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Performed by Tool

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spiritual meanings | Reviewer: Liz | 4/2/11

I think this song, and the entire album, has a spiritual meaning. It obvious in Tool's music that Maynard is opening walking his true spiritual path. With lyrics from other songs such as "prying open my third eye", the song Aenima, the song Lateralus, " I embrace my desire to swing on the spiral of my divinity, and still be a human" and there are many other lyrics.
What this song is about his knowledge of each and every person's path and purpose in life. Life is hard and full of suffering, but if we pull through there are emense spiritual rewards. Maynard is also inspired by his ability to spiritually awaken others through his music, hence: "if there were no desire to heal the broken and damaged met along this tedious path I've chosen here...."

LOVE | Reviewer: taaaaaall | 3/7/11

It's crazy how TOOL songs have different meanings to me at different points in my life. Lately I've been in a very dark, suicidal place. To me this song is about how we all have to live in this life and how living can seem like a tedious activity and almost a burden. Like we have to carry ourselves.

If there were no rewards to reap,
no embrace to see me through,
this tedious path I’ve chosen here,
I certainly would’ve walked away, by now.

Although this verse can have different meanings to various people because we're all at different points in our life to me it is talking about how there IS a point to all of this bullshit we go through everyday. He's saying that if there wasn't a point, no good moments to live for he probably would've walked away by now. This is exactly how I've been feeling. I also love how he's like
"I must remind myself of this" Yup. Basically all TOOL songs can have different, personal meanings to everyone and that's mine for this one.

me | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/10/11

You all analyse and analyse because you can't understand shit of how someone could type or make up such terrible lyrics...

To me when I see these text, I only recognize.
I only recognize, I only recognize.

Maynard is the voice that I lack..

And it's all getting more clear and clear by the second I go through this album.

I guess it's a matter of him having walked the exact same path, but without the music.
So he now warns... and he.. relives his own story in is songs.

And then I hear it.
And I know that I'm not alone in this...

I just happen to line up exactly with the text the more I dive in to it.

I thought my issues were solved with "the grudge". But this song explains how I've been staring through the window this afternoon, from like 11 AM till 5:30 PM.

And I've done it all, and then I see this song.

And the grudge is basically COMPLETELY me.
I first found the grudge and my issues were solved.
But out of curiousity, I get more than I bargained for!

Dude, really.....? | Reviewer: nunya | 1/21/11

Some people's reviews are pretty cool, sharing their stories and how the song means to them, but some of them are kinda lame. I see some people thinking the song is about drug abuse or killing yourself.
To those that think that way... you can't be serious Tool fans cause anyone that is really a fan has gone through the interviews ans has followed them long enough to realize that Tool doesn't give their songs actual meaning; they mean whatever the person makes of it. i doubt the song is about dying or drugs. i have a feeling whomever wrote the song meant for the audience to have their own meaning in the song, nott just one goddamn meaning for one thing. Tool's about the feeling of fans that the music gives out. The meanings are personal to the listener.
Really, i think the song just calls for people to look at things in a positive way. Stuff may get hard or become boring , maybe drive you a bit insane, but the wait is worth the reward. There are different experiences to people's life that totally connect with this song, so...
But people should stop trying to put a label on Tool's song. The meanings are personal to the listener, not the author of the song. Get it right, check it out cause they've said so themselves on many occasions.
Hapy listening.

Life Drags On | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/10

This song is about how life can seem meaningless and how it seems to 'drag on' forever if we don't have a goal. is this life a test? why are we here? what happens if I'm not going to wait it out? to end it prematurely?

"A groan of tedium escapes me"
This life is boring, same struggles everyday

"Is this a test?
It has to be.
Otherwise I can’t go on."
Is this life a test? What is the meaning of existence? Life seems so uninteresting and tedious we think of killing ourselves sometimes

"If there were no rewards to reap,
no embrace to see me through,
this tedious path I’ve chosen here,
I certainly would’ve walked away, by now."
If there were no goals or preoccupations in our life, or the peer pressure to continue existing, we would probably not continue living

"Gonna wait it out."
We have these preoccupations and such, so we just wait until our lives are over by natural causes

Drugs. | Reviewer: TochoTHeJester | 10/6/10

Well, we all know about the "many different meanings to different people" thing.

However... I've just tried and analysed the song H.. The two main theories for what it's about is heroin and Maynards son.

Suppose it's about heroin, then let's try and connect the meaning of H. with The Patient.

It could be, that this song right here is about trying to keep away from drugs.

"Is this a test?
It has to be.
Otherwise I can’t go on."

It's like he's wondering, if the heroin temptation is ever going to end. (Since a test usually has an end. If you pass it, you pass it. There is no more testing then). If it is going to tempt him for his whole life, he can't stand it.

"But I’m still right here,
giving blood and keeping faith.
And I’m still right here.

Wait it out...
I’m gonna wait it out.
Wait it out."

It's very hard for him, but he still has faith.

"If there were no rewards to reap,
no embrace to see me through,
this tedious path I’ve chosen here,
I certainly would’ve walked away, by now."

He knows, that it's good for him and his closest ones to keep on his "faith". And this is the "reward".

"I must keep reminding myself of this..."

He must still controll himself. The temptation of going back to his druggy past is strong. He feels it all the time. That's why he has to remind himself all the time. And that's why it's so hard and "tedious".

Don't get me wrong. I never took any drug. So may think, that I've no idea what I'm talking about. But I just feel it is one another out of many ways to interpretate this song. And most of the others are probably right too.

Songwriting | Reviewer: Maynard | 10/2/10

So here's the thing, I am an excellent songwriter, as well as a swift composer of lyrics. The rest of the band, although equally talented, aren't quite as quick. If you were done with your work, and everybody else was slacking, would it not wear on your patience?

always outa reach. | Reviewer: keepin faith | 8/23/10

Ahk, so, i think that the use of 5/4 in this song, (how theres 5 beats in each bar), and the scale, and how it just repeats and repeats and just the whole guitar part in general, makes the song sound like it's going to reach some point of diference, but it doesn't, just adds in bass guitar or somtin(a good exampe is at 00:55 onwards. Just like all your other interpretations of this song. In life, The good comes, and the bad. and the bad will always be more consistent...

anyone else? | Reviewer: tim farrington | 8/13/10

To me this song is just like what others think too.I try so hard in life to have good things happen,and they do. But as soon as the shit comes, It go's just as quick.Iam realy just waiting to see if there is a lite at the end or is it the end.Are all my attempts feble and uncared for?

- | Reviewer: E | 7/26/10

For me, this song means a lot.
For a while now, my life has been going in a downward spiral, and just as I think things are going right, everything goes wrong again, like life itself is testing me. It's hard to go on, when I give and give everything I've got, but I have to go on, just to see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what these lyrics mean to me; a person who can't cope, but willing to go on just to find the reward at the end, but questioning whether or not they should actually go on living.

What I get from it... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/10

To me, this song is about life in general. Hoping there's more meaning to all the struggles you've gone through. How you would have given up already if you weren't willing to heal yourself/others. But it can be so hard to heal, so you're still not completely sure you want to keep going. Just keep that patience and hold on to the hope that someday, you can be rewarded.

Any other week I probably could have explained that better... but I've had all of 18 hours of sleep this week, so... yeah.

Patient | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

This song hits me on a very personal level. I'm pre med and I feel like the tedious path of going to be a doctor would not be bearable unless I had the desire to heal and had the loving embrace to become a doctor, I have thought about walking away but I must keep reminding myself of the reward ( not money)

use as tool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/09

when this album came out in 2001, i was in high school and i didn't even know who tool was. 'schism' was being played a lot on the radio and i just effing loved the sound of it (i tend to like music for the sound of instruments rather than lyrics, like classical). so i dug deeper to discover more about tool. i love the guitar track right before the patient and how it flows seamlessly into the patient. then i findd the rest kinda jarring. but like so many tool songs, it grew on me. like i said before, i dont have a good ear for lyrics so i have to look them up allowing for further discovery and deeper meaning. in highschool, the patient meant [also] to me a person sick of life's monotony where 'walking away' may equate to suicide. not that i was terribly unhappy but more that i was just so curious about what's on the other side of death. anyway i resorted to being patient and enjoying what life has to offer like weed beer and girls. good times.

now, just out of college where life's relationships with people and work has suddenly become much more serious, the patient has taken on a new mmeaning.

side projects? | Reviewer: pollykook | 12/12/09

I have to wonder if he was just growing tired of Tool itself and his need for some other creative efforts. While Tool put him on the map, giving Many rewards, and is brilliant beyond words. There is only so long a person can wallow in the darkness. Especially when they want/need to heal their wounds. Funny thing for me, and so many others,is that this song is like a mantra... [is this a test? it has to be, otherwise i can't go on.] once again it's helping mot to chew at the bit, to reflect and well, wait it out.see where it's taking me.

I think your all right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/09

In some cases tool writes from their view point but leaves enough for you to think for yourself and get your own interpretation. In this case the subject matter is so broad that anyone can relate. This takes a lot of skill, and is one of my favorites because the fact that it relates so well to anyone who was to listen to it. The lyrics are so pleasant but when tool actually plays it its beyond words.

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