Isis is correct on the song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

That Isis dude is right some songs are messages and some are for ur own meaning. But this song is a message from the artist to the listener or fan.its just a message about what that Isis dude said (he's all the way at the top of the review page.) So I agree with him.

Lol. | Reviewer: Isis | 4/5/11

If you guys would just look up the meaning of the word schism this song would make way more sense to you. Its actually simply about how religion is meant to bring people together but is destined to tear people apart. Schism-A formal breach of union within a Christian church.

Schism: division or disunion, especially into mutually opposed parties.

Try again.

3/01/2011 | Reviewer: Fatima | 3/1/11

I love the paragraph answers reviewing the meaning of this song. Its okay guys.Its just INTERPRETATIONS,not actual meaning. The only person that knows the meaning of this song, is the person who wrote it and in this case it happens to be Maynard James Keenan. Since this is Tool,there are 19829038390 ways to interpret the meaning of this song. What the song means is completely up to you.If I think this is about relationships and someone else think this is about god,then so be it. But you shouldn't just forget about what the song meant earlier to you because someone said something different... This is YOUR TAKE on the song and nobody else. Don't let anybody correct you.

jason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

Maynard will go down as a genius. This song is about language. Language encompasses every facet of reality. Our senses decode what we perceive our environment using internal language and we in turn communicate our map of reality with others using language. It is the light that fuels our fire or our reality. When language breaks down, when we no longer recognize our connected realities with one another, we incorrectly try to destroy other people not realizing we ultimately destroy each other. We fail to recognize it is not so much others differ as our language differs. If we can learn to see another person's reality in terms of their language and demonstrate our reality in terms of our language mutual respect can be built. But when we fail to realize we differ only in our language we try to destroy the other person's reality not realizing our reality is partly connected to theirs. Look at the countries across the world and their nuclear capability and you quickly realize the implications of not understanding how crucial language is to our survival. I could go on and on, but to begin to get an idea how fundamental language is in survival research neuro-linguistic patterning.

Schism | Reviewer: Stefan | 1/6/11

If you guys would just look up the meaning of the word schism this song would make way more sense to you. Its actually simply about how religion is meant to bring people together but is destined to tear people apart. Schism-A formal breach of union within a Christian church.

the song means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/10

I believe the song symbolizes a relationship that fell apart and that even tho things look grim and destined for failure there is a chance to continue and make the relationship stronger I see this when he says" doomed to crumble unless we strengthen our communication..." and the whole time he says he knows the peices fit so eventho it looks complicated theres a wayy to make it complete

what a wonderful song | Reviewer: Forrest Balman | 12/5/10

As much of an abstract band Tool is, I believe that this song symbolizes a relationship. The lyrics reveal some sort of pieces fitting but then falling away. Perhaps, this means that there was once unity between two partners and then disappears into nothingness, or rather turns in to utter hatred between the two. I assume that hatred forms between the two solely because of the description of the pieces being mildewed; however I do believe that if this song is referring to a relationship the adjective, smoldering, could potentially reveal that their is still feelings of passion between the two lovers, or of course the word smoldering could just be another point of emphasis on the fact that the pieces crumbled. The lyrics then reveal the forming of the relationship. That two lovers intentions juxtaposed, or put side by side, is the main cause of the relationship; however Maynard sings that their juxtaposed intentions ultimately burned a hole between them. The hole being burn between them is the cause of the loss of communication. The second verse, in my opinion begins to show Maynard's softer side. Saying that he never wanted to point the finger. I believe that him never wanting to show any blame as to who ended the relationship symbolizes caring and it can perhaps symbolize, or rather hint at the fact that he ended it and feels terrible, thus him not wanting to show who ended the relationship.
I had to ponder at what the temple represented in the second verse. I did some research and I found that temples in biblical reference symbolizes overcoming an obstacle and ultimately prevailing of evil. In a literal sense temples are where one could get married and it toppling over could perhaps resemble a divorce. But at the same time the toppling temple could resemble in a biblical sense the fact that they overcame their issues and ultimately became a couple again, hence the rediscovering of their communication. I began to see more biblical reference in the third verse where the use of coveting. With my small knowledge of the Ten Commandments, one shall not covet thy neighbors possessions, so the biblical symbolism of the use of the word temple began to come into play. The song then tells us of some sort of second guessing which ultimately means that they got back together in a relationship; however the songs says that they are doomed to crumble unless we grow and strengthen their communication. That last line of the third verse resembles the development of feelings after one breaks up. This obviously means that they need to reestablish their speaking terms in order to make their partnership work. The last verse talking about a cold silence having a tendency to destroy any compassion between lovers and/or brothers signifies the fact that when one doesn't talk to a significant other, the bonds between them will wither away.
I have never had so much fun analyzing these set of lyrics. Tool is one of my favorite bands ever, and as an aspiring musician with interests in poetry, Tool's biblical and sinister connotations create a wonderful basis for musical composition. WHAT A WONDERFUL BAND.

Opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

To me, this song could be about the world itself. So much war and fighting causes a lack of communication. I know the pieces fit symbolizes how nations were once together in peace, bur war and fighting causes a lack of communication between them.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Gin D'Angelieu | 10/10/10

Personally, I think this song is metaphorical towards communictation. It could be between two lovers, friends, relatives, or maybe between the songwriter and religion and/or life as he knew it. I don't think we are supposed to focus on "who" the writer has been separated from, but the feeling evoked by the "schism" formed. He also seems to explain that he sees some beuty in the chaos that the separation has created.

That's just an opinion, I could be wrong XD

Fundamental Principle | Reviewer: Dustin | 9/4/10

Intended or no, I think many spiritualist connect with this song because communication is such a pivotal building block of all things. The fundamental nature of the universe is motion; that which has action creates reaction. That which desists fades from creation; or at least fails to maintain its structure, and is reduced to base elements to be consumed/assimilated by some other motion.
Of course cold silence atrophies compassion; cold silence is what the new life is. This is all metaphoric and has more relevance to philosophy and meta-science; but that's why I love Tool. I haven't done allot of research into the band, just listen to their songs; they always word them in a way I can identify though.
Great song; Great Group

Rock | Reviewer: Mickhial | 7/8/10

I think you guys over think this. It is another rock song. many, many, many musical geniuses use smoke and mirrors. The basis for any type of intellectual thought is to question. that's what he is making you do. I applaud for that. but i also think its just another song about a separation between two people who where in love. its a break up song. pure and simple. no religion.

Schism - My point of view | Reviewer: Bobby | 7/1/10

Schism imo is about how all the pieces of life and nature fit together perfectly in the balanced circle of life. Humans and nature all interact all together as one, until the pieces fell away and broke apart.

I also think this song is part of religion because its speaking of juxtaposed which is to put two things close together. Im not big on the whole bible thing, i havent read it before but i think it was adam and eve who were supposed to love and start a family in the beginning of time. So he its saying to people put closed together set there love and souls in motion together like god wanted. Then things start to happen which breaks the communication between them and nature, like when the person took the apple from the tree.

"The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
We cannot see to reach an end crippling our communication."
Then i think fighting happens and then it burns the two apart seeking no end to the entire then breaking off the communication.

2nd verse its saying that no one is too blame for anything thats happened at all, but they always find a way to blame one another and destroy it all, making their temple fall to pieces. The only way to restore it is to rediscover communication, it means what is says.

The next part imo is talking about how the constant struggle between humanity and itself is never ending and keeps going on and on but the circling between us all is worth it. "Finding beauty in the dissonance" mean finding beauty within all of the a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters, like how we do today with religion, etc...

3rd verse is saying the same thing but its all being fucked away from the coveting: Greed (also called avarice) in psychology is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. Peoples greed and selfishness destroying all of civilization. Maynard is saying hes knows that were fucked if we dont fix this now and unless we grow and fix communication, its all over for us.

"Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion"
cold silence tends to decay away (atrophy) any sense of compassion, between two lovers and this entire Earth.

That is my thought on the song, and feel free to email me with any feedback or any thoughts on my review. Everyone has there own personal opinion and this ones mine :P.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/10

I was first under the impression that this song was pretty much only about the separation of Christianity and God, the title and a few word choices support that, but I also see that it can be used for any relationship needing repairs, i.e. the band's disagreements. "cold silence..compassion" has to be my favorite song quote ever, its meaning is so true and it sounds fancy. This song always seemed to be the most repetitive out of all the tool songs, but they all follow a pattern and this one is no different. And there's nothing wrong with that, it is a sweet instrumental part.

I concur | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/10

I believe that songs are meant for two types of people: readers and thinkers.
The readers see the obvious.
The thinkers read between the lines (such as Cockslappery, he's got the idea).
I was actually thinking the same thing before I read that comment.

Cockslappery | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/10

I think it's about religion. How the idea of religion was supposed to bring people together, but it eventually just created all this conflict. Religious people are supposed to be lovers, not fighters, but the misinterpretation and lack of communication has led to all this..shit. Just one view of many, like it should be.