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Performed by Tool

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What I examined | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/10

In my opinion this song is about molestation,rape, and abuse. I have heard rumors of Maynard being molested as a child. In the video if this song there is a lot of symbolism leading to molestation. At the same tools lyrics are very versatile and can mean a million different things so I doubt anyone really knows what was going through thier mind when they were writing songs.

Trapped in religeon | Reviewer: Caleb | 2/17/10

I think that this song is about how religeon is just a fucked intrapment that is just stupid . It has something to do with religeos because he contradicts the quote do un to others as is do un to you. He also sings of how sodomy is the ultimate sin and how instead people release stress with it.

Tool is art | Reviewer: Toolist | 1/27/10

The names of their songs are not usually what the song means. Same thing with The Pot; it's not about weed at all. TBH I think that the "Pot" is the one calling the kettle black. The lyrics are not straightforward and clear on the first listen/read. These need harder thinking...

"nobody over 40 is listening to Tool." Many guys of the age of over 40 listen to Tool.

all right-all wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/10

a lot of what tool does is like a piece of art, and fully open to interpretation.

i often see their songs to be a form of rorschach when it cones to meanings. each person drawing from their own ideas, fears, interests, and experiences...

devil raping him up the ass? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/09

why do i doubt this as he doesn't like god, if you had half a brain you would realize a lot of his songs are about other things and questioning life, also in Judith - A Perfect Circle, he says OUTRIGHT FUCK YOUR GOD. i for some reason think that this song has nothing to do with the "devil" and "god" =

wtf | Reviewer: tiana | 11/17/09

ok i had to ptu some input whoever it was that says maynard write this song is an illiterate retard and knows nothing. . . .so i scarred mother.maynard move to live with his father at the age of 13 and descibes it as "the best move he ever made" rape?. yes Reviewer: matty is write prison sex is about abuse and life braking you down and the constant circles we as humans put our selfs in.its an excelent song and like most tool songs you just need to listen and think a little harded
and not just go with the obviouse

not about sex at all | Reviewer: matty | 11/12/09

In my mind i would have to say that prison sex is about, yes abuse, but in turn being human. Being broken down to to basic human substances. Being burdaned by having to shit, wanting sex, being hurt anough to bleed. No matter how hard you try to break from these things and better yourself as a soul more so than ahuman, you are brought back down by these basic things.

Scared Mom & The Song | Reviewer: Cannibal_Lovely | 9/22/09

I'm pretty sure we're all clear now on the fact that this song isn't actually about taking it up the ass in a prison from some dude. It's been stated thirty times. Can we please shut up now?

And since this 'scared mother' doesn't have a registered account, I think it's safe to assume she pretty much made her comment and left. So can we stop bitching about that too?

I was pretty irritated by what she said too, but really.

relevance to me | Reviewer: random guy | 9/1/09

ya this song is just what the band is...a tool...a tool for people who have been abused in any way..sexually...mentally...or even bullied...i remember when people used to bully me i would innately find the need bully someone else to "be my lamb and martyr" (thankfully im out of that circle)...ive not been sexually abused so the song is not relevant to me in that sense but is a sort of an eyeopener...but it apllies to me in the sense of getting yes i completely agree, this song is a tool which you can apply in your life to maybe not always to make it better....but definitely to better comprehend and understand yourself

P.S. concerned mom.....please grow a brain

makin a point | Reviewer: nubbsalad | 8/28/09

Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/09.. haha really a tie into parabol/parabola? you do know the lateralus was released 2 albums later.. this song is about getting butt-raped by the devil and the only thing thats keeps him together is the thought of god saving him hahah.. listen to the song dont dig too deep or youre just another philosopher

What its about | Reviewer: Jon | 8/26/09

In an interview with MTV Maynard had said this song was about the cycles of abuse and how we constantly fall in to them. Not just how, as the lyrics state, a man who was raped as a child and is raping some one as an adult. Prison Sex is only an example of the cycles of abuse we human beings find ourselves in, Maynard and the rest of Tool just selected it to be the title. THERE, now its settled

Your the man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/09

who ever wrote the excerpt on 7-25-09 and jonas brothers, i highly doubt you know anything of what you talk about. the songs are almost 7 years apart and the lyrics have nothing to do with each other. if you were a true fan you would know what creative reasoning behind lateralus is about

Meaning | Reviewer: JuggleSama | 7/27/09

I do believe this song is about rape as a child. Always makes me get chills when I listen, the verses just tear me open.

"It took so long to remember just what happened. I was so young and vestal then, you know it hurt me,"

"I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this shit, blood, and cum on my hands. "

You're all wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/09

Fucking this song is not about rape, or losing control.

It's obviously a tie into Parabol/Parabola. If you were true Tool fans you would of Known this fucking idiots. God go listen to your Jonas brothers you are not fooling anyone.

to scared mother | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/09

i actually believe that what the "scarred mom" wrote is completely wrong and i get nuts when i hear other people say that music makes people kill each other and proceed to many illegal actions.I actually believe that kids aren't able to understand the beauty of the music that tool has to offer,and i am a perfect example cause when i was about 15 i thought "too complicated" but untill recently (now i am 18) i can understand their beauty...What drives people and kids to kill each other is the wrong way of "translating" the meaning of what they are listening to.I have been listening to metal since i can remember myself but till now i haven't EVER even fought with anyone for 2 reasons.1st is that i don't do something that i dont want the others to do to me and the 2nd is because tha music that i like has opened my eyes...Music is like words.there arent any bad ones just bad ways of understanding them.

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