hey!! | Reviewer: hellblazer123 | 10/28/09

oy!! joshy poo!! you are fucking stupid. the entirety of the world has read into the song too much. i dont know what the song is about and i dont care. and im sure that the millions of people listening to there music dont give half a shit either. so quit trying to be all amart because you are the shitstain on the whity tities of the epic failures of the world

crippling our communication over song meanings | Reviewer: Joshy Poo | 10/8/09

ahahaha majority of you are wrong, the song has nothing to do with a relationship, and all these ppl who say we analyze the song too much are full of there own shit as well, anyhow, this song talks about the split of christianity

...really? ... | Reviewer: erik | 9/8/09

i think its kind of funny when people try to over analyze songs or put their own spin on things when the song is completely upfront.
at least to anyone that has ever been in love and watched the relationship fall apart piece by piece until both parties are so disgusted with each other theyve lost sight of everything they loved. and its all because of the lack of communication. read the song and stop overanalyzing shit. it has nothing to do with religion idiots. its a beautiful description of two seperate entities trying to do defy that seperation through what we call love, and wo. communication (the only thing we have that takes us out of ourselves), the pieces fall away leaving nothing. disagree? im probably just high..

Tool | Reviewer: Hayden | 8/2/09

this song like any other of tools songs has a deep meaning. You can never exactly tell what Maynard means without properly asking him. Their music videos are a reflection of his words through a psychological visual journey. I myself tend to look more into Tools music than the meaning of the lyrics and what the band is trying to achieve with their sound, it is a tough journey of listening to hundreds of tool songs but i am beginning to understand.

I don't think so... | Reviewer: jeffS-REPLY | 6/23/09

Yes, I listen Dream Theater. That's true that Portnoy is better progressive drummer. And Petrucci is way better guitar player, not talking about bass player, Myung vs. Chancellor.


Dream Theater is full of progressivity. Tool is about Alternative, more than progressive. And yes, Tool fans think it's nice that Carey changes time signature 3 times but now you mentioned Portnoy changes 44 times. That might be true. But if you listen their actual playing, Carey is hell more creative drummer, than Portnoy. Portnoy thinks more about time signatures, Carey thinks more his playing. There are so many little thinks on Tool songs you need to remember. Dream Theater's songs are just very fucking long, everything keep changing there all the time.

I prefer Tool way better, because of it's simplicity walking in a hand of creative and impressed music and playing. Tool can play these songs in a gig very well. Dream Theater needs to concentrate too much their playing that they are not so good live players.

I don't say Tool beats Dream Theater with the skills of their playing. I'm saying, Tool is more creative, and speakable (talking about lyrics).

My take... | Reviewer: JF | 6/20/09

I am a LaVeyen satanist. I'm not disagreeing with anyone nor the opposite. I personally take it as the common fall of religion. To ME Most people involved in the Occult are ex-Christians who's god didn't answer or fulfill their specific needs so they turned to either something that would or something that could trick their psyche into believing. This is the progression, Popular religion then the occult then it can branch to either ignorance science or "renewed faith"

suggestion | Reviewer: jeffS | 5/29/09

I suggest you try Dream Theater next if you're into the whole progression, drum patterns thing and singers with good vocal range. Mike Portnoy is the best progressive drummer 12 years in a row according to modern drummer magazine (danny cary is in the same category). LaBrie has a better vocal range and hits the notes perfectly (at least in the albums, read the whole poisoning & vocal cord story for bad performances), Petrucci is a much better guitar player (he toured with Steve Vai and Satriani as part of G3). Myung is hundred times the bass player Chancellor is. Rudess is one of the greatest keyboard players you can ever listen. But music is very complicated. You can see 44 different time signatures in a single song. Many Tool fans I know, find it amazing when danny cary changes 3 time signatures in a song. So get ready for a wild ride.

Please fix the lyrics near the end. | Reviewer: Sam | 5/11/09

By thinking the ending is

Between supposed brothers
Between supposed lovers

You show you have no grasp of the meaning of this song, whatsoever. Beyond what the song sounds like, the lyrics are clearly lovers twice. This song in no way mentions any kind of brotherly love. Please fix your lyrics.

Interesting.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/09

I think ONE of the layers Maynard's trying to convey here, is how we can never find God or the meaning to life, until we can stop squabbling between every person and every nation, "I know the peices fit" could be saying that he believes the world can work together and doesn't need to war

Read this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/09

communication is what brought 2 people into love, and the fighting which is another form of communication is what made it fall apart. Since it has fallen apart and he watched it happen, he knows communication can bring it back together. However they fight, neither giving in, making them blind to finding an agreement between them. So they fight and fight till their initial reason for dating is questioned. When it is questioned there is a cold silence between them, as one feels screwed over he loses loss of compassion for her and is hurt. thus more silence is brought because he is hurt. SO now there is a world of trouble and the only way to solve the issue is communicate properly.

babel tower | Reviewer: yas | 3/4/09

I think this song is about the Bible too... I believe he is refering to the Babel tower... and the beginning of the languages... as a punishment for our godlike behaviour... so... i guess we must re discover that thing that united us so we can be like gods again...

I love this song | Reviewer: Kris | 2/23/09

Tool is one of the best bands ive ever heard,and they just rock!
Their songs are so good...right now i'm trying to learn Vicarious to play on the guitar,it's pretty hard XD
But thier songs do have alot of meanings,and like the anonymous guy said,this song sounds like its meaning that we are becoming unsociable :)

My meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

For me this song suggests that people are becoming increasingly dissassociative with each other and find it easier to fight each other than to get along with each other. And if it doesn't stop soon the whole world's gonna crumble (metaphorically) and there's not gonna be anything left, so learn to get on better.

its whatever you want it to be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

tool is an extraordinary band...this song probably has multiple meanings and the probably meant for it to be that way. if it does have one meaning it seems like a relationship between 2 ppl falling apart...as for the bible concept...pretty much nonsense lol. but w/e it can have multiple meanings thats the beauty of tool. he knows "the pieces fit"(the relationship worked) because at one time they did.

my opinion on the song | Reviewer: travis | 1/29/09

i think that this song is about the story in the bible. about the tower of babel. where everyone in the town were lezbians or gay dudes. and god destroyed the tower and made all of them speak different languages. in the song he talks about to lovers to me prolly lezbians and he says the light that that fueled our fire has burned a hole between us so. to me sayin that we loved each other because of how they bonded by talkin to each other. but now they cant understand each other cause there speaking different languages. and the pieces fitting to me is about the tower. and there doomed to crumble unless the strengthen there communication. sayin they need to learn some way to communicate and strengthen it. but thats just what i think.