The Astral Dimension | Reviewer: Astral Surfer | 6/13/09

Ok, Listen He is talking about being able to reach our true reality, in the astral dimensions where we exist in a blue translucent etheric body, with you might call your soul. To open your third eye means your have free your self from this material world. You may now have the abilities of out of body experiences, Supernatural and psychic. Believe it I been there!

Knowledge is Cool | Reviewer: Veronica | 6/15/09

why are you dudes reviewing this so angry? well i've been researching what 'self' and this world is all about for a long time now. Tool is obviously aware that everything is made of energy of different vibration/frequencies. everything we interpret as matter is an illusion. Really, even the earth, sun, the universe is all one conciousness. The third eye (and you have a third ear as well) opens you up to this awareness.
As far as drugs go, psychedelics can offer you a window into what the truth is, as long as you thoughtfully appreciate what your experience really is.

please look this stuff up, but be skeptical as some people try to sell it that don't quite get it. science + spirituality = knowledge of self.

Shut the fuck up | Reviewer: Drew | 5/21/09

All of you dicks that are claiming to know the real meaning behind this, just shut the fuck up. Everyone is free to their own interpretation as long as they claim is as their OWN interpretation and don't try to say it's what the SONG is actually about as if it were a fact. To be honest, I interpret the third eye as the pineal gland like some others say. If half of you did any study of DMT at all you could see where most people agree with that. I'm not saying that's what the song means, so whoever is typing a "durr thats not what the song is about", shut the fuck up. Thanks.

this song is about himself | Reviewer: Anthony | 4/19/09

its about coming to this new level were he finds the side of himself that he's never seen before, completely pure and innocent hes tring ( even if he doesn't want to admit it ) to find that part of him he lost in the wake of all the worlds bullshit.

Ok to settle this | Reviewer: Ruppert | 3/17/09

so heres to the people who think this song is about LSD or any other kind of drug. THIS SONG IS NOT ABOUT DRUGS SO GET THAT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEAD!!

this song has no references or inuendos about them. so that beside us lets get to the real reason. this song is about more of the finding of your inner self and that until you find it your life is a useless metaphor for what truly is. you don't need drugs or anything fancy to find this because its called honesty and trust. please people it doesnt take a fucking scientist to figure this out.

on a happy note go reverend and make more of this amazing music... by far the most original band ever concieved.

Not About Lsd | Reviewer: Paul | 3/16/09

This song has nothing to do with acid. The song is actually about the Third Eye or A special gland in the middle of ur head right between ur eyes which people refer to as the Third Eye. It releases a chemical called DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) Which is the Heaviest Psychodelic drug known to man. You want to talk about a trip. It last 7 minutes but it seems like an eternity. You lose track of all time and everything around you.

P.S. Tool Kicks some Major Fucking Ass

... | Reviewer: M.E.O.W. | 3/9/09

you know what? it's a song. with a quote. and a bunch of opinions. if you don't like it, then listening to it seems pointless. and it's ok not to like the song. but you people just kinda start a mini war over it. people just need to freaking relax :|

umm....hmmm..... | Reviewer: bob | 3/10/09

this song IS ABOUT ACID....anybody that has ever done acid will tell you that there IS a shared consciousness between you and those that you are doing it with....also you are able to pick up HIGHLY on the thoughts of others around you...hence "Prying open my THIRD EYE" come on people....dont be stupid...this song is about an acid trip....the anonymous guy is right...but so are the other guys with the slipping into psychosis off of acid....its a poison to your brain and it does have adverse effects.... if you want to experience something close but with less harm...i suggest shrooms....the third eye isn't as strong and it wont push the ones close to the edge over. usually the ones that do go over the edge with acid were already unstable and were not mentally strong enough to handle the effects of takes a strong mind to do so

take off, eh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/09

I'm going to have to agree with the idea that artists don't intend for you to interpret their music in any one specific way. Obviously, if this were the case they would publish some type of book to the public explaining their work. But do they? No. Plain and simple.

As for acid, it's not right for everyone. Some people may be unknowingly mentally unstable and acid can push them over the edge.

And, to follow suit, Fuck off.

Wow... | Reviewer: unregistered | 2/26/09

Allow me to clear things up here. The two individuals here who think you need to drop acid/use drugs to actually listen to music/Tool, you're both fucking morons. I've listened to Tool since I was 13, and didn't start smoking pot until I was 16. I've enjoyed them all 7 years I've listened to them, each to the same degree regardless of sobriety or intoxication. Yes, it's an experience and an enhancer, but I derived the same feelings and meanings from this song and many others in any state of mind.

Now, to those in here that believe LSD is the catalyst that causes individuals to be institutionalized, allow me to clarify your blindly typed opinions. I take acid once a week, and have done so for about 7 months. I dose the same amount each time, and enjoy my trip each time. IF I'm dropping 3 hits every week and have been doing so for over half a year, wouldn't I begin to destabilize if your stories/theories were true? I'm not jumping out of windows, murdering people, taking off my clothes and running around on my hands. I'm absolutely fine. It's only as harmful as you allow it to be or want people to believe.

Now, this song is one of Tool's best, it's about Tim Leary's theory that LSD expands the mind and helps one to see through the shroud should they question authority.

Now, kindly shut the fuck up.

r u serious | Reviewer: word | 2/19/09

r u fuckin kiddin acid is the scummyest thing in the world u dont need to drop acid to enjoy tool iv listened to tool while smokin weed and sober both r experiences that i cant explain their music is so real and inspiring...u need to b a druggie to listen to tool because their music makes u wanna become a better person overal i love them

Opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/09

Drugs are a means to forcibly achieve an understanding and state of mind without any effort by the user minus the actual ingesting. While considering that, think about this: What point is a race instantly and easily won? Achieving a heighten state of mind through drugs negates the true and very important process involved in achieving enlightenment on your own. Drugs give a glimpse at the end result... but if enlightenment is your true goal... then take those 20 years or so it will require you to get back to that level without taking drugs... otherwise you miss the point.

Thank you Jake | Reviewer: Lee | 2/19/09

I'm really having to agree with Jake on this one. First of all, you should be thrown in a mental institute for trying to tell people that it is the only way to understand the songs... I for one have listened to Tool on many different drugs, including acid (and let me tell you, I'm glad that I'm off of ALL drugs. It took me over 5 years to get ,quote end quote, normal again) and I still do not understand what the hell he is talking about half of the time. The lyrics of MOST songs ever written are to be for YOUR OWN interpretation. So please, fuck off you stupid asshole...

anonymous can fuck off. | Reviewer: Jake | 2/10/09

In response to reviewer anonymous and his encouraging of everyone to take ACID and his fucking hippy bullshit about "weed being used to heal" please go back to your fucking hole and stay there. I have no problem with people who take drugs, but lying about them and bullshitting to push your pathetic understanding of this song pisses me off.

ACID has adverse psychological effects and can induce psychosis and other mental disorders, side effects can last a life time, Weed although does have healing properties, the same way alcohol can clean wounds and red wine is good for you, but that doesnt mean it's not harmful in other ways. but that does not suggest you go out and drink a half bottle of scotch.

I have 2 school friends who smoked copious amounts of weed and took LSD, one is in and out of mental hospitals and the other is a hermit scared to go outside.

Telling people the can't understand this song unless they take acid proves you have ZERO understanding of TOOL and this song.

all right... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

all right kids...for yall that evidently dont follow tool the way they want u to.. u should try takin a couple of hits of acid and then listening to their music as you are enhanced in your mind.. especially this song, then and only then will u understand what their songs fully mean..and i guarantee that once u realize what u've been listening to and singing along with, ur mind will be unlocked to so many different meanings and views in life as a whole. and the songs will probably freak the hell out of u. and its not cause acid messes u doesn't do that, it enhances things once forgotten in ur mind that u do not accept in ur normal state of mind but instead when u are enhanced u accept things for what they are and not what ur mind wants them to be......UNTIL YOU DO THIS... u will NOT understand 98% of all current music being played today, and u will be illiterate to their meanings and messages because they are so complicated in meaning and thought which is in turn the very same reason ur normal state of mind will not appeal or hear these. these songs are meant to confuse u dumbasses so that u DONT KNOW THE MEANING and u keep listening just cuz u like the way the music sounds instead of the dark poetry that it is written in. take my advice and stop listening to tool until u do it as ur mind is opened up by its needed enhancement of thought thru acid......until u do this u are going to continually make a fucking fool of urself in these blogs to the ppl that are able to "SEE" the songs..... good luck you un-knowledgeable, unlearned, simple minded, unseeing, proud idiots.