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Performed by Tool

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It could be about anything | Reviewer: Archer Back | 6/4/14

This song could be about anything. an abusive relationship, an abusive parent...i think its about an abusive relationship and one part of the party is afraid to love in fear he shouldn't have to live in i tear your fucking throat away, that fear of leaving leads them to believe the only way out was to kill them. its music it tells a story use your creative mind together with yours to paint the picture. MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN IS A BEAST!

Filial Hatred | Reviewer: Brucimus | 10/9/13

I feel like this song has always been from the eyes of a child, and his parent/ guardian is pushing him/her to do something (school, dance class, whatever). But he DOESN'T WANT TO. He doesn't care and can't think rationally. Eventually, the anxiety climaxes to a point of snapping back and cursing/trying to hurt this paternal/maternal figure: A child's survivalist story.

An Abusive Relationship | Reviewer: Niveus | 7/4/13

I really agree with the 7/15/11 "Pushed too far" anon.
I believe this song talks about an abusive relationship where one of the two pushes and shoves down the other, yet they beg him to stay with him. The victim sees their sanity fading away second by second; they "feel alive when he's touching him, shoving him down." But they realize that this only causes pain and they can't let their partner push them further. This victim doesn't want to go insane, he doesn't want to see the situation degenerating.
They know that if the abuser doesn't realize that he's hurting them and doesn't stop, they'll have no other way to end it...
"There's no love in fear."

Tool is a tool.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/13

"I just hope that our fans are people who are inspired by music, and just use our music as a background or inspiration for whatever it is they do."
"I really went out of my way to discover the things I dont like about people; for self reflection... 'What is it I dont like about you, What is it that bugs me about you, What is it I dislike about you and how you do it?' ...and as soon as I get all that stuff on paper and write it down, I just kind of turn the 'you' into 'me' and you really come up with some interesting things."
"The idea is, if I can't heal from my art, then how can you heal?"
"You really should be able to feel the higher power of music and be moved by it, rather than listening to me waffle on and having to explain it."

hahaha wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/12

seriously music is an art, its a creative outlet and as with all art its subject to interpretation. everyone is going to think it about something different the only one who knows what the song is really about is the songwriter. everyone is getting all pissy about who's right about the meaning but it really doesnt matter. what you get from listening to it is all that really matters.

calm down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/12

The song could be about taking to much of a hit from a drug or a loved one, either way all songs are meant to relate to everyone in some way. Just because he says "blow your fucking throat away" it does not mean that it's about sex from one lyric. Metaphors make it creative. I'm a huge tool fan but some people think only tool can be clever in there meanings of songs. Your missing the whole point of the beauty of music itself. Remember to think of yourself, not your idols'lives.

Another way to think about this song | Reviewer: Pink | 5/3/12

If you have ever taken Salvia you may have had an experiance that could be compared to this song.

Salvia has a different effect on everyone who takes it, but I've had an exepriance with it that fits the lyrics of this song almost perfectly. About 45 seconds to a minute into the experiance, it took a drastic turn, like nothing I've ever felt before. I felt like I 'came to' at the bottom of a well in my own mind, with the gears in my brain grinding against each other. I was 100% numb, couldn't see anything accept for the occasional flash of things directly in front of my face, I had no control over my body at all (though it never stopped moving) and above everything it felt like another 'presence' had came into my head and had 'replaced' my conscious mind, and all that was left of 'me' was by subconscious or primal mind, I had no memory of who I was, were I was, or why I was there, I felt dead, but I knew I was once alive, and once had memory, and I wanted it all back, I couldn't stand the feeling of not existing, but I couldn't get back with this 'presence' in my mind, it felt like it was trying to convince me to stay with it... forever. It was overwhelming, like 'love' but twisted and dark, it felt like it wanted me there to 'torture' by depriving me of my senses, replacing them with it's overwhelming darkness and 'love'. "I'm slipping back into the gap again. I'm alive when you're touching me, alive when you're shoving me down, but I'd trade it all for just a little... Piece of mind."

The back and forth in this song is a lot like the experiance I had, of a presence that wanted me to join it in a dark and everlasting love, that felt like death, overhwelming and impossible to resist. Even now, days after the experiance, I have to fight it off, it comes back to me in my sleep, that overhwlming feeling of inescapable darkness and love. "Saw that gap again today, while you were begging me to stay. Managed to push myself away, and you, as dear. If, when I say I might fade like a sigh if I stay here, you minimize my movement anyway, I must persuade you another way."

Salvia is worse then Acid, even if you've done it a dozen times it can still do something utterly different, that can and will change your life forever, just never forget... There's no love in fear

it's an ocean of thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/12

yeah it's kinda about interpretion and stuff,but i think MJK was in a significant state of mind,you know a's his it's his mind in a period(a few second maybe a few months)of HIS life gathered that has taken the forms of these words!!!...some kind of revelation maybe...or somthing less important.and since we are all human beings some of us may someday experience what he was experiencing when he was writing the will never know though...

yes i like hearing myself talk | Reviewer: Dumberest | 1/11/12

I see that a lot of people keep repeating the same drivel about how the songs lyrics are designed to have the listener "fill in the blanks". That's not quite the case, your somewhat close but still slightly missing the point. Tool, by not publicly publishing their lyrics do encourage the listener to interpret the songs however they need to to encourage personal growth and insight. That does not however change the fact that when the song(s) are written that they do have personal or true meaning to the one that is writing it. A lot of you seem to be forgetting that music is (supposed) to be a form of artistic expression. Whereas in this case the "artist" (lyricist) of course isn't just throwing out random sentences in the hopes that you the listener can transform those words into something with merit and meaning. Rather, the artist has a very specific idea as to what he is referring to but, is still encouraging the listener to interpret the song however they see fit. That said, see below post if you'd like to know what the song is truly about. It's concise but its accurate...

Seriously, its not that complicated | Reviewer: Dumber | 1/10/12

(cleaned up) . It's an internal struggle with an alter ego which he has developed over his lifetime that he feels is partially responsible for what his life has become (both the good and the bad) and now it has become clear to him that in order to move on and progress as a human he must say goodbye to a part of himself that he both loves and hates but is afraid that without that part of him he may wind up losing everything. In the end he severs the relationship with himself but must remember the importance of what he is ultimately walking away from...

hater | Reviewer: dummy | 1/10/12

...yall are stupid. It's an internal struggle with an alter ego that he has developed over his lifetime that he feels is partially responsible for what his life has become (both the good and the bad) and now it has become clear to him that in order to move on and progress as a human he must say goodbye to a part of himself that he both loves and hates but is afraid that without that part of him he may wind up losing everything. In the end he severs the relationship with himself but must remember the importance of what he is ultimately walking away.

its about sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/11

i might fade like a sigh if i stay... he might cum if he stays inside... she begs him to stay... he blows her throat away.. get it? its about her rough sex and wanting him to finish inside but he dont wanna. thats one way to see but ive been listening to ths for years and only jus today heard the meaning. "rest ur trigger on my finger" wats her trigger?its on his finger think about it "bang my head upon the fault line" head n fault line think about it

Tool IS Tool | Reviewer: Magdalena | 12/9/11

Tool is just doing what they do best...if youve noticed it even holds true with APC...its just metaphorical. Its up to the listener to relate and interpret they way they feel. Its all about mood and natural changes in life. You deal as they come and find refuge in a find tranquility knowing youre not alone...

It's about self defense. | Reviewer: Garysmith | 11/9/11

To the best of my knowledge, Maynard is at least a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. His teacher, Rickson Gracie, is arguably the best Jiu Jitsu practitioner in the world, according to his father, the creator of BJJ, grand master Helio Gracie. He's saying he doesn't wanna have to fuck his attacker's world up, but he's leaving him no other choice. BJJ is loaded with different choke techniques, some of which it's actually possible to blow people's throats out. My instructor told me that fighting someone who doesn't know Jiu Jitsu is like fighting an infant. Maynard is all too familiar with what it feels like to choke people out. Take it from the fan that tried to approach him onstage during the playing of this song on the youtube video - you do not want to push and shove him, he'll go so crazy on your ass that you and him both could die in the process.

!!! | Reviewer: Pacmanpth | 10/13/11

DDShay, you totally get it, thank you so much for making me feel less alone. One thing I will say, hatred doesn't need to necessarily take up half of the circle, and I think the near future holds the distinct possibility of us seeing that change in our lifetimes. Possibly then, half the circle will be Enlightenment, and the other half will be Harmony, in an ever-evolving heightening of global states of consciousness, as major thought paradigms rise and replace old ways of thinking.

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