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Performed by Tool

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Greek Mythology? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/09

I have an alternate theory. I read a greek legend one time, I can't remember the names of any of the characters, unfortunately, but the general story was this: A man's wife dies, so the man travels all the way to the domain of the god of death to reason with him and talk him into letting him have his wife back. The god agrees, under the condition that the man has to travel all the way back home without turning to check that his wife is following him. He dilligently travels almost all the way there, until he loses trust and turns to look at his wife, and she disappears. Or something like that. The Patient could be about his journey. Maybe.

Hm. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

I was just listening to this song and I stopped and really thought about how it reflects back to me. Lately I've been having difficulty figuring out why I stick with my job. My boss treats me terribly even though he thinks he doesn't, and has me high strung to the point of constant anxiety.

I give my all and work my guts out. When I get recognition it lasts all of 24 hrs before I get another kick in the stomach. My boundless patience is starting to look like it's no longer never ending. I feel like I owe him because he gave me direction but now I'm starting to lose the will to continue with it.

This song reminds me just how often I try and tell myself to be patient, keep my emotions in check and continue on with it.

I'm sure Maynard had different intentions for this song when he wrote it, but that's what it means to me and I'm happy that someone could put words to what I feel.

a title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/09

This is my first time listening to this song but I'll give it a shot. There may be many things wrong with this review, but you can poop yourself if you don't have the patience to understand my ideas:

He's giving blood to somebody. Possibly his mom, I don't know much about Maynards personal life. Assuming it is his mom, then she would have a sickness, one that would require a lot of blood from somebody else (Maynard being her son means he's likely a match for transferring blood, which is another reason the blood could be for his mom.)

Choosing to offer so much blood is a tedious path. He gives a lot of blood, and after awhile it begins to hurt his own health. So he wonders if he's being tested, and chooses to believe that it is, and since it's his moms life at stake he can't simply disregard her for that reason. He says that he will get his rewards for doing this (his moms health), so chooses to stick with it.

The "paranoid, paralyzed vampire (whos) act's a little old" would be his mom.

Due to me not having a lot of time and the lyrics being kind of.. blurry ?, it's not in much of an order but I think this may be accurate.

Oh, so true | Reviewer: Nick | 6/1/09

Three things:
First the actual instrumentation is up there with one of TOOL's best.
Second, the tempo change throughout the song is motivating.
Third, the purpose of the lyrics, well...if you have ever been in a situation of "tedious" efforts wondering if the reward would ever come...then you must be virtuous and wait it out, no quitting.

Every time I listen to this tune it is empowering half from the music half from the idea of continue to struggle to find reward!

my thoughts on the matter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/09

The patient is such a wonderful tune. It really helped me cope with some tough emotions after an accident. I think thats why tool lyrics are so blurred, because its meant to be a tool for people to deal with what they need to deal with.

being patient | Reviewer: K-SwisseR | 5/9/09

I love reading all of these because it's like every interpretation is so perfect. For me, and someone already had mentioned this: It's about a relationship/love. Trying to determine whether he should stay or leave his current love. He's not sure if she's "the one" but he's gonna 'wait it out' and 'may just leave' and at one point even says "and i am." like deep down he really knows she's not the one. But it's not all tedious, there are some rewards, he wants it to work, wants to heal. For now... just be patient... he's going to wait it out... he's gonna wait it out...

I am....and we are... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

I think this one is fairly straight forward. Beautiful though. He expresses the notion that this way of life is an illusion and a test for us to find our way home. Patience and awareness within being the key. I don't believe he is sick of life in the slightest. We don't even know why we are walking on earth so it , to me , is an endless ride in which we learn constantly.
Wait it out... evolution and adaption will do their part.
Thats my mind spilled out atleast. :)

Patience | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/09

Definetly not a refrence to his mom. God your an idiot. This cd was written to send us off thinking outside the box, evolving. There is abslutely nothing that would make any sense to relating to his mom. It's about Patience.

Singer's Mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

It seems to be an obvious reference to Maynard's mom, who was paralyzed when he was a kid. She was still alive when he wrote this and Judith for APC. Then when she passed away, he wrote 10,000 Days(Wings for Marie and Wings Pt. 2) for her.

This is about the spiritual path of self awareness | Reviewer: Modern Prophet | 12/25/08

This song is entirely about the painful path of dissolving the ego, the mask we wear that covers up the true self. The stages of the ego breaking away are painful and confusing and he is clearly expressing this in his lyrics.
He is basically saying he doesn't care how bad it gets, he will be here to wait it out and discover his true soul. The patient isn't about someone who is mentally ill-but someone who is patient in his path toward the totality of oneself.

Theme? | Reviewer: Marvin Edvard MatchStyx | 11/28/08

Well, the way I see this, this song is through the P.O.V of an average patient individual. Patience is so commonly taught, but is it really a proper virtue? People oft go through their lives focusing on tedium. Have you ever heard someone use the phrase "My life sucks" or "Life is unfair"? How about the ever-popular "I hate my life" or "Fuck my life?". These phrases are so commonly said and thought. But if you really take a good look, you'll realize the idiocy of the idea.

Why spend your whole life thinking about the past, or the future?
"It will never be tomorrow and it was never yesterday."
People spend their whole lives focusing on things that no longer exist or don't exist yet. This song seems to be about how people focus on the future, waiting, and never enjoying the life they have. The average individual spends their whole life... being patient.............. waiting to die.

A Personal Synopsis | Reviewer: Con-fuse-us | 11/25/08

It is obvious that only the artist who pens the lyrics for a song, knows it's true meaning. But it is interesting to read other interpretations & I really enjoyed reading some of these.

For me, The Patient is about love. He/she is patient in wanting to see the possibilities with his/her lover unfold. To see if the sharing and the pure feeling will unite two one. But he/she is conflicted with doubt in the sense if his/her lover feels the same.

'Patience is a virtue'

The patient and the tedium of life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/08

As with all Tool songs, the meaning can be totally subjective and yet personal to everyone's own interpretation.

Personally, I think the patient is about how The singer is sick of life, and its monotony and routine. The line, particularly, "is this a test/It has to be, Otherwise I can't go on" is showing that the singer hopes only that at the end of his life that something better and, almost, fulfilling, will happen. He says that he would have "walked away by now", if there wasn't an obvious element of love and mutual assistance in the "vampire" that is society.

Despite it all, there is still the nagging element of "and I still may", which is countered only by "I must keep reminding myself of this" - which is aptly repeated many times.

The song is about the tedium of life when life has apparently no meaning, and about how we must be patient and just ride it out. The song ends on a resolved note: "Gonna wait it out", and shows a definitive final decision, where he is reluctantly resigned to having to accept either this path that he has chosen or nothing.

My views on "The Patient" | Reviewer: Shadowheart | 3/13/08

"The Patient" talks about keeping faith after becoming sober, from many different events in life. It can show relevance to drug abuse, relationships, personal development, and many different aspects.

"The Patient" to me has always strongly represented to relationships, as I see it throughly connected to my ex, whom I deeply loved.

It tells me the following.

We all regret our past once in a while, and sometimes it's dam near impossible to keep from giving in. But we must remember the past too keep on our path. All the blood and tears we must give to keep faithful on our path, To simply end up offered again what once haunted us, but we must devote ourselves to continue on this path, becuase at the end of the road, if there were no benefits to reap from keeping on our path, we would not give this much we certainly would have given up by now.

Leaving the past, in the past, is not an easy job, but we must wait it out.

I must keep reminding myself of this.

I must keep reminding myself of this.

I must keep reminding myself of this.

Hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/08

This song, I think, is a direct reference to The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. In the novel, two demons conspire to tempt an unnamed man, known only as "The Patient," to sin in order to secure his place in hell. He is faithful to God though, does not give into temptation, and in the end is rewarded by going to heaven.

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