10,000 Days | Reviewer: John Boyles | 5/18/06

I just bought the new CD. The cosmic 3-D images in the album cover alone are worth the price of the package. Any group that wraps itself in colors this deep had better follow through with some pretty heavy music inside the jacket. No problem. The music expands way beyond where the album cover leaves off. Tool points our minds in new directions...

TOOL | Reviewer: R.D | 5/14/06

I love their lyrics and the tune of their songs~! such an awesome band :)

Tool Sucks! | Reviewer: Louis | 4/26/06

Tool sucks, they need to get over themselves and learn how to play good music

the differences | Reviewer: tyler durden | 4/19/06

there are two kinds of bands;the bands and tool.tool is not a band.they do more than music

all will die who oppose tool | Reviewer: Chuckles | 1/15/06

best band ever, cant wait til next album, their lyrics are more intelligent than any other band, their music is beautiful and theyre the best band ever

tool really is briliant | Reviewer: matt | 10/22/04

Tool has alot more depth than just sound. their music builds curiosity within their listeners. They are truely the deffinition of artists. Anyone can make noise that follows along a beat, but tool takes this a step further. if you HAVE infact studied some of the mathmatical depths within their music you can further continue to admire their talent and intellegence.

Tool is fucking awesome!!! | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/4/04

Tool is awesome they are my favorite band and I can't wait until their new CD comes out before the end of the year! I don't really know what else to say really so um thats it.....