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Performed by Tool

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Sound | Reviewer: Kittenwire | 7/13/09

I agree that the lyrics are genius in their applicability. But the biggest part of what I love about Tool's music is the sound-- the unusual melody, the powerful voice, the timing of the song, the management of the sounds of all the instruments. What makes a band really great-- coöperation.

Everyone has a totally different opinion of this song | Reviewer: Elmer666 | 6/20/09

,and they are all relevant. I am not all that big of a Tool Fan, just getting into Maynard/Tool because of people at work and I am just impressed with how "Stinkfist" can affect so many people in so many different ways. Just read the above statements. I am absolutely amazed how the seemingly simple lyrics can be related to many different ailments... Drug addiction, Sex desensitized, even very simple life problems. It seems to me that it was written to relate to anything that any person can relate to in their own fucked up life. Which is pure Genius song writing and sells a fuck ton of albums.

I think... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

Its about the invasion that sex poses on us, and the lack of intimacy we sometimes feel toward it. We've become numbed and desensitized to the emotional intimacy that sex is supposed to bring, and instead focus on its physical aspect. "How can this mean anything to me if I don't feel anything at all?" I think its also referring to the ambivalence of love. Sometimes we feel like we need more of that person we love, but other times we feel bored and tired by the overstimulation they bring.

My meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

This song, for me, is about complacency. For example, the first time you have sex, you're proper scared, then the second time, you're less scared, till one day you find yourself quite happily running around the pub/club trying to get into the first pair of underwear you can get your hands on. It's about becoming numb to the things that you were scared of initially.

Just not enough...I need more! | Reviewer: M3GA M3SS1AH | 12/27/08

During an interview, Keenan stated that the song is titled after a friend of drummer Danny Carey who "isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty." He also stated that it can be interpreted as being about "fist-fucking" but "if you really look at it and really look at us and who we are, you'll understand that we go a little deeper than some write-off song about fist-fucking." Fisting is in actuality a metaphor for the real cause of ailment

Keenan would introduce the song during the Ænima tour as "about choosing compassion over fear."

So there ya have it...

Straight to the point | Reviewer: Dave | 12/27/08

Maynard is a great artist and from what I understand battled heroin addiction for years... I myself still fight with oxy, vicodin's and pretty much anything that not enough never seems to satisfy... The song is in relation to anal rape or a fist up your ass as you don't really want it but addiction does hurt your pride, relations and desenitizes you to everything. It's a wonderful place to be numb when you are bored with life or as I tell my sponsor bored to death "litterally..." Never taking a fist up the ass I wouldn't know but I can see the relation to the pain, desenitization, numbness humilitaion and pain that you wouldn't want any other way... And that my fellow Tool fan's is what addiction is all about... Symbolic to the glory of having a fist up your ass... All in all a great song...

Review | Reviewer: Malus | 12/9/08

I truly think this song is simply about anal fisting. This isn't exactly the first song Maynard wrote about anal sex, and as such, it wouldn't suprise me if this is all the more meaning there is to the song. Maynard is a genius, and he surely thought that we would spend a ton of time reading into the meaning of a song whose obvious overtone is anal fisting. And in all honesty, in true Maynard fashion, it wouldn't amaze me if that was all the more he meant in the song
But as a side note, it is possible to fit most songs to whatever meaning we perceive them to have. And if Maynard meant anything else, he'd be the only one to know what it is

many interpretations | Reviewer: ... | 11/30/08

The song appears to be a metaphor for the idea that, in the postmodern world, we have to go to extreme measures in order to feel anything.
The reproduction of images and general overstimulation experienced in the postmodern environment has resulted in a waning of affect and thus, we can never be satisfied and have to keep pushing further to try to feel "alive."
When I first heard the tune, I hadn't heard the name and my personal interpretation was to do with the idea of Bulimia - "fingers deep inside the borderline" (many Bulimics have BPD). But I really think it's about any kind of extreme act (fisting) pushed to the very brink in a search to find some kind of feeling.

Two cents | Reviewer: Thunderhead | 10/8/08

it's not describing a certain "thing"- like drugs that someone mentioned- it's a song whose lyrics are a METAPHOR for an idea, a concept, a feeling...."anal fisting" is totally irrelevant, it just adds to the "shock value" (to mainstream society) to get people to WAKE UP and realize "Something has to change/Un-deniable dilemma/Boredom's not a burden/Anyone should bear." This song is describing how it feels to be totally bored due to "constant overstimulation" and the feeling of frustration that comes with that. Where does the "constant overstimulation" come from? A government/media that doesn't give a damn about your soul! It's all done to make us complacent and mild. Let them enjoy The Hills inside their bunker cells, I'm going to go live my life!

Interesting Idea | Reviewer: Vicariously I Watch | 9/22/08

I believe it is just about proving love to another person and he has just picked anal fisting to do maynard has never excactly had normal lyrics but these are the more copnfusing ones and i reckon he is probaly the only one who knows the excact meaning but who cares it's a good song anyway

what you make of it. | Reviewer: chad | 9/11/08

I think you can taylor fit the song to fit whatever you can relate to. For the heroin addict, it might be a song about his next hit, putting him finger, knuckle, elbow, and shoulder deep into the boarderline of death. For the pervert, it could be taken as face value. For everyone elese it could be anywhere in between. Maynard is a smart artist, and Tool is my favorite band so I might be considered bias. However, The same can be said for most of their songs. They want to relate to their fans, and their fans want to relate to Tool.

Relationships | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/08

How can you feel anything in a relationship when you have to stick your fist into someone's heart to ask them to show you that they love you? If they're overstimulated with TV, movies, I-pods, video games and other media, how do they have time to be with you? If you get bored with someone's attention to those things because you want emotional intimacy, how do you get them toto show you their feelings. If you have to dig for them, how do you get to feel it spontaneously with subtlety in your asking.

An interesing metaphor | Reviewer: Jem | 8/30/08

There is no doubt that the song has an overlying theme of anal fisting. However I think it uses this theme more as a general commentry on society, the stupid things we do... etc. But is is also probable that this is just my interpretation only, and what the artist meant be it, however deep or shallow, cannot be known.

what is it about? | Reviewer: manda | 8/4/08

Im not completely sure what "stinkfist" is supposed to be about. I agree with the one review...about becoming numb to over exposure...but on the other hand "show me that you love me and that we belong together. Relax turn around and take my hand" how does that, in an obvious term, have anything to do with the media?
I also believe that yes these lyrics are deeper than the who know's what they really are saying here.

multiple meanings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/08

i dont think its meant to hav any 1 meaning guys, i think its what you make of it. for those who cant or dont want to find any deeper meaning its about fisting. for those who need the song to be more profound and meaningfull its about desensitisation and/or conquering ones fears, just a little at a time. maybe its just tool seeing what they can get away with, how explicit they can become before its too much. maybe it can never be too much.

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