Whatever you want it to be | Reviewer: Johnny | 6/13/14

Lyrics are whatever anyone wants them to be. Who cares what he meant. He has a way of combining words to mean whatever you want! That is his genius. He has a million mataphores in his head!

It is About Drugs | Reviewer: Christa | 3/4/12

It is retrospectively obvious that this song is in fact about opiate narcotics. If you're one of those people that thinks it isn't, go look through the interviews With Maynard about his music. Yes he is much deeper than dicks and drugs, but not 100% of the time - and if you don't think addiction is *deep* you've obviously not hit bottom.

You can't leave | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/11

You guys are both retarded for being so confident that you're right, for one thing.

But besides that, the album is called Opiate because of the title track, which is about religion - the opiate of the masses.

"Part of Me" is *probably* about his own ego, spoken by his soul. It may even be the reverse; his ego taunting his soul.

We all know Maynard is a lot deeper than dicks and drugs. He has one joke song about his own cock and you think that's all he sings about.

The other guys review is retarded. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/11

This song is on the album "Opiate" any drug deriving from opium. (ex. Heroin, Oxycodone, fentanyl)I guess he might be comparing it to a relationship and the euphoria you feel when starting a new one. Opiates give the same euphoria but they don't speak, judge, leave or hurt him. "You are a part of me" he's talking about the addiction. Also says "Give it up"

i'm slow, so i just realized. | Reviewer: whahaa | 9/20/09

i just realized this song is about beating off.

maynard knows his dick, he knows it better than he knows himself. it is just a part of him.

unlike girlfriends past, it can't speak. it doesn't judge. it can't leave, and it can't hurt him. give it up. splooge.

and now it's time for it to make a sacrifice, to die a little as maynard chokes it. give it up. splooge.