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Performed by Tool

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I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

It is about our relationship with ourselves. It is about the duality of our split mind and our inability to realize that our own recycled, unconcious guilt causes us to be inhibited to the point of paralysis. Our ego and the unconscious guilt that it supplies us with makes us think that we can attack on another and in doing so we "disappear" because we are all of one mind and our attack on a seeming other person is an attack on ourselves and the ego's many distractions are keeping us from creating as we were created to. Every attack/fear/pain/confusion is a cry for love, but we do not respond to attack with love because we do not know how. This song is about beginning to perceive the ego as the conniving, hateful, infinitely complicated creature it is and realizing that to succumb to it, or fall into it's gap is to surrender our love and therefore our creative force for a distraction that can come in so many forms. Every perception that you relate to this song is a correct perception because it is a perception of the ego-self. The only thing that you don't realize is all bad thoughts are the same...equally destructive on the level of the ego and if you succumb you will overlook your inner peace and eternity and trade it for the perishable and guilt ridden life you choose to see. What you see outside of you is what is inside of you and your world is as you would have it be..which is absolutely fine, because you are an all-powerful creator as I am and it is not may place to judge you. I will not judge you but I will take your misperceptions and heal them in my mind because your misperceptions are mine and vice-versa and I rather look the ego in the face and be aware of it's nothingness that we may have peace and true creation. The ego is logical but absolutely insane. We give to take in it's perception and I will give all to all to have because I know who we are and where we came from and what we are capable of and I will remember this for you until you grow tired of the ego's game and begin your journey toward the light. <3

the gap | Reviewer: Devil/Angel | 8/11/10

my mind went right to where Angel/Devil's went. of course it's relative, but the way i see it, to expound on Angel/Devil's comment, is that it can be tied to a long distance relationship type of situation: bound to fail, but can't escape these feelings. "What is this but my reflection?
Who am I to judge or strike you down?" like saying, we're so far away, i will question your actions, but you're there, i'm here, and we can't ignore our urges and desires in the moment.

p.s. is it "no love in fear"? sounds like "no love in pain."

hmmm | Reviewer: andrewsavage | 7/2/10

I just think its about how this relationship makes him crazy, but won't let go because he loves the fuck, it's like a drug to him [e.g. alive when you're touching me]. The first part in my opinion he's talking about seeing the gap (loosing his mind) while she was begging him to stay but he's warning the girl that if he does bad shit will happen [both will disapear (will kill both of them)] like choking this infant (his opinion of his lover) but he's also a slut so who is he to judge.. tearing the fault line is him cracking, the rest your trigger on my finger (when shes there it becomes volatile).

Jung | Reviewer: Amanda | 6/30/10

Look up the Carl Jung theory and you will understand why all Tool songs relate to people with mental illnesses.
The Collective Consciousness.
Everybody with a mental illness is really disconnected from their Higher Self...
to reunite as one (and tap into the CC) the person must journey through their shadow and out the other side.

Its a beautiful thing when it happens though. I used to have PTSD. Maynard clearly healed himself of something, due to being molested as a child. Brilliant man. They are literally a Tool for you to heal. <3

relativity/relationship | Reviewer: Nate | 5/21/10

I agree with Katherine it is weird as fuck and im not quite sure how it happens but every tool song has a relative meaning to every listener. I am not really sure about the mental disorder thing especially you have OCD, or intrusive thoughts, PC? it just isnt the first thing i thought of might be the last thing i think of so just wondering.. I actually thought of a verbally or mentally abusive relationship ususally in those cases one person will be madly in love with the other who takes what they need atthe time..

Angel/Devil | Reviewer: Dave | 5/5/10

Similar to H. He's been shutting out love, positivity, and nurturing feelings for his whole life and has all this animosity towards people and the world, but something (in H. its his son, and this sounds very similiar- choke this infant before me) pulls him back into love. unconditional love and innocence brings him back to a good place, but in the end he's destined to go back to the "gap", darkness, torment, etc...

Character defects | Reviewer: Brian | 5/4/10

to me this song is about character defects. The author (in my opinion) is saying that a person/group/thing is pushing and shoving him toward that place he has worked so hard to get away from and he's not comfortable with the resulting outcome. If he doesn't do something about it then he may not recover the second trip through that process.

all of the above? | Reviewer: Katherine | 4/29/10

i think that almost all of tool's songs are what you make of them. maynard writes them after the emotion of the music the whole band makes, it seems, and it's up to it's listeners to decide what it means, which is usually what they connect with most deeply. you hear in it what you want to hear and that's how you're supposed to understand it. this open ended kind of song is why i love them so much: without a defined situation, but only the emotion, allows a lot of people to get completly different responses from it, all significant and all personal because of their unique exeriences and individual preceptions.

relationships | Reviewer: merciles | 4/23/10

This song describes how people in relationships try to control each other. He seems to be fighting to be his own person, and doesnt know if he should run away from the relationship or come closer to his loved one. He feels lots of pressure and needs to find peace of mind.

PC, um, no | Reviewer: robertisme | 4/8/10

never a good idea to make the facts fit a weak premise, let simplicity be your guide dude...then again you may never have been in a relationship deep enough to know of what M speaks (check 'Schism', it will give you more perspective, and it offers a more positive resolution to the circling a relationship brings.)

Not about a relationship | Reviewer: PC | 3/26/10

It's about a man fighting a mental disorder, probably ocd, which is part of him.

"Pushing it" on me symbolizes intrusive thoughts.

Rest your trigger on my finger is self explanatory when you look at it in this way.

and it's not "piece of mind", it's Peace of mind, something that a person with ocd will never experience again.

Definately A Tragic Love Story | Reviewer: Mac | 3/15/10

But it's beyond a relationship between man and woman (or man and man/woman and woman). It's between Man and his Shadow side (this is according to my own opinion of the song). I believe it's the love/hate relationship we have with ourselves.

Tragic love story | Reviewer: Brando | 1/24/10

I'm quite sure that Maynard wrote the song for A different reason than what I see it as, but I see it as A song about A relationship that just can't seem to get it through. Two lovers really love each other, but they fight so much and can't get along. To end the relationship one kills the other, then theirself, it'll end no other way.

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