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Performed by Tool

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Answering to Precious's review.. | Reviewer: Silver Salvia | 9/22/07

You're dead wrong. If you've seen the music video, you'll understand. The song is about how this one person finds his/her release of inner emotion and torment by tormenting and raping other people, in the music video, someone smaller and more vulnerable than him/her. The only way the person found a release is by humiliating others and that's by rape. Namely I think peadhophillia but I could be wrong. I think you're afraid to admit there is a song about this. Tool, I think are one of the most heaviest bands in the world for writing things like this, far too morbid for those bands who claim to know true torment and depression. Only someone with experience and true free thought could write something so deep.

WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT???? | Reviewer: Precious | 9/14/07

This song is about him being tired, of having so much bullshit around him, obviously this feelings where caused by a woman,
"Won't you come on up closer,
close enough so I can smell you."
Desperately begin for her to come, he misses her smell...guessing around but tired of the blood and cum on his hands, dirty, with peoples shit.

Luke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

My interpretation was that he was raped and then he rapes someone else and at the end it's come back "full circle" and now he's getting raped again by someone else. I see it as them describing the terror and ordeal that rape victims suffer and the cycle that comes after it.

Love it. | Reviewer: Lucy | 8/8/07

This is definetly one of my favorite songs. I love the guitar, the drums, the lyrics-everything. it's clearly not literally about prison sex though. I mean, just watch the music video! Anyhoo, whatever meaning you want to take (most people agree that it is about sexual abuse) that's fine.

08/03/2007 | Reviewer: Rose | 8/3/07

I think prison sex is some what explicit but it depends on what form he is using it against but in my opinion i love kinky sex so yea. hahaa. But if it is a form of abuse then i guess that is the bands choice of expressing their feelings

Greatness | Reviewer: Zeebz | 7/17/07

This is my second favorite song. I think every Tool song has more than one meaning, because it's not just what Maynard is singing about, it's how you as a fan and a listener understand it.
Stinkfist is my #1 but Prison Sex has a very well done music video.

Two Meanings | Reviewer: Jesi | 7/5/07

Every single thing he says has two meanings!
Okay not EVERYTHING but still ...
I really think that it's literally about sex in a prison, but at the same time it's about, as Katusa said, being a "prisoner of sexual abuse"
The video helps to show that, as well

And about that whole, being taken off the air ... that's some serious bullshit!
I mean c'mon!
It happens and if they don't want their kids to see it. Well, that's just lame!
It makes me think of the song Hush by them lol

Metaphorically speaking | Reviewer: katusa | 7/1/07

I disagree w/"Prison Sex" being a literal phrase about having sex while incarcerated in an actual prison. Although the lyrics can be perceived as such, I think Maynards intent was not that at all.

As a child w/no control he was a prisoner of sexual abuse. He was "imprisoned" in every sense of the word. Physically, emotionally, mentally ect. Prison sex being described as a form of some sexual act that is being taken by force and/or against one's will. Being humiliated and angry ever since. The only way to profess this anger w/satisfaction is to do unto others as what was done to him.

Prison sex? I don't think so... | Reviewer: hungry wolf | 6/7/07

I like the song as I like most Tool songs, but I can't help but feel dissapointed in that they've taken the thoughtless sheep-like approach to this.

The repeated sections where the subject has changed ('I' becomes 'you' etc.) and other lines like "I've come round full circle" indicates that this is not only most likely about sexual abuse, but what I'm most dissapointed in; the common misconception that sexual abuse forms a cycle, that abused kids are likely abusers when they grow older.

I still don't get why the video was taken off-air. It seems the public's a little over-sensitive when clay-based animations depicting 'figurative representation' of what is most likely child sexual abuse gets such a knee-jerk reaction.

Thinking this song is about prison sex because it's so titled is like saying 'Hooker with a penis' was literally about a male prostitute.

mmmm.. Buttsecks | Reviewer: Jacob twotwo | 6/3/07

The song is about prison sex.. I don't get why so many people seem to think otherwise... it's a great song sure.. but it's still about prison sex.. hence the name.

painfully real | Reviewer: Lisa | 5/30/07

This is my favorite Tool song...because it is so real to me. Being molested as a young child only makes this song scream out to me even more. Maynard hits the nail on the head with the angst, anger, and shame associated with sexual abuse. The music video presents this even more-so.

prison sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

This is a song about abuse of any form. With special intrest paid to sexual abuse.

Sick and beautiful | Reviewer: Strechnuts | 4/16/07

the story takes place in a sick and demented perspective of a wolrd of insanity yet reality to some but never the less it is beautifully written.

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