anyone read mine? | Reviewer: Syreus | 8/20/10

A big part of Tool's lyrics is that they are, for lack of a better word, vague: widely interpreted. Whether I got the lyrics wrong or not, the song has exponentially more meaning for me if it's a "hole in reality" as opposed to "holy reality". In fact, it seems to me to just make more sense. like someone said, Tool is not Christian. What the heck meaning could "holy reality mean? to recognize this moment as a HOLE in reality just seems far more meaningful. Any thoughts?

addendum | Reviewer: Syreus | 8/20/10

I meant to qoute Kurt Vonnegut Jr's "Slaughterhouse 5" The Tralfamadorian view of time is the perfect example of what I believe this song is hinting at. Even if I'm wrong, pretend that it is "hole in reality" and the message becomes positively transcendant. anyone who has'nt read it, REALLY should.

THIS TO TO "fluffy" | Reviewer: Chelle | 7/15/10

Did you really just say that maynard is addicted to heroin? are you fucking serious?! do you even know what you are talking about? where did you hear that from because you are SO FUCKING WRONG. Maynard believes you should experiment with drugs, everyone does, but in an interview, which i can quote and show you the link, HE SAYS " TAKE A DRUG ONCE, SPEND THE NEXT TEN YEARS GETTING BACK TO THE STATE OF MIND.." also in that interview he says that he has NEVER had a problem with drugs or alcohol and has experimented as much as the next guy. CHECK YOUR FUCKING SOURCES DUDE. This coming from another "tool fan" is ashaming. DO YOU EVEN LISTEN TO THE MUSIC, or UNDERSTAND HIS LYRICS. GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

....WOW | Reviewer: Fluffy | 7/1/10

Are all you religious assholes serious?? do you really think TOOL is a christian band?!? have you ever listened to Opiate? or just about ANY songs from APC???? HOLY FUCKIN SHIT PEOPLE!! Now, everyone talking about "birth"... i somewhat agree with you. Maynard is severely addicted to heroin, and i believe this song has something to do with that.

ummm | Reviewer: Brian Williams | 5/10/10

odd how people translate these lyrics, i just think its a message about our souls existing on this physical plane for a limited time before we transcend into other forms of energy.

Forget the bullshit, pain, hatred and fear and instead love. Smile and enjoy life.

The soul that sinneth shall die! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/10

I think none of you have a clue of what it is your saying, just mere speculation. The vast galaxy holds more truth than you know. To travel at the speed of sound and light is to slow, we must move at the speed of thought ! Can you picture your body in a glorified state? Repent, for the Kingdom of God will soon be established on this earth. You have been warned, your blood is now off of my hands.

"Twirling 'round with this familiar parable.
Spinning, weaving 'round each new experience.
Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this
chance to be alive and breathing,
a chance to be alive and breathing."

birth | Reviewer: bonk | 4/4/10

this song was a favorite of mine throughout my pregnancy... and believe it or not, the exact song playing while giving birth... it is a great mantra. see, they let you bring cd into the hospital, and even provide the cd player, and i told my husband the crank it... and just rocked back and forth for a few hours to this whole album.. and when all was said and done i asked what song was playing, and one of my friends who was lucky enought to be in the room told me it was this one.
"This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion."

we've forgotten | Reviewer: chris | 3/30/10

this song is about ascention...evolution of the soul. the soul is your life essence not your mind and the body is a vessel with the mind how we use a computer our soul is useing a vessel to comunicate and react with the world we chose to be in.

we barely remember who or what came before this precious moment.| we (our souls) came to this earth a long time ago and entered a vessel (body)and have done so many times repeated (reincarnation) entering a body may imagine would be a traumatic experience and we forget our lives before earth...the lives we had in pure form. the precious moment is the lives we are living on earth.

Well... | Reviewer: Justin | 3/14/10

I think it's about being "friends with benefits" after a breakup. He remembers all the pain the she causes him, yet there he is, lying next to her as she holds him and he remembers again all the problems that instilled upon them... yet finds comfort in her embrace. He's thankful that she's around so that he can forget about the problems in the world and between them, but is aware they still exist.

Lyric Error? | Reviewer: Syreus | 3/13/10

I'm pretty sure the lines are "this HOLE in reality. this HOLE in experience"
My point being, it changes the meaning of the song entirely. "recognize this as a HOLE and you can celebrate this chance to be"
It means to me that the present is a hole in reality. reality is large, made up of our past experiences and our future choices. most people tend to live in the moment, not considering the past nor the future. they take the moment too seriously "all this pain is an illusion"
when we die, we will be nothing but memories to people. that's how we are eternal. this moment, "hole in reality" is almost like a trap. What's important is using the moment appropriately to lead a rich life as a whole.

check it | Reviewer: Dylan | 2/27/10

I think its about sex. The body holding him is a women and hes telling how sex comforts him, maynard is a very sexually charged person. The egyptions looked at sex as a holy happening and really its the only time in life wen nothing really matters.

The thing i like about tool is u can shape the meaning of the songs to relate them to any situation. Spiral Out

Uhhhhh | Reviewer: CogitoergoCogito | 2/2/10

This simply means that whoever or whatever caused us to be here in this life (precious moment)must be thanked...

Recognize this (LIFE) as a holy gift..and celebrate the chance to be alive and breathing..

This is about being thankful to be alive...errrrr

Man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

This song seems to be about how man is a dweller in both worlds, the mortal and immortal. We have the immortality of the gods, yet the mortality of an animal. The highest form of knowledge is experiental, the holy experience. The body is in a sense a prison, but we must turn that around and use all senses as tools to live, not as an end in itself. We are only individuals in the lowest sense, that of the physical manifestation, and in the spiritual world we are one and all and not alone.

My Opinion/Connections | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/09

If you look at the part of the video with the ribbon like chakra things going through his torso, this reminds me of this forty some page supposed "where humans came from" theory thing ( I think this is it.. If not search on google) and the picture on this website looks a lot like this image in the Tool video) it's interesting. I think it's worth looking into. Whatever the songs about, it's obviously concerning to the soul and the body. Very good song!

My interpretation: | Reviewer: Jay | 11/23/09

I think that these lyrics are trying to tell us that while the human spirit and soul are eternal, we choose to live in mortal bounds and we should try to savor our mortality as much as possible, like "celebrate this
chance to be alive and breathing." It's like it's trying to define the separation between life and afterlife, comparing and weighing here to hereafter.
I don't think it's about drugs although I'm not a fan of their melodic sound. I think it's about mortality versus immortality.
Before looking at the lyrics, I thought that based on the name of the song, it might've had something to do with math (because a parabola is an algebraic curve); apparently I was wrong.