Ignorance | Reviewer: Evan Burtis | 12/7/11

You all fret over the meaning of this song and fret about what purpose it has. What a surprise, humans overlooking the irrelevance in simple lyrics. In my very own opinion, all this song is symbolic of is the appreciation for the exsistance of ourselves in human bodies with all of our potential, Tool incorporates their appreaciation for pure life and exsistance ignorning the unappreciative humans that obsess over material items, such as those of you swearing by what this song means. Have your own take on it and dont force it upon what other imaginative thoughts others may have on the lyrics. Quit overlooking this and just appreciate what you are as a human.

No more lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/11

I didn't understand what people meant with feeling & understanding the music without absorbing the lyrics until I bought High quality headphones, I really felt as I haven't actually heard any of the songs before, I just laid down in my bed & enjoyed this sensation, it's a truly indescribable experience. Invest in good headphones people!

The Truth Of The Matter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/11

It's not about sex. And it damn sure ain't a baby inside the mothers womb speaking. It's about how we are more than our bodies. We are an eternal conciousness. Everything we are and see here on this earth is just and illusion. Listen to Third Eye then Parabola back to back. Man you crazzed out Tool fans are Dumb. You forget to feel the music, then listen to the lyrics.

Transcendence and Sex | Reviewer: Archermonkey | 10/26/11


If you don't think that sex can be just as transcendental as yoga, then I'd suggest that you study tantra in the Eastern traditions, or sexual alchemy in the Western. No matter which path you follow, sex with love and spiritual intent can be used as one of the most powerful and effective means of approaching Godhead. It's so potent that even the uninitiated can touch on it from time to time.

It's possible that I'm misunderstanding the song, but I read it precisely as that: experience of revelation through sexual union.

Meditative interpretation. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

Not only does that apply to psychedelics, meditation has much the same effect, the itching/vibrating feeling in certain parts of your body (the eyes going in to the body) up until the opening of 3rd eye or vibrating (not really, but can't find a better word atm) sensation around your brain area, where the 3rd eye is located.

Adding-on to an already accurate interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/11

In addition to what reviewer "indian god" wrote, the molecule that is represented within the video could also represent a release of an endogenous psychedelic compound such as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and is not necessarily limited to an external source. Overall I think indian god's interpretation is an accurate one. Especially given that from the point in the video where the leaf becomes a flame all the way to the end, all of the visual material is that of spiritual/psychedelic artist Alex Grey.

so.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

So the way I see it is that this song can mean whatever you need it to mean. The interpretation of the song is really up to the person listening to it.
If such an answer does not satify you then look up interviews or better yet write to the band and ask. After all it's their song, who better to know what it was supposed to mean than the creator of the song.

THE "REAL" MEANING OF TOOL | Reviewer: indian god | 9/10/11

well... here is my understanding of the song ::

the song talks about perception of reality and influence of psychedelics on the same... it saysw that psychedelics are a tool for opening the third eye .. now what the third eye means is the vision of something beyond reality...

the video shows a small creature that is with the main human.. that little thing is the EGO OR OUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY... and once it is killed then the man is free to go in the forest and this ultimately leads to discovery of fire.. which signifies one of the most important discoveries of mankind..

also the video shows a small molecule like thing which kills the small creature.. now that molecule is the molecule of awareness of the hoax of reality which can be attained by psychedelic drugs..

the third eye and the end scene where the man feels the whole universe pouring into him is nothing but a traditional indian yoga technique called KUNDALINI JAGRUTI ..meaning revival of the spinal strength .. which is knowing how reality works....



If souls could speak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/11

I believe this is a song about if souls where sent to each and every one of us by god and could give us a simple message about life it would be that life love and true happiness is a holy gift for all of man and that physical and emotional pain is simply and illusion of are minds. I believe one who can learn these lessons can become a strong person inside and out

Amazing lyric! | Reviewer: Indecline | 8/13/11

"We barely remember, who or what came before this precious moment." We have all chosen to believe whatever scientific evidence, religious doctrine,
what someone we look up to has told us, or a
combination of all 3 to believe.

The truth is, no one KNOWS the 100% truth about anything... It's all belief.

"This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember; we are eternal,
all this pain is an illusion."

Science has discovered the possibility of a "soul" to exist, within the brain. Religion as a backup explains this. Our flesh is short lived, full of pain, and shows us what a mortal life means. In the end, it's all an illusion, for our "soul" will move on.

B | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

this album is one of the few albums which can be called a true art....it's different from the other tool's album and it raised a lot of question on tool's progress because it's less aggressive and more constructive....talking about parabola would be unreasonable....not considering the previous tracks...and the main ideology of the band ( Maynard & jones )....which is everything is connected to the mind and body....there is no fucking soul!!...this song is not about sexual intercourse because tool tends to use a lot of sexual metaphor for it's purpose...like stink fist....this song is about our mind and being....we have no idea how we got here,who we are...but we should know...everything that is....is just a creation of human and human's society mind....that's why everything is an illusion....we are just part of the nature and we need to learn that....there is no purpose....we are just part of a whole...therefore we can let go of everything that is bothering us and just enjoy this life....because don't matter who we are and where are going...we are going to die...and sooner we learn this...we can live fully....considering the last scene in the video clip that the creature holds a leaf and suddenly they connect to each other....and open the third eye...or chakra or what ever...meaning these are all not something spiritual...they are part of our existence...
just remember these people are not some cheap monkeys....they put their time and energy into this stuff...they are educated...not college educated...i'm not saying everything they say is deep and meaningful and rite...their lyrics are simple...if you're on the rite track...they just work hard to make a track like this and it's dis respectable to say something absolute about their art!

open your third eye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/11

The lyrics are not hard to understand. The official music video, however, is another story. Long story short, the lyrics are most likely narrarating a sexual experience with a partner. However, apart from that, the lyrics also alude to our spirit, our body being the vessel, and existence essentially being an illusion that we can manipulate with our mind.
Every moment is precious, we are eternal. Respect your body. And all these things are magnified during sexual intercourse.

its birth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/11

its a child speaking to its mother inside the belly. Its birth. :\ each new experience when we are children everything is new. The body holding you inside it. The reminder of not being alone. Yup its birth!

the meanings of parabola | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

when you try to think hard on this song, it gives out hundreds of deep meanings. i hear it saying "the body holds in the spirit, the soul being held in the spirit, all twirling and moving around and through each other,choosing to be one instead of 3 like a personal trinity. we choose our moments in time, we choose our paths in life, we choose our actions,and one of each parts of ourselves tells us what to do. our body is a mortal vessel of our spirit. our spirit is an eternal vessel of our souls. pain is an illusion, as is all feelings, but our spirits and souls are eternal." when i think to hard, but then i stop thinking and just read, and then it says "sex. sex is a holy gift and as pain is an illusion, we escape it during sex as the two+ bodies intertwine, wrap around each other, and take each other to a high of euphoria. it may only be a mortal pleasure, but it is a pleasure in a painfull world, none the less."
no, i do not take halucinagins to figure these things out. lol

below is right | Reviewer: Dfrtbx | 6/12/11

I thought this had some deep meaning (some shit to do with the soul) the first few times I listened to it. Then it came to the lyric "this body holding me" and I thought, "Wait... sex?" Then it all made sense.