Love Tool | Reviewer: Rob | 12/12/07

I love Tool, they make incredible music and deserve their success. I can not stand Tool fans. Dont get me wrong, some of them are all right. I just hate everyone who buys into the mystique and the bullshit. Get off of their dicks. This "Biography" is a perfect example. Read it and tell me you buy into the spiriual bullshit and Ill tell you your a Tool-bag (Not the good kind) and we can both move on.

One Of The Greatest Bands | Reviewer: Dylan AKA Spencer | 11/24/07

Simply amazing. TOOL formed in 1990 and sicne tehn has released 1 EP, 1 Live Disc, & 4 in-studio albums. Now for most bands with that many years of being together and only having that many albums probably couldnt pull off sucsess. Well TOOL blew it out of teh fuckin water. By far one of teh best bands ever. Their side projects not my favorites but TOOL is amazing.
You cant find a lot of photos or anything else with them which also many bands cant pull off but they did. Only furthering their greatness by proving that teh people like the music and not just the members.

5 Star Band Easy

TooL is the bomb-diggity | Reviewer: lauren | 10/21/07

i love how TooL captures teh essence of serious things.
AEnima:it sent of dancing litery meaning into my mind.i listened for hours and hours.
they are very unique, and their "dark" exterior is something the average person might be afraid of.please don't.absorb the awesomeness.let the lyrics drape the corners of your mind.

Title... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

There is no middle ground, either you love and obsess over Tool or you hate them. I feel sorry for the people who hate them, they're missing something very deep, very personal, and very artistic. Tool moves music lovers in ways that you wouldn't expect from a metal band, it's not 'I hate the world, Kill me, kill them wah wah wah', as many bands have taken that road.
But, at least us real fans won't have to fight for tickets with shallow morons who just don't appreciate real talent. TooL Forever!!!!!!!

Band like no other | Reviewer: Shauna | 8/27/07

Tool is not for the faint hearted. The lyrics and sound of the band makes you think and question your way of life. No other band in the world has depth like this one. If you want to listen to cheap, I fucking hate the world music than listen to everything else. If you don't like Tool then there is somthing that you are missing and your just to dumb to see the real picture....Tool will go down in history as on of the greatest bands in the world and no matter how much time goes on the music will never be old news......

Out Of This World.. | Reviewer: Archie | 6/21/07

Tool in my honest opinion is one of the most unique rock bands in the world. There is no one else like them, And everyone who attemps to sound like Tool falls very short.
Tool began as a dark rock, "metal" band in the early 90's.. Which I think definately got everyone's attention. Soon after they began to progress into what they are today. What I love about this band is that they change A LOT with every passing album, And that they manage to keep all of their songs moving relatively at the same speed while keeping them very distinct sounding. From Opiate to 10,000 Days.. All of Tool's Albums are Great.

**AENIMA was a big step forward for the band. Its Definately one of my favorite albums ..and happens to be one of their Masterpeices. A Must have for any Hard Rock / Progessive Rock fan.**

**Lateralus is simply.. Amazing. There is so much atmosphere and progression taking place, I just cant describe it. Adam, Danny and Justin's musicianship sends you to another world, and another spiritual realm at the same time. To finish it off, The album case itself is a trip! It is completely see through and is ornately decorated with artwork from the band and Alex Gray. A Treat for the Eyes!**

**10,000 Days is a step in another direction for the band. It is dedicated to Manard's Mother who lived 10,000 days in a wheelchair after a stroke ..I beleive. This cd reminds me of the Undertow days while at the same time it shows influence from the AEnima and Lateralus eras. Danny brings more of the Middle Eastern drum sounds, which is a nice addition to the songs.

Sorry for the multiple posts... The Play/Pause butto on my keyboard is also configured as send. And there is no way to change it. So w/e, Sorry.

Tool Frickin Rocks | Reviewer: Atiya | 5/30/07

Tool is amazing. Thats all there is to it. nobody i know seems to know them well, but i'm pretty much obsessed. They are so deep and philisophical, while being heavy and dark at the same time. They are a band after my own heart. I heart them. Email me if someone would like to talk about my passion.

Parables of Tool songs | Reviewer: Rosie | 5/30/07

I've never heard anything as mesmerizing as Tool, and I've been listening to progressive rock for quite some time. Sometimes it's quintessential to hear phrases that remind us of other impacts on the world. In fact, I just wrote a thesis earlier this year for my English class about how "Rosetta Stoned" from 10,000 Days seems to parable beliefs in Christianity about the life of Jesus and how, judging on how the song is written in the idea of being abducted by an alien, it could be symbolizing the controversy between science and religion. Tool is one of my favorite bands and I sincerely hope they continue to create their music.

Rabbits Wear Glasses | Reviewer: JL | 5/26/07

TOOL is the most brilliant band in the WORLD! They have extended the meaning of music into reality and revealed the truths in many aspects of life, while still holding the standars of a GREAT band. I have jammed TOOL since Undertow and have not stopped. Every album, like a timeline has affected my life and the decisions I make to move on. There is much wisdom in not only the words, but the journey you go on through the sounds of Justin, Adam and Danny. I encourage anyone to really dig into this band and learn something about reality and what is really in front of our eyes in this world made for us. Order, rule, and regulations. "Think for yourself, question authority" **Salival - Third Eye** Prying opend my third eye. Think About it!
Peace and Love to everyone!

There will never be another TooL!! | Reviewer: renrags | 5/27/07

TOOL is the only band that I would stand in line all night for to buy tickets. There will never be another TooL!!

Reviewing Opiate lyrics | Reviewer: Tyler | 5/21/07

Let me start by saying that we all die, even us Tool fans. Now, I've come to like Tool just recently and have heard all of their albums. Maynard really seems to be a man of God, but someone please tell where he is going with Opiate. "He has needs, like I do, we both want, to rape you." "Jesus Christ why don't you come save my life now, open my eyes blind me with your LIES now!"

Someone please explain to me where he's going with that one... I just need a little clarity. Thanks.

tool sucks? | Reviewer: mjv | 5/18/07

I would love know the definition of 'good music'. If one is putting any absolute value on that term, anything outside of opinion, then I'm pretty sure Tool would fit somewhere into the picture. Regardless of your tastes, everyone can gain something from listening to the band, particularly Lateralus and 10 000 days

TOOL, Next generation of Pink Floyd? | Reviewer: Ben | 2/14/07

TOOL is empowred with subliminal messages in their lyrics, with their way of making music is completely different to those of other Bands, and in many forums it has been said "TOOL, next generation of Pink Floyd?" If have a sense of musical taste to Tool uwould say yes it does and i agree with tool kicking ass

TOOL KICKS FUCKIN ASS!!! | Reviewer: mc | 2/8/07

tool lyrics are soo good, so meaningful.. and no other band could match up to them..amazing!

Tool as is | Reviewer: Allen Kerns | 8/18/06

I never had truly listened to Tool up until the new album when I heard "Vicarious" on my Sirius Radio. I was so moved and empowered by the song that I without any thought went and bought the album. This was three months ago. It is still in my C.D. player. Every song on the 10,000 Days album has the ability to send one on a trip never before taken. "Wings for Marie", "10,000 Days", and "Right In Two" have effectively changed my life. I'm a music junkie, and never before have I come across a band who's songs can cause me to behave in such a manner as Tool does. And it's not just off the new album. "Lateralus" and "Sober" are just two other songs that just leave me in a daze after hearing them. Tool is not a band. They are more then that. They are something completly transcendent of all possible logic.