Love story | Reviewer: Justin | 10/8/11

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my 28 years of existence. I first heard it back in high school and it has completely changed my life for the better. This song to me, personally, is a love story about two people meant for each other. These lovers came together with great passion, and it was this passion that initially tore them apart. These lovers will eventually realize that they are meant for each other, they know the pieces fit.. This interpretation is a reflection of my own experiences with a girl I am madly in love with. Our relationship ended, but as time has gone on, our friendship has slowly been rekindled, and I feel inspired as to where it may go from here..

There is no evil except where we as human beings create it. I've listened to this song just about everyday for the last 10 years. It is truly a beautiful work of art.

Schism | Reviewer: Susan | 8/26/11

One of my favorite songs of all time! To me this signifies the end of my marriage...hehe...And how my ex just wont let go. He cannot see we are at the end and everything has scrummbled yet he still wants to make it evil is that? No this is not evil, pure magic at its finest

Evil? You mean spiritual! | Reviewer: Gabriel | 8/27/11

Dude! Tool is anything but evil, they are trying to wake people up!

Just listen to the song "Reflection" and tell me how it is evil!

Their lyrics are highly spiritual, they are one of my favorite band to listen while tripping because everytime I notice the lyrics go deeper and deeper as I had perceived them before.

In no way they are evil, maybe the lyrics can sound dark at times, but isn't it a reflection of our own deluded world that we call reality ( is an illusion)?

Maybe you didn't perceive the lyrics the way it was intended, maybe one day you will. Tool is an highly awakened and spiritual band, no doubt on that!

Hey, Captain Hindsight! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/11

hey, captain hindsight, maybe you percieve it as evil and makes you feel bad, but almost all of maynard's song don't have that intent. I agree completely with the comment below. YOU percieve it as being evil, because well maybe YOU are evil, dumbass. Most of Tool's songs are examples of hardships yes, but the intent is to overcome them not linger in them. Maynard said so himself that he wrote the songs to help him get past those hardships. The intent is to make you feel better. That's how i feel after listening to these songs, and i think i speak for most when i say that. So get rid of your ignorrance, closed mindedness, and stereotypical traits... they arn't good ones.

Tool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/11

I have seen one person posting on many of Tool's song lyrics about how he no longer likes tool for being 'evil' or something to that effect. I just wanted to make sure no one is turned away from Tool by this person, and just so you know, tool is not in any way 'evil' or anything else. Anyone who hears 'evil' in Tool's music is probably pretty twisted in the head themselves.

Tool is one of the most beautiful styles of music conceived to date, (comparing only with Pink Floyd) I think to not listen to it for some silly reason is ridiculous, but one can listen to whatever he or she wants I suppose.

Just remember people, music, like all other media and art forms, is not inherently good or evil, it's only the viewer's/listener's interpretation of it that can be good or evil. Remember that before you judge something or someone next time.

Funny how one of the main things Tool tries to teach people is "Be open minded." Well that and to explore the unknown and embrace the unexpected in life. I don't really see how that's 'evil and prideful', but whatever.

Tool, in general | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/11

I used to be a Tool fan. Their muic - well, it's all perfectly done; very sophisticated, great compositions. But that is not really important, is it? What really matters is the emotions hidden within. I strongly believe, in hindsight, that the emotions in Tool's songs are simply evil: false pride, the feeling of superiority, disdain for others, moral relativism - all in the name of what? "art"?. Whatever Keenan is doing is filled with that same, dark emotional charge. Anyway, that's just my opinion. One can listen to whatever he or she wants, but personally I really don't need this kind of stuff stuck in my head.

Mayans (Native Americans) | Reviewer: Karl Hanrahan | 7/18/11

I'd like to say,Very well said ross!I've been researching the lost city of Atlantis and our true origins and i think Maynard is talking about the tall,fair-hair,blue eyed men(Atlantians,The smartest race for theyre time,They knew things we still dont)who the Mayans prophesied would come to america.Half with pure good intentions and half slavers.Long story short,The Temples topple over meaning activation sites to place the powerful Quartz Crystal Skulls in an effort to contact the other,I think its 11 planets with Humanoids.(Rediscover communication)If ur interested in the universe and origins do research.You'll find all religions have the same stories told,but they are slightly changed.Trace it back to the source and you'll find the true story.Here in Ireland we have a 6000 year old burial site called Newgrange.Its astronomically precise even though The Irish were always known as stupid potato farmers.Look back to all ancient monuments and you'll see that 6- 12000 years ago humans were more astronomically educated even though they had no way of seeing outside the atmosphere other than by Eye.Thanks for reading

lies | Reviewer: keenism | 7/6/11

I've a feeling Maynard is deeply knowledgeable of our true history, and the song deals with the corruption and sects that took over freemasonry in England, France, Germany ect in the 1600-1700's. Opposing votaries abusing the "brotherhood" for their own avarice... still extant today.

The means to stop it? True, unhindered
communication and fair dissemination of knowledge and otherwise.

Or any breakup due to trust fits in fine. or I could be crazy...

Layers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/11

These interpretations are a trip. It's great to see so many of them. It's not to say that the artist originally intended several layers going on simultaneously.

My first interpretation all those years ago when I saw the music video was that it has something to do with people unable to cross the chasm to empathize with each other. And in that sense, "Maynard wrote this song about his divorce with his wife" is very much an obvious and good interpretation. So are the different interpretations relating to NLP.

In the years intervening, I've encountered other knowledge, experience, and people. The music video makes it very obvious that the song and video tells a story of a specific kind of mystical experience. This experience is so widespread across so many cultures, it has a name. And though it manifests differently for everyone, the video has too many specific imagery going along with the lyrics for it not to be. Especially the ending. It is VERY obvious. Further, considering that I cannot find any way to purchase the song without purchasing the music video, I suspect the message was intended to come from both.

Many of the mystical writings have multiple layers and multiple meanings that is not complete without considering them all at once. Sometimes the artist or author is aware of them... sometimes they are not. Such are the ways of the Muses.

N/A | Reviewer: ross | 6/10/11

This song, in the broadest sense, is about an inherent division of a single entity into two separate entities.

For all we know, it could be about mitosis (that's cell division), but the song has purposely been left vague as to mean something unique to every person that hears it. To someone going through a difficult breakup, it has a very particular meaning, whereas it could mean something slightly different to a person watching all their friends grow up and drift apart. It's amazing how multi-faceted this song actually is.

Thus lies the true genius of Tool, and indeed, to some extent, all music.

Pretty Obvious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/11

If you've ever been in a relationship that was good until trust was broken then you have a damn good idea. It's about a relationship that cycles between being good, working out, it breaking down due to a lack of trust then rebuilding it again.

Human Peace And Heart's Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

only maynard and tool knows what means this song to them... and that's the only thing that really matters, 'cause they made the song for us to listen, but they feel it... as all great musicians and composers in all the world since ever and forever... who really knows? maybe it's not a song, it's a real feeling played on musical instruments... PEACE AND LOVE

definition | Reviewer: justin | 4/21/11

Fatima is correct up to the point of the definition of the word schism. there is a right interpretation of a song and there is a wrong interpretation. like isis said the definition which is the disunion of two opposed parties. the religion of christian is very confusing. maynard is saying the people that love christianity see it as the way of life and the people that dont like it destroy the earth the christians live on. Maynard james keenan is showing the segregation religion developes and these reviews show that beliefs can atraphy peoples view, the sane view.

Communication | Reviewer: Decompos3r | 4/21/11

Jason definitely has an interesting view on this. Communication can create a great divide between any entities; Parents and Children; Church and Man; Friend and Friend. In fact it can quite easily encompass most theories.

"I know the pieces fit 'cause I've watched them fall away" demonstrates the potential success of communication, while each verse explores the inherent problems.
The progression between those lines in the first verse is great:
_ _ _"Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers' souls in motion...";_ _ _ an idea can bring two things together which grind so hotly against each other that the very notion that connected them is destroyed.

On the flipside, (verse 2) communication can be the thing that brings us together, regardless of beliefs. But without any depth of conversation, we become bored. It's not really anybody's fault; nobody's done anything wrong. there's just something in the way. So we attack each other and destroy the sacredness of our union just so we have a reason to communicate again.

That "poetry" part really brings it together too. It's so odd how it can almost be an addiction. The Passion (for lovers, romantic or physical; for the church, spiritual) could be worth the mental anguish;.
In fact, this middle part could be about Maynard as a writer. He can be inspired so well by a connection with someone, and through prose he can find a lot of beauty in such conflict.

And without it, any sort of relationship dies. "Doomed to crumble unless we grow, strengthen our communication" : If you're not fighting for it, you don't have it.

Theoretically, this song could be about fear of commitment and the role communication has in creating it.
We should at least take this from "Schism":
*If you want connection, you must suffer the casualties.*

Um... what? | Reviewer: Igottawocket | 4/19/11

I don't know what is wrong with the rest of you, I thought it was pretty common knowledge that this song is about Maynard (the lead singer, just in case some don't know) and his divorce with his wife. Hence, "I know the pieces fit because I watched them fall away." I guess you can read other stuff into it, but that IS what the song is about. And to the guy who said Schism has to do with the Church, it does, but not in this case. Thats the Great Schism of the Church. That is not all schism can mean. In this case it means his "schism," or separation, with his wife.