All wrong | Reviewer: Lunchbox | 5/20/14

There are only a couple of songs that have a 'true' meaning behind it. Maynard has said that he refuses to discuss meaning, interpretation, etc, because it takes away from what he wants, and that is for the song to have an individual impact on us, not something that the he wants us to feel or believe. Almost every song has a different interpretation, meaning, emotion. I don't know why people keep trying to say, "Well, this song is about this, because of X, Y, Z"

Parabola | Reviewer: bananaboat | 2/14/14

One of the more likely interpretations is that Maynard feels that his spirit and soul are being a bit confined by the limits his body puts on him. Of course he will die, but he feels that the legacy and imprit that he has left on this world will go on through the generations forever, along is soul and spirit.he has come to terms with his human mortality but know that his soul is immortal

Where do all words come from? | Reviewer: spiritual quest through music | 10/30/13

Have you ever wondered if there is a GOD out there what form would GOD use to communicate with us? All music speaks to us individually depending on our circumstance at that moment in our life will depend on how it effects us emotionally. All music opens doors in our mind like the music and words we can not see and the GOD we can not see all exist in the same place. We have no clue where any of the words from any person come from. Its like using your imagination. For an artist of drawings to bring to life his mental images, an artist in music is bringing forth a mental picture using words. Many times most of the artist's are just a tool to get the TRUE message through and it may not necessarily even be what they thought they were writing about. They are just relaying a message from the other side. Many times metaphorically. This tune here is pretty straight forward in the quest for truth. In all quest's remember this: LOVE BUILDS AND HATE DESTROYS and they both have an emotion attached. When your on the right path, you'll know or recognize the right emotion.

Tool=amazing | Reviewer: Jordan | 7/31/13

I could interpret Parabola so many ways, It's so Hard to see what Maynard was actually meaning by his lyrics. My take is that he deals with the same expectation we deal with in life...a very high one. Unfortunately, like most of us, he has obviously dealt with an or some unfortunate events in his life. This song is definitely about moving forward from that and realizing that we are eternal beings and the pain we feel is just an illusion. What I do know is that song makes me tear up when I think about it. I'm sure we all have dealt with pain in some form, but, "pain is an illusion" really speaks to me at my core. It gives me hope for something more and/or greater in my life! Such powerful lyrics, I love Tool so much!

were dreaming "people" | Reviewer: just a face in the crowd | 7/20/13

i believe that wat this song is telling us is that our bodies are only a vessel that carry us through the journey of life on earth. and this life on earth being as imperfect as it is causes wat we interpret as pain but we need to realize that this journey on earth, (this familiar parabol) is very temporary when u think of the concept of eternity, therefore better to look at it as a dream in which obviously, pain is not real. i always found this song very inspiring and only something maynard could explain so perfectly.

Parabol, Parabola | Reviewer: Adam | 1/24/13

The video to Parabol, Parabola is epic. It's technically named the Parabola video, but it's actually Parabol and then it plays right into the song Parabola.....just like on Lateralus, the album. The video somehow makes the song even better. It's probably the best video I've ever seen.

Feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion
A lie
I unbiasdly listen to music and I've always thought he was saying a lie, not alive. In the song I never hear a v sound when he says that lyric. Interesting...

Wrong. | Reviewer: Phantom | 12/6/12

Anyone who thinks there is one specific meaning to a Tool song, especially one from Lateralus, is most likely wrong. The objective of the entire album is to open the listener up mentally and spiritually. Maynard seldom talks about the meaning of songs because the meaning to each song is open to interpretation by the individual. This isn't specifically a holy song or a love song or a reincarnation song. It, along with its intro, Parabol, act as music enlightenment to you as an individual in your own mind. Just as Disposition, Reflection, and Triad all do together later in the album. None of you are right, but, none of you are wrong either.

Uhh... | Reviewer: Phantom | 12/6/12

And Cassie, this is definitely not a song portraying one world order in the sense you mean. Tool may have many references to things being one, but it doesn't fit into NWO and political crap. It ties in with the nature of all existence relating and being one. The eyes forming the third eye at the end of the video represents opening your "third eye" to see the truth of the nature of existence.

end times | Reviewer: kassie | 11/25/12

if you havent watched the official video yet then you should because the reviews ive read so far dont fit the video. the video says it all and it plainly symbolizes one of the plagues that we face as we are brought to one world order and it shoes the exact process as the parabolas enter the body then upon exiting are multiplied. love and spiritualism are not what maynard is portraying unless its love for the 1% that wiill survive

Well. | Reviewer: The thing. | 11/6/12

Ups. Forgot text. Whatever. I'm not sure wheter it literally is about love or not, but truth is I agree it is about a moment that feels good, wheter it is a state of love, a state of drugs or whatever triggers the moment.

It's quite simple. And quite real. | Reviewer: Fool | 2/16/12

In essence, there is no spiritual or 'higher' meaning behind Parabol/Parabola

In this song, Maynard describes a moment, and how this moment makes him feel.

It's a moment mostly anyone can relate to, portrayed in a way only Maynard can achieve: a hug. A hug from the one you love the most.

Your 'counterpart'. The one you want to spend your life with.

When you hug, it feels as if you become 'whole'. One body. One being.

Maynard just tells us how this feels: really good!

I think this is the best love song ever written.

What it really is about. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/12

First things first, this song has nothing to do with sex or birth. Tool uses sexual metaphors in nearly every song. If your going to interpret Tool of all bands, you need to think deeper than that. The song is of spiritual matters, Maynard has found divinity and follows eastern philosophy.

In the first stanza, Maynard is stating that no one can remember what came before your infant stage. How you choose the body you use as your vehicle in a game we call "Life".

In the main chorus, Maynard says that we are eternal, and pain does not exist. We really can't die, we are immortal, our bodies may rot and such but our souls will live on.

After the second chorus, he says that we should cherish our chance to be here, in a breathing body. We get a chance to be human.

And finally at the end, Maynard advises you to embrace life and remember that no matter what sort of pain you go through, your soul will never be damaged or tainted.

Thank you for reading, as I am only 15 but I do my best on trying to interpret Tool and A Perfect Circle. May Tool live on.

Death is an illusion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/12

This song, to me, is a short writing of the ultimate truth one can attain while being alive on this earth, in this vibration, and on this plane of awareness. The "parable" here is that "we", humans are an extension of our cosmic counterpart i.e. God. We are ALL one being and Life, is the experience of a divided single consciousness within human avatars. Meaning, we, all, us, god, CHOSE to "divide" and live! "This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone" Not alone meaning, life is many. Consciousness of ONE is alone.
The "illusion" is that there is NO DEATH! But only a constant cycle of infinite existence/consciousness.
Destroy the ego side and experience "death" of the "self" only to come back "here" and realize we are humans and ONLY this "reality" will end... Our fleshy vessels will retire... mortality. "This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember; we are eternal,
all this pain is an illusion." The "moment" being when you return to the consciousness of ONE, when the ego dies.
These men have experienced "death" of the ego as have I. I KNOW this is exactly what they are trying to convey... I hope you will consider what I have said and pay more attention to other lyrics from other songs. Their core message, their entire mission, is to be the 'Tool' for humans to find this truth... The Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail...

my interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/11

For me, this song is about how I deal with the end of my relationship. I was hurt en felt alone, but I flet into music (and a bit of drugs..), got high of it, and came to realise that I'm not alone, and all this pain that I feel is just a illusion of which I can decide how long and intense I feel it, because I stand much higher than this pain. I hasn't killed me because it can't, and realising that i feel reborn

This holy experience we call life | Reviewer: Education_is_Peace | 12/15/11

This song is about recognizing that you chose to incarnate yourself to this world to experience birth and death in physical form. You chose to learn from this reality, so that one day you may construct one of your Own, as a consciousness separate from the Whole. This reality is merely a tool to teach your soul how to become the true Creator. Look inside yourself. Examine your energy, which is at least as old as the Universe itself. Pure energy cannot die, it merely changes form. Your energy is your soul. You were present at the time of creation; the time that science identifies as the Big Bang. You are God. Now seek knowledge and truth so that you fulfill your ultimate purpose. Seeking truth brings Enlightenment.

Love and light to all.