just opinion | Reviewer: just a man | 4/22/14

It is my opinion that for more understanding of the music of this brilliant people the principles of Chaos Magick, Hermetic principles and some of the high levels of other magic systems should be considered. I have never listened to other band with such ideas and such carefully constructed songs. Every song reminds me of very elaborate ritual with the sole purpose of unlocking what is within the listener. Considering my own studying of some of the magick systems of different cultures i feel that the songs perfectly fit inside some of the deep ideas presented in said magick systems. I really hope for more albums.

Say what you want.Tool is still the s**t! | Reviewer: NvrtheMachine4evr | 4/20/13

Maynard had enough balls to write a few songs about the sexual abuse he had gone through as a child.Prison sex was one pushit another.It was his therapy..his release.I applaud him and the group to embrace it.

review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/11

I think tool serves as a program, a catalyst or a vessel (or a TOOL) to finding identity, releasing aggression, and sparking your own ideas and motivation which I think was the whole point. My interpretation of tool, is a tone thats clever, solemn, holy, ambiguous, metamorphic, tolerant, and aboriginal (in a music sence)that comes across very clearly. I view the members to be very humble people with very good points in every day life. Maynards lyrics are explicit but also realistic. Tool litearlly lifed me out of a nihilistic, pessemistic, amoral and heroin addicted life and opened me to so much more. Tool holds a divinty in the music world that in incomparable. To me, its timeless. The music and poetic lyrics has inspired most of my art, hieghted my spiritual awarness and gave my life intention to live by. I dont believe the amount of agression was necessary but who am i to judge? Maynard obviously had a rough life. Though, i havnt found more professionally produced music. If you havnt learned anything from tool, then you are nieve. If you are searching for a purpose or a reason, then i suggest working the program. haha. Thank you for listening.

Transmitted | Reviewer: Todd | 5/4/11

It seems that thier ability to free thier minds and open up new doorways to the impossible, extremly inspiring. Tool is one band who has thier own complete genre. Its amazing how intelligent these men are and how much loyalty to thier fans they possess. They will not sell out which is what i find most admorable. A very good band and a very good purpose. peace

tool best band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/11

tools music makes me fly away in my mind. The only band in this world that i believe know how to manipulate the brain and intensify a high like i have been through... I absolutely love their art and music and songs like reflection and third eye yeah awesome... Theyre able to describe things that are nearly impossible to.. The lyrics are food to our souls and open your eyes to what really is reality... Awesome free spirited band and inspirational music. Thanx

Love Tool (I'm not Religious) | Reviewer: Destiny | 3/5/11

I don't believe Tool's music is religious, or spiritual but I love them anyway.
Their sound along with Maynard's voice and lyrics, takes me to a place in my mind I never want to leave. Tool has been the only band to ever do such a thing.
'tis why they are my favorite band.

Bad Ass | Reviewer: THudson | 3/3/11

Tool's music is so complicated with the layering of sounds combined with the ever changing time signatures/tempos that it is nearly impossible to terminate the track while you are tuned to one. The dark content and interpretive lyrics make the music more enticing to the alternative rock/art rock enthusiast. Furthermore Tool is completed by the eratic music videos they produce.

1st Reserved then Inspired | Reviewer: CVO | 3/2/11

I have had a diverse taste in music for many years. The only work of TOOL I was aware of was the song "Sober" on the radio. I would see "computer type geeks" & guys in bands with TOOL T shirts - I did not pay attention & was not inquisetive as to what TOOL was about. My tool (he he) vender at work said he had an extra ticket to a show in Baton Rouge, I said I would go. My seat was 10 rows above the stage on Maynard's side. He was "obscure" at best with a neoprene suit & purple stripes only to be illuminated by black light, standing on a platform next to Danny WTF???? I was saying to myself ! The show was dominated by Justin & Adam up front with rifts & lines that were shaking my soul - Danny's drum set & style were pounding my brain into oblivian. MJK's words & MIND BLOWING grahic's had taken my imagination to a totally NEW level.... TOOL changed my WHOLE outlook on the way I listend to & appreciated the art of music.... then next morning I purchased every CD they had put out ! INCREDIBLE ... May the TOOL band have a long lived & virtuous journey.


Never the same | Reviewer: Nigel | 5/2/10

At 47 Ive listened to hours and hours of music throuhgout my life, music is a comfort for me an escape if you like allways has been and allways will. I was introduced to the bands music a few years ago and it reminded me to pink floyds music but deeper more intense, I agree with others here that say they will be remembered as the best.I Like where their music takes me,Its never the same, Its Nice...

sweet | Reviewer: bert | 3/26/10

i'll admit tool is a very strange band, i have been a huge fan since 97. i once met maynard at a concert. the strange thing was he was walking in the crowd. we talked for a few seconds and he just walked away. at first i didnt realize it was him until minutes later. but thats the way he is. he is very humble. ive been to five concerts and every time i go they just get better and better. TOOL is the best band ever and i always look forward to seeing them again!!!!!!

The Doors of the the last 20 years | Reviewer: Spacescope17 | 3/5/10

Mythical, insane, religious questioners, philosophers and whatever falls in between is covered by these always ever changing men. They seem to truly know how to play forward their ideas and not care what u might think. It may 2 far out there 4 some but they want u 2 dig deep 2 get the meanings. Life is short, make use of it, 4 afterlife is immenent and forever. We don't evolve like other organisms and like Tool does. We don't turn into something else when we die, u have 2 enjoy and discover best things in life like Tool's endless realm.

haha | Reviewer: Cameron | 1/21/10

I hope you guys do realize that this is very VERY satirical and is definitely the style of Tool to write some BS story about how awesome and mythical they are.

"Danny recommends as a device of protection and containment a thorough study and utilization of the underlying geometry of the Temple of Solomon for anyone purchasing their next record."

If you tell me that you think he's being serious, that you actually need to "protect" yourself from their music, you have bigger problems.

tool/altered state circus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/09

Have loved Tool since early nineties when I was in Dead Flowers, about Undertow era, had a couple of albums out at the time Moontan and Altered State Circus, which considering my appreciation of Tools musical prowess,have a strangely similar, how can I put it .. philosophy. No suggesting plagirism, just sort of saying I get them on a creative level aswell. peace

A tool for inspiration | Reviewer: Bob | 2/13/08

For tool the music is a tool not purpose.They use rhythm,tempo and melody to transmit the sense of words and terms.For this reason their works sometimes are like film music;a music that completes the lyric.Tool create an unusual and interesting music for who need inspiration.

Tool | Reviewer: Ben | 2/6/08

i agree with rob, but i like the side of them that makes their music what it is. im not all obsessed with it. i am a huge fan and also a huge admirer of Alex Grey, who has done some artwork for them. i get my inspirations for my artwork from him. and i enjoy drawing with Tool or a Perfect Circle playing on my cde player of computer, just cuz its cool music