Such simple minded children | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

If only people would do some research on the 'chakra' system and spiritual evolution before posting their beliefs on such deep songs.
The third eye, being the 6th seal makes up a third of the upper part of consciousness connected to each and everyone's 'lord' or soul. The bottom 3 'chakras' or seals are what 90% of the people on earth live in. All of which are connected to the body. The 4th seal is the heart and makes up the 'god' or mind portion of consciousness. Prying open your third symbolizes the expansion of the 'soul' consciousness, and is part of 'intuition'. The top 4 chakras are responsible for 90% of the brains' capacity, this is why the 'average' human uses only 10% of their brain; they still live in the lower 3 seals.
Do your research if you are going to indulge in such deep music for more than simple entertainment.

ha... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/08

its a song dedicated to bill hicks, watch his videos, learn from him. he is hilarious and a genius.

the people that made the countries, the people that made the rules are all dead, so why dont we create a new world.

i belive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

that this song is much more than we are beliving. prying open youre third eye. look into other possibitlites. life is all a dream withen a dream. maynard understands this in different words. time is repeating itself everytihng around us everythign we do could of already happpened before its quantin physics. it could make sense. he is saying open ur third eye and look into these different possibilities. atleast thats how i see it...

To Answer All Drug Questions . . . | Reviewer: AsylumKnight | 11/22/08

You guys and gals must understand you are both right and wrong. The song is obviously about consiousness expansion, regardless of what level you see it as, however, the real concept that humans should understand is that our entire reality is based on what we are told and "believe". This song has very much to do with drugs, just not inducing them. The war on drugs, like the war on terror and many other fictional theatres of society are just there to water down the true perception of this reality. The ones who run the world as a whole understand this and want to horde the knowledge for themselves. Expand. For Fucks Sake.

To Allow oneself | Reviewer: Ruppert | 11/10/08

This is quite a pointless topic to debate on the factor that drugs have anything to do with the song. IT IS TRUE that acid/LSD/Hallucinogens will cause you to FEEL different and as if your lkiving something that cant simply be real but then again if a person differentte the messages that the brain is sending you then it is posible (in theory) that your brain is sending you more of a cryptic message that you could decipher. Im not trying to tell people that they are wrong in there thinking but there are unknown things in the brain that we may never know.

Having said this then think of things this way. Your brain is a storage warehouse of information thats all compacted into small strands of information that must be put back together to make sense. Now when you dream your mind is sending this information around and you catch glimpses of this and put it into pictures your mind can understand. Now with this information in mind it is (in theory) possible to open your "third eye" with a mind altering drug and arrange the information to make a clear layed out picture (your past, your future, ETC) and make your mind go into pyschic abillity which couild benefit/destroy our race. This in mind it is seriously possible to draw the conclusion that the song is not about drugs or a metaphor or anything but its about the bands beleifs that the mind is much more than what we think it is and if we could somehow unlock another 5% of the minds capability (which we only use 15%) wemay be able to unlock the fabled THIRD EYE.

then again this may all be false who knows :D

My 2 Cents | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/08

I don't think this song is about drugs. I think it is more about opening up yourself to new possibilities, or "prying open [your] third eye" to what is possible. Yes drugs fit under that category. But I think it is more about what comes after that this song is talking about.

to the dumb mother fucker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/08

this is to the dumb mother fucker that thinks he knows drugs. DMT or (Dimethyltryptamine) is made naturally every night when you sleep by the pineal gland, or the 3rd eye. that's how we get dreams. the brain puts out a much larger amount then what you would take to trip. so if it did have an adverse affect on any thing it would be inevitable. and Lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD, LSD-25, or acid. because it effects on the 5-HT2A receptors, doctors are considering using it for cluster headaches. and the ultimate psychedelic drug, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Δ9-THC, cannabis, marijuana, weed. can be used to heal all sorts of ailments such as chronic pain, glaucoma, hypobolimia, bi polor, anxiety, depression, and high cholesterol. THC is a cannabinoid and there are CB1 and CB2 receptors, or cannabinoid receptor in your brain. which suggests that it is natural to use it. way more so than alcohol.

the more you learn, the more you know
and knowing is half the battle.

Moderation | Reviewer: Dakota Huff | 10/25/08

"everything in moderation" is what benjamin franklin said and i whole heartedly agree.
It's been proven that those who do acid less then 50 times with decent intervals of time before the next trip are proven to have higher IQ's while those who do it more then 50 times are found to have a much more reduced IQ and a slower thought process.
To the guy that posted on 8/3/08 you need to get your shit straight. When you drop acid at 10 pm you either dont sleep or pass out at around 430 in the morning if you can sleep. This means the next day after you drop acid your on about 2 hours of pretty worthless sleep since your on acid while sleeping. Yeah your brain is going to feel "fried" for a minute due to lack of sleep...that's the main reason. I am not saying acid is harmless i am only saying in moderation the damage that it is done is reduced significantly. If your fucking retarded and don't know how to NOT abuse drugs then you shouldnt be doing them
All people have their limits.

To the guy that posted on 9/9/08 you obviously aren't out of junior high yet because your social perspective is incredibly ignorant. You also can't spell for shit and this thing has a spell check.
Dumb ass...

Definantly a Trip | Reviewer: Ruppert | 10/16/08

I Think That Most Of Those Acid Doers Are Correct. They Do Allow A Passageway to a side of the brain that cannot be achieved normally. But there is debate to that because like most things there are two ways to acheive enlightenment to a higher level. Drugs as one is immedeate and Jyoti meditation is a longer but less harmful.

The Point TOOL is trying to get across in this song is that everyone and everything in this world are connected and even if we do not know a person or animal of sight there is always a familiar thing about them... thier eyes. It is said that peoples eyes are links to the soul of the person and i myself beleive that it is true, and with this song it is saying that they found something or someone and looked into the eyes of them and realized that they are the same in spirit and soul and that there is nothing that seperates them but a physical link. And as the second paragraph of this song says:

' all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. '

Now take those lyrics and supliment them into a higher mindset and it is telling us the very meaning of life... the 'third eye' that tool is talking about is no drug or meditation method but it is the inner link that everyone ( if developed enough) can read a person and tell if they are sad/happy/angry... and maybe even more

Propaganda is a drug | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/08

ive done a few tabs of swiss acid before, and peyote, and shrooms, etc (not dmt though)

and honestly.. all you people thinking that you are acheiving "insight".. the only thing you are receiving is damage to the 52h receptors in your brains.. doing all these drugs that make u "realize" and "understand" the world is bullshit.

and no not all drugs "fry" your brain.

umm... but acid and dmt and salvia definately do...

fucking idiots

You don't need to ingest drugs to use them in a manner which fries your brain. The people who are the most dangerous users of drugs are the ones who advocate violence and anger in response to them.

Take this reformed self-seeker turned alcoholic, for example.

The language in the song is clearly not a definitively pro-drug message; it is a well thought out commentary about a modern society and the place of spirituality and self-realization. This western society has been on a steady overdose of the most powerful drug known to man for the last 2000 years; propaganda. This song articulates that we are in a place of force and anger in society where spirituality is longed for but not understood. The reference to drugs is in the context of desperate use of the third eye- true revelation at the cost of self mutilation and misunderstanding. But misunderstanding IS often the first step on the path to understanding. Psychedelics should not be expected to turn you into Buddha, but if you have been science or dogma caste; they can be a valuable segway to spiritual awakening.

Anyone who advocates anger or violence in response to drugs is showing what they believe in; not what they don't.

Beautiful song. Tool is brilliant.

It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom, is what it is, ok?
Keep that in mind at all times.
Thank you.

dont you guys do any research? | Reviewer: panos | 9/21/08

obviously most of you dont know that the beginning of this song is a SAMPLE of a comedy routine performed by the late great Bill Hicks. Yes, he was advocating drugs but, more to the point, he was pointing out the hyprocrisy in telling people that drugs only cause 'bad things'

The song itself it just about achieving higher consciousness which, as many other posters have pointed out, does not require drugs to achieve.

The song, indeed, most of the album Aenima was writte while the band were under the influence of the drug Ketamine, a drug that gives a dissasociative effect. The band are now completely drug free and swear they will never touch drugs of any sort again. take from these two facts what you will.