all of you are jobless F***ks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

Maynard writes for us to interpret the song in our own way. its not a part of his experiences. that was what tool sought to look for. and that's also how the name came to be. get a life you retards. not all is found in words of gold.

Not the pineal gland | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/10

Yes the pineal gland is called the third eye but I don't think this song is referring to that since the pineal gland regulates waking and sleeping patterns depending on the amount of (or lack of) light outside the reason it is called the third eye is because it can sense light just like your eyes.

Agreement | Reviewer: Innominatus | 7/14/10

I agree with everyone here. I just wanted to comment on Will's post that surgery to a vital organ within the center of our brains is NOT a good idea. I see drugs as a means of expanding our locus of perception. Certain drugs interacting with our genetics may enhance or decrease our abilities to perceive the world in it's infinite magnitude. Remember, everything we consume ultimately affects how we see. That's all. Tool is great, peace.

Third Eye Subject Meaning | Reviewer: brian | 6/30/10

...Do some research... the song, and the "third eye" is regarding a DMT trip and the Pineal Gland being the Third Eye. Bill Hicks is an avid DMT "enthusiast" for the lack of a better term... as is Alex Grey (lots of TOOL art done by him) and also Terence McKenna. Peyote is totally understandable as an inspiration for this song but im nearly 1000% sure it's DMT and the Pineal Gland he's referencing.

miow | Reviewer: Amanda | 6/30/10

Maynard is talking about how he healed himself after taking LSD and opening his mind, his third eye, finally.

Tool's albums chronicle his journey into his shadow, down the bottom and out the other side. They are literally a Tool for you to heal yourself.. you just have to find them and open your mind.

By the way, LSD is from a plant. And they have used it to treat mental illnesses (which is just a soul wound). Everything is spiritual if you look properly.

Third Eye can help inspire you to be you | Reviewer: Hoop | 6/11/10

Maynard is one of the best lyricist alive, despite the flawed website and its portrayal. Though the song is about a Peyote trip. I feel he is trying to portray what he learned from it. Hes helping you open your perspective.
Try and realize everything is made out of the same thing. Everything and everyone is really just 1 thing. Essentially, you reading this is everything and everyone telling you to do so. Every moment of your life as you've known it has gone and will go exactly how its supposed to. The human body is really just a glorified tuner. With a very flawed means of displaying its data. That's why there are more understanding people than people who try to get others to understand... So yea, cool song! =D

lol | Reviewer: c. Jacobson | 5/10/10

Hoping the post about Maynard being a dumb ass and lil Wayne being what real music is about is a joke. Just saying. I mean no ones wrong to say they don't like something, but that is the definition of a false opinion.

thought i was the only one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

This is my favorite song from any artist. Its complex and its an under appreciated work of art. I see a few references here to Wonderland but they are pretty bleak. Personally its hard for me too make any sense of most tool songs because Maynard is a lyrical genius. After Bill Hicks' intro you can feel the guitar sliding up and down while the bass and percussion pound 20 minutes after you drop....the guitar is your brain telling you "hang on. this is going to be a new experience" The percussion is your former self. The bass is the next dimension youre treading into and the guitar is your brain...again trying to grasp what is going on.

"Shrouding all the ground around me"....that guitar....and the bass....ok at this point im thinking "The Doors" when everyone is out in the desert tripping. ok Im rambling here but this song is a ride. I believe its an LSD trip fine tuning your subconcious. But then the lyrics "prying open my third eye" says to me that he had help. Suddenly becoming aware of so many things. Again Im thinking LSD and if you ever read the AENIMA album art inside it mentions "The psychadelic experience" by Dr. Timothy Leary. It prompted me to buy the book because i was a crazy Tool fan. Again....LSD. It is what you make of it my friends. Whatever anybody says it is a work of art.

Trippy | Reviewer: MH | 4/27/10

This is trippy song, but thinking about it, yeah drugs have inspired a lot, like LSD for Floyd. BUT I think it's sad once you get to the point where you seem to worship drugs, where it seems like drugs are the center. I'm not some inexperienced person who doesn't know what they're talking about. I've done my fair share of drugs. Even with pot, it just gets to the center of your life if you aren't careful and not watching your priorities. It's just a fucking plant that you smoke. Being high is fun, but there's been plenty of brilliant ideas thought up sober. I don't think drugs are to be made your best friend, or even a friend. I think they're something to do with friends, but your friends should be what you find responsible for your good time, not the drugs.
State your opinion on this, but drugs aren't humans. Drugs don't even give a shit about you. Much less, as much of a shit as you give about them.

True Power | Reviewer: code t | 4/26/10

I find it extremely amusing to read all the comments everyone makes about tool's songs or bill hick's comedy, as if they are 100% sure the meaning or purpose of their art. I think that is the beauty of it all is that no one knows, including the band and hicks, they where just as scared and confused about the meanings of certain trials in life as we all are. They tried to make as much sense of it as they could and wanted to share their opinions and views with other people. The greatness of it all is that it means whatever you need it to mean to grow as a human being. Stop critiquing and over analyzing everything. Free yourself from yourself.

Troll? | Reviewer: Dylan M | 4/25/10

Troooooollll!! In the Dungeooonnn!!
Why you gotta come to a TOOL lyric page and troll? You obviously wanted to know what the lyrics were or you wouldn't have come here. Just because you're too ignorant to figure out the meaning doesn't mean you should come out from your bridge and trash on Tool.

tool sucks | Reviewer: tool are losers | 4/22/10

this band is so shit. there is no meaning to maynards shitty lyrics. hes just a piece of shit that deserves to fuckin die. anyone who is so non specific with lyrics is a dumb cunt. i hope you all realise this. and remember. lil wayne invented music.

No, | Reviewer: Will | 4/5/10

Marshall B24, Alice In Wonderland is NOT based on an acid trip. If you knew anything about the movie/book then you would know all of the characters are based on people that actually existed and that a lot of the weird dialogue is a critique on Mathematics at that time.
This song is great. The Third Eye is one of the chakras, some people have had it "surgically opened." There's a book by a monk (at least I think he's a monk. cant really remember I'm out of it right now) called "The Third Eye" in which he describes the surgery. You guys should check it out. This song is about enlightenment caused by a high that the narrator is experiencing.

I am Maynard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

Sometimes, I seine the seas looking for frivilousness about myself.
I don't know how you are all so lost. This work has nothing to do with the shallow pools of Dmt. Do I have to spell it out for you... Pardon me, I already did. You should finish opening vous deux yeux, before attempting the third. Phosphorescent desert buttons? Shroud in (not shrowding) the ground around me. Picking the pieces out of the sand. I am expressing my communion with the divine cactus, huddled under the shadow of Quemado in the true Holy Land. Huiricuta. PEYOTE...people...come on. Not crab people, you freakin commercial cabled couch bugs. Try harder please. xo

True | Reviewer: Michael | 3/29/10

Essentially he's describing his reaction to seeing things in a completely new ligh, the feeling of revelation that comes with seeing an entire new side of reality pouring open before your eyes. Everything that he has known or believed or accepted is suddenly dashed into the past and insignificance when his 3rd eye opens.

I had an experience on salvia where I felt something very similar to this. I had a vision where I was being carried out of our dimension, and it really appeared to me, like I fully accepted, that the reality I had known, believed, loved or cared about, was a tiny insignificant part of the whole, like a smokescreen.

Falling into it is light falling into a hole and rising back out of it, and it's really strange because everything that appears to you then, you accept as it has been there all along - perhaps once you even knew it and you are just returned to it - it's so instantly "accepted" that your former material self becomes the one that is blurred and unfamiliar.

"I do not recognize the vessel,
But the eyes seem so familiar."