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Performed by Tool

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its from a book... | Reviewer: Liber al vel legis | 1/3/12

One must fulfil one’s true Nature, one must do one’s Will. To question this is to destroy confidence, and so to create an inhibition… We are not to calculate, to argue, to criticise; these things lead to division of will and to stagnation. His lyrics reflect that of Liber al vel legis or the book of law chapter 2: 28-34.
Basically in any relationship, regardless of who or what it is between, something that sparks the two entities passion towards each other will be tested regardless of how much they love or care for each other. When at the precipice of there relationship they will either fall away due to the lack of the passion they had towards each other during the beginning or they will strengthen and grow. In the song its example is used by communication, and to argue with it, to calculate against it, and to criticize its being will doom it.

the begining of man kind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

in the begining lyrics when he says to set two lovers souls in motion he's talking about adam and eve and says that it pretty much falls apart because they ate from the tree of life and it made us open our eyes and become just like god, to understand things like the way they god can and have wisdom like him. and because we have god like knowledge and a satan to go with it we are now doomed to die.satan is only a symbol for freewill, so we are free to do what ever we want with our godlike like knowledge but will have to die ang get judged to be excepted in his kingdom.however i believe that we are in his kingdom already. the song is pretty much saying that we are all doomed to die unless we keep our communication strong so that gods kindom don't crumble down

Tool | Reviewer: goat | 12/30/11

Hate to feel like we're killing this subject, but evil??? Lol. All I can say is, ignorance breeds contempt. Tool rocks.
Side note: I know its old, but how the f*ck did carson daly get an interview with Maynard? I couldn't have imagined a more unprepared, blathering idiot to interview one or the most creative minds of our generation... *sigh*

religeon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

This song's main meaning is the fact that all religeons are coming from the same god,so they r pieces that fit!it makes sence goes with the title.It says that we all should communicate & not B apart because of having different religeons...
but there's still a fact:Maynard's lyrics have many different meanings inside them,so mayB all of you r right!this song connects with right in 2,cause they both have the theme:stop fighting & communicate,so don't fight over which 1 of u is right!!

also | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/11

i believe he is talking about music it self. look those words up and think about it..
Mildewed:superficial coating of organic material.
Smoldering:existing in a state of surpressed activity.
Fundamental:essential structure or function DIFFERING..
Juxtaposed:placed side by side for comparison
Atrophy:waste away.
(EXCEPT:Dissonance:deliberate avoidance of vowel repetition.)
BUT there is many other meanings this song could have. (take good and evil for instance insert where G&E would fit.

Duality theme | Reviewer: Russian Premier | 12/11/11

I believe it refers to the concept of a person's two sides, good and evil, dark and light, not man and woman, that does not fit here, cause when a woman is a part of your head, oh shit

Communication | Reviewer: Danarro | 12/10/11

I belive this song is about the relations, with anybody. Get a good communication, fluently and clear is really hard, so the absence of this can make all things go bad. Confused and dude, the absurdness in the constant, when thw words begin in a problem and not in meddiate can make that go to the shit.

From what I can recall | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

This song had something to do with that old biblical story about how god split up humans to make them have different languages or something, it's all i can remember however, sorry.

It is what you process | Reviewer: irit | 11/29/11

I've read many different comments concerning this song (looking for the 'evil' guy- lol only if he knew a little psychology.. anyways). But from listening to tool many times not searching for an answer but letting the answer come to me I have gathered that the inspiration for the creation of this song and many others by them is purely just that, inspiration. Its created as a work of art through a specific generalisation (contradictory but through thought that will make sense). This song like many others are meant to be interpreted through your own exploration of your thought processes- I believe this is the bands point for the music they create- which is why there are many who may not get it for they are still in denial of or not accepting that their thought processes make who they are in some way shape or form. This is caused not by what influences them but by why they choose to let it influence them (consciously or subconsciously(the subconscious is a choice because you choose whether or not to look at yourself to figure yourself out)).

my thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/11

Actually, the song has much more to offer than being categorized as a breakup or relationship song. Most people who read that will come to the conclusion that you are referring to a specific man and a specific woman. This song buries its roots deep within the theme of duality, a relationship between Man and Woman in a very ancient form.

@anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

You're talking about Tool on a Tool lyrics site, man. If you even want to suggest the band is "evil", you should actually read their song lyrics. Schism is a breakup song, and it poetically depicts how bad things can get in a relationship. If you don't get that, you've missed the point. If the heavy guitar frightens you, let me invite you to go back to Pat Boone and his wholesome lyricism. You're only 60 years off pace from reality.

Fucking LOL. | Reviewer: Enceladus | 11/7/11

To the guy below me... Lol. My opinion does not count because what? I like the band? Atheists think this world came out of nothing.. Christians know a magician in the sky did it. There is no evil! And even if there is, its all how you take it in. I am at peace with myself now, and this band is what started it all. No evil here man! Check out Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral. Now that's some evil devil worshiping shit. Namaste <3

Just some thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/11

to people who are disagreeing with tool is evil I would let you know that your opinion on this subject does not matter considering you are tool fans. You are obviously very bias towards this subject therefore cannot unbiasly judge this song. I think tool has talent but does have some dark evil meaning to some songs. BTW I don't hate or like tool so don't reply saying Im bias.

To that "Evil" guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/11

I admit I can't say I know what emotions are actually hidden under Maynard's art, but I don't think it actually matters that much. Good can be perceived as evil and vice versa, so its upon the listener to decide what to think and interpret in what he's hearing. Evil or not, Tool's songs have made positive impact on my life and I'm glad I started exploring their art.

Love story | Reviewer: Justin | 10/8/11

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my 28 years of existence. I first heard it back in high school and it has completely changed my life for the better. This song to me, personally, is a love story about two people meant for each other. These lovers came together with great passion, and it was this passion that initially tore them apart. These lovers will eventually realize that they are meant for each other, they know the pieces fit.. This interpretation is a reflection of my own experiences with a girl I am madly in love with. Our relationship ended, but as time has gone on, our friendship has slowly been rekindled, and I feel inspired as to where it may go from here..

There is no evil except where we as human beings create it. I've listened to this song just about everyday for the last 10 years. It is truly a beautiful work of art.

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