Feeling | Reviewer: AnericanXD | 10/28/14

Like each one of us in this page know, tool's songs change of meaning depending on who listens the song and the moment in each person's life. So, for me, it's about a person who's giving he's opinion in a mess where no one asks for it.
For other person may be about a person who doesn't listens the warning about drugs... Am I wrong?

Feelings? | Reviewer: Grivies | 5/22/14

My subjective view over this lyrics:

The song is about a person that mess with your feelings. No matter if a loving or hating person. The 'swamp' is the mind of the person that get confronted with feelings like Love or Hate. He tells the 'invader' to get out, to just leave him alone. The person that loves/hates him does not stop. At the end, no matter who annoyed his mind so much, get hurted. Badly. The person that the song is about warned them often enough.

here goes | Reviewer: Well... | 7/16/13

To me this song is about someone (possibly Maynard) warning another person about drug addiction, who obviously doesn't listen to these warnings. When people stop smoking pot (or other drugs, but mostly pot in my experience) they talk about having this feeling that a 'cloud' is slowly leaving their brain. I think this is the bog that is thick and easy to get lost in. This cloud like changes your perception in a bad way. It makes you think that its okay to get high when you know that you should be sober and you make justifications for actions that you know are wrong. Maynard knows about this 'bog' that drug addicts get lost in and he is warning someone that they may never come back again. I think the whole dancing in quicksand thing is this; The person knows he is getting deeper into this addiction, but he keeps going and gets sucked deeper into this addiction. The quicksand is addiction, the dancing is drugs. The more drugs you do, the more addicted you become, the more you dance on quicksand, the deeper you sink. But eventually you become sick of warning belligerent fuckers about drug addiction so instead you hope they get sucked into addiction in order for them to actually learn their lesson. (most addicts NEED to hit rock bottom before they actually want to stop)

Although in saying this, it is tool, so its more than likely that everyone here is completely wrong about what this song is about.

you know | Reviewer: 9_20_3x3 | 3/29/13

Let me start by saying that this is more of a personal view. I see this song as being about idiotic megalomaniacs who think they have the ability to see into every persons soul and decide they can do whatever they want to whoever they want because they are all powerful beings.... That is until they step on the silent one.

tool | Reviewer: cole trane | 3/6/13

First I must say the song is amazing and tool is an amazing band I love how everyone has different inputs on the song because we're using this music as nothing but a tool to expand our inner feelings and personalities.

meaning | Reviewer: rob | 2/14/13

I think its about someone who is hostile to you and invades your physical and emotional space without provocation to which you are forced to defend. You give repeated warning to back off but they still keep coming until they are at a point of no return and the battle ensues.they have stumbled in recklessly and without a plan to retreat. Beligerent means to make war.

best tool song | Reviewer: Dana | 2/13/13

I love tool and songs in general that can take on any meaning you want. Mainly this happens with tool. I can relate this song specifically to a few situations In my life...mainly addiction, mental illness and straight up douchebaggery.

... | Reviewer: Mortal | 11/1/12

This song can be about anything, just look at the title, change ''swamp'' with anything you want. You can put, love, hate, etc. And that's what I love about Tool, I think they should've released all of their songs without titles, so we can make up our own titles, which fit the song most.

amazing | Reviewer: OooO | 9/22/12

This is one of the most amazing songs by Tool. It has a very deep meaning for me. What I hear in this song is a someone who thinks that he can understand you, but it's not possible because he/she can't even grasp how you (I) feel about world and what I think about world. Just back off from my brain you belligerent fucker, i warned you but it meant nothing for you and now you are in quicksand.

Mosh pits | Reviewer: 4 degrees | 5/19/12

I've always thought of this song as Maynard's opinion about some of the crowds he's seen on tour with Tool. There's always some jerk at every rock show who wants to mosh violently. You can hardly go crowd surfing anymore with some of the meat-heads that seem determined to hurt someone else in the crowd. Rock shows used to be fun till around the late 90's when people started coming to shows with deliberate intend to hurt someone. Really sucks sometimes, but I enjoy this song. If you read through these lyrics, imagining that Maynard is singing directly to the type of a**hole I've just described I think you'll see how perfectly it fits. I'm willing to bet Maynard was thinking along these lines when he started writing these lyrics.

Well to me... | Reviewer: A_Perfect_Tool | 2/11/12

I have always love Tool, A Perfect Circle and Pusicfer so all of the songs to me have their own message and to me Swamp Song felt like someone that keeps making the same mistakes over and over again hoping for different results. But like all of the songs by them the only thing that matters is how it makes you feel.

MrE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

Maybe this song is really about any behavior that becomes habit forming and detrimental to ones existence. Perhaps we've all demonstrated the point of this song by trying to figure out what it means. :)

GREATEST BAND | Reviewer: michu | 5/27/11

TOOL is the greatest band that ever walked this planet. There is nothing out there like them. Swamp song is definitely one of their best. Seen them live twice. Maynard obviously sings warns about dangers of going into a swamp where you can get sucked in :). Peace..

Some guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/11

To the guy near the top.... I'm a Christian dude, and I don't value myself higher than anyone. I can admit I cuss and talk behind peoples backs, and sometimes even spite god because I'm angry. Don't go on the Internet and make a vague statement that makes you sound ignorant. Because most likely... You yourself are eyehole deep in muddy water, and don't know the full truth

my opinion | Reviewer: Mel | 12/1/10

If you've ever had the pleasure of dealing with a drug addict in your life, this song perfectly expresses the emotions felt during such an ordeal. The warnings that go unheard, the aggressiveness and pure stupidity, and "this bog is thick and easy to get lost in" represents the world/the streets/Life in general. Like most Tool songs, it's open to your own interpretation, but I feel this one deep with this issue.