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Performed by Tool

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My opinion on Tool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/11

I used to be a Tool fan. Technically, it's all perfectly done; very sophisticated, great compositions. But that is not really important, is it? What really matters is the emotions hidden within. I strongly believe, in hindsight, that the emotions in Tool's songs are simply evil: false pride, the feeling of superiority, disdain for others, moral relativism - all in the name of what? "art"?. Whatever Keenan is doing is filled with that same, dark emotional charge. Anyway, that's my opinion. One can listen to whatever he or she wants, but personally I really don't need this kind of stuff stuck in my head.

fingerdeep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/11

This song means so much to me. I remember listening to it with a very special person to me. I always got the feeling he was trying to tell me something. To me this song is about loosing the fear of what if. It's a tool to let some one know you love him you need him and its ok to feel this way.

Because it sounds cool... | Reviewer: Jessethemighty | 7/8/11

When I go and get tattoos friends always tell me I should get something meaningful... something I feel strongly about. The guy poking me with the needle always says, "Fuck it... get something that looks cool."

This song is like that... it just sounds cool.

The meaning is irrelevant.

Analintercourse or Analogy? | Reviewer: TheGrunt | 7/6/11

Oh boy,
of course does this song include a potrayal of "convincing a sexual partner to engage in anal intercourse for the first time", but is that its meaning? The interpretation belongs to the listener as maynard said, but he did not say that some interpretations are just stupid as the one i stated above.

This song clearly draws an analogy between our social decadence of individuals in our society and the bad impressions of fisting thtat we or a lot people have. SO it is clearly not about fisting, although this notion is used to express something else.

entertaining but don't label it | Reviewer: zach | 6/18/11

Maynard himself has said interpretation is up to the listener. You can guess on the meaning; fisting, bi-polar, sex addiction, whatever. its up to the listener. What you hear and think, that is the interpretation. I enjoy readin other peoples interpretations. But don't try and label it.

Sounds Good But... | Reviewer: Bob Smith | 5/24/11

This song sounds great. Just great executing how the lyrics are right on the beat. Great in execution, but... There's always a butt but in this song, it's all about the butt. There is no deeper meaning to this song. It's about fisting. The title is "Stinkfist" and he eventually gets up to his shoulder into this person's asshole. I don't really pay attention to they lyrics because they're sort of hard to make out and you can put anything in to replace them. I do given the subject matter!

Interpretation... | Reviewer: M | 5/23/11

Ok, just have to put in my two cents.
The awesome thing about the song is that it can be interpreted in so many ways. It will mean something different to everyone. It could mean something different to the same person at different stages of their life. That's why I believe MJK is such a great artist.
To the gay guy...Are you kidding me?! Everyone knows there are assholes like you looking for something bigger to shove up yourself! You don't have to preach it like it's the gospel! I damn near vomitted!

46&2 | Reviewer: Ezekiel | 3/20/11

Tools music and lyrics remind me of a powerful drug.. Not everyone has the same reaction to an upper or downer that another person may have.. There was a dark time in my life when there music frightened me because I couldn't shake the emotion that before only came in trying to understand the music.. Eventually darkness consumed my life and left me hidden behind a mask of sanity and happiness.. Now I happily listen to the music and realize the lyrics meaning are similar to a woman.. Meant to be loved and felt, not completely understood.

It's About Being In A Relationship | Reviewer: ashley | 3/17/11

This is about borderline personality. I know. I have it. These lyrics are about the tendency to love love love but then get bored or scared and push the person away. Let me point out some lyrics.

Something has to change.
Un-deniable dilemma.
Boredom's not a burden
Anyone should bear.

To me this is the feeling that something is terribly wrong. That there is this huge dilemna when really you're just kind of bored and it's a huge deal because, of course, nobody should have to be bored.

It's not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
I said,
I don't want it.
I just need it.
To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

When you are borderline personality, nothing is shocking, nothing is pleasing for long, everything seems superficial butyou crave these things because they make you feel alive rather than unstimulated and numb.

Finger deep within the borderline.
Show me that you love me and that we belong together.
Relax, turn around and take my hand.
-and then-
Knuckle deep inside the borderline.
This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to.
Relax. Slip away.

People with borderline personality can love very strongly but at a moments notice will push you away as hard as they were pulling you close. This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to means that it hurts but it will pass. Chill out and give me some space.

This whole song is full of borderline personality and I don't really feel like pointing it out in every lyric so here is just a basic glance.

well... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

Personally i think your reading to much into it. Which is really hard to do consindering how deep tools music goes. Constant over stimu-lation numbs me,I need more,Nothing seems to satisfy,Desensitized to everything. if you talk to any sex addict about why they are they will come up with something similar. Your always taking the next step past the borderline to get satisfaction.
"Something has to change.
Un-deniable dilemma.
Boredom's not a burden
Anyone should bear."
just my oppinion...

the search for meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/10

I think this song is about the search for personal meaning in one's life. It's kind of an existentialist anthem, so to speak. I don't know how we got to talking about religion. Anyway, Tool's an awesome band. Not only are they one of the most sonically progressive bands ever, but they will change you as a person. Not many bands can claim that. Come back to Albany, guys, I'm dying to see Tool live in concert!

dont put me in the bible thumper group | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/10

Here's a better idea. Tool has explicitly exposed me to the following information.
You don't have to believe in Christianity to ENTERTAIN the idea of higher consciousness and spirituality. Obviously Ive listened to Bill Hicks. Ive gone a lot further than that in trying to understand Tools message. Watch Alex Greys Cosm, or don't, but if you do you will have a better perception of what this band is about. You do know that he does their artwork, right? I wont explain further. Read Timothy Leary's most famous work, interpreting the Tibetan Book of the Dead, a spiritual book, to be used with an acid trip. Read Carl Jung and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Tool read all of this and based much of their lyrical and artistic themes on it. I'm not making this up. Atheism is boring. I believe in evolution and I believe in aliens. An open mind can also mean acknowledging the mystical and unexplained. Where would Tools art be without mysticism? Maybe you should take some DMT if you really want to see the light. Entertain new ideas READ!!!!!

sorry man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/10

I know that many people have religious views, and I respect that. What bothers me is when people share them explicitly and press them to the point that I can't stand it. Maynard is an atheist, his claim was that the bible is the worlds biggest collection of fairy tales, and if you believe differently then I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you. Here's an idea, buy Bill hicks comedy, and listen to it, you will learn a lot about society, and tool alike. Not only that, but he's actually pretty amusing.

to zumer7 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

Maynard is not an atheist. He is an agnostic and many of his songs are based on the possibility of a divine creator i.e. lateralus,third eye,parabola and others. He as well as the rest of the band are extremely well versed in various occult religious concepts and what they refer to as " temporary belief systems." He even accepts the possibility of Christianity in 10,000 days. I liked the Bible verses which clearly indicate some universal truths that Tool and the Bible often encompass. Tool believes love, light, and personal truth are much more powerful than hipocracy and following leaders and encourages people to make up their own mind. Try reading what some of these songs are about zumer7. Start with Drunvalo Melchizedeks Ancient Secrets of The Flower of Life. You think too logically and that is one of the main themes of the album Lateralus. Open your left, emotional mind and your right logical mind will follow, which is the meaning of shcism. If you dont know what the album cover of Lateralus means, you dont know Tool. Maynard is a reactionary artist. Most of what he has reacted to lyrically is material he has read. The whole meaning of Tool is that the music is a tool to expose people to some of these ideas that have inspired them and many of these ideas are SPIRITUAL in nature.

Anal fisting | Reviewer: Deeds | 10/3/10

This song is obviously about anal fisting(stinkfist). When he says fingers deep within the borderlines he means finger deep inside the ass and so on

Just my opion and tool is the best fucking band ever!!!!! ;)

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