Their brilliance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/09

lies in how many ways they can be interpreted, so listen to them all if you love these songs and count each interpretation as equal.
No need to quarrel about who is right as it is just wasted energy, but of course you can if you really want to, each chooses his or her experience.

"People just don't get it." | Reviewer: Synukrut | 9/3/09

MJK was so right about his own fans.

From Kundalini chakras to Plato's mumblings, give MJK a break. Religious iconography is 'art for art's sake' which is a general theme in Alex's work, whoever brings the video into discussion.

He's left out so many hints throughout, we're still mortal, but the entire point is it doesn't matter, none of it counts, there will be a time when we just won't be there to bother with it all.
Don't tell others to give up pot before you give up your own opiate. Lateralus, we overthink, overanalyze only to come back to the nascent. We just are, but we have an opportunity to, so ride on the spiral.

P.S.: You don't need weed to enjoy them, a state of mind can be achieved through enough ways, but I like enjoying them both, personal taste, really. :P

on the song | Reviewer: Greg Thomas | 8/27/09

Hello there metal people!
First of all: prydopenmy3rdeye -> if you can't enjoy music without any narcotics than I think you should think about you life. I just don't understand why do anybody need to use those shit?
Second: everybody who has an opinion about this great song and the video clip has right. It's like analizing a poem: it has different meaning for everybody! I don't think that even the author can describe the real meaning of his work.
I think it's great that there are lyrics like this - it helps to use your own imagination in this world (full with non interactive games and movies, where nobody reads books anymore).
Thank you for reading this.

Another way of thinking these lyrics | Reviewer: Just Me | 8/11/09

I think this song could be about somewhat familiar philosofy with buddhism, example when thinking about lines "Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this
chance to be alive and breathing,
a chance to be alive and breathing." As buddhists tend to think, it's a huge oppourtunity to be born as a human being, and we should not waste this tiny perioid of time when we have chance to understand this universum. We should be searching, I think. Anyways this is awesome song. Very intellectual.

46and2 | Reviewer: lisa frank | 8/5/09

I think this song is about realizing all the shit and pain we put up with on this planet is jus a mere test n that we don't really become ALIVE until we die and that all of our suffering is jus an illusion and ther is light at the other end of the tunnel I jus love tool so much they have got me through somwe pretty bad experiences

Parabola interpetation | Reviewer: Renos | 4/24/09

After a long hour study of some of Plato's work(the Greek Philosopher) i have come to the conclusion that Parabola is a reference to Plato's "Politeia". Her's Myth(Politeia, 614b-621d) reffers to what happens to the soul after someone dies. Plato imagined(?) that the soul is immortal(psixaí efimeroi) and the body is mortal(soma thniton" and that when someome died,his soul went to a place where they spent 1000 years of torture or pleasure, depending on their way they lived their life.Then, both the "good" and the "bad" souls would talk about their experiences for seven days at Leimonas. Then they would all go to a place where there wasa light similar to a rainbow,and they would be given the opportunity to choose how their new life would be by Anagi, and her 3 daughters: Lachesis,Klotho,Atropos). Each one should pick a way of living wisely, for example Odysseus who was so famous and glorious, but had a very tough lofe, picked the life of an unknown villager. This "rebirthing" procedure would go on forever according to Plato.

Therefore, i can clearly see a connection between Parabola(parabola in greek means a story that has a different,deep meaning in it,like Plato's.) and Plato's work..
I would like to jear your opinions about that:)

Iran | Reviewer: Iran | 4/3/09

I wanna interpret the music video. To me it's about beauty of being alive & rebirth. It's about being a new U. At the beginning of the video there are 3 guys. One of em opens a toolbox & takes out a knife which is the symbol of our tools for this change. Then he cuts a dusted apple. Yup, a dusted apple which is the symbol of our dusted attitudes, religion & stuff like that. The fresh inside is the symbol of capability for this change. There's also a geometrical shape in the apple which u can also see in another scene where some hands get each other to help for this metamorphosis. After that the guys levitate horizontally & throw up black stuff (which is the symbol of dusted attitudes, religion & …) and this is a sign of discarding them. Right after that U can see another guy & a kind of kid-like creature, which is the symbol of possessions & is killed by a mass of atoms which are multiplied as the video goes on. The atoms are the symbol of our problems which can multiply as we grow. The problems can cause lots of problems for us. They even can get our beloved parents, kids, wife, friends & … from us. All we need to do is change the way we look at everything. If your doctor told you that you are only alive for one month, then you would notice a lot of things u had never noticed already. U even notice the beauty of a very simple leaf let alone the breaths you catch. In the video U can see when that creature is killed, the man sadly screams, but he doesn't pine away & does the thing I mentioned. Every thing u do & achieve in this world, u know, depends on the way u see the things. Whether positively or negatively. If you do the same thing the man does, you can have more than two eyes. Eyes in the video are the symbol of divinity & keys which u can remove the obstacles with, otherwise … Thx for reading it all! It's my point of view & I don't wanna impose it on U. Wish all of U the best.

nicenick420 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/09

Right now we are currently losing a loved one to sickness. on the drive to the hospital I have my tool cd in, like always, and this song seemed to make more sense to me than the doctors could have. To me this is a song about about celebrating life. We are all numbers waiting to be called. Today we should all celebrate a chance to be alive and breathing.

on the song | Reviewer: travis | 1/29/09

just puttin in my opinion on the meaning of the song. i think maynard is sayin how we should cherish life and life itself. and that he feels we do go somewhere after we die such as heaven. for example when he says hes not alone in his body. to me it means he feels he has a soul. and feeling eternal. that his soul will keep on living even after his body dies. so pain is an illusion because its only hurting your body which is here for a short time not your soul which lives forever. thats my opinion.

the topic of drugs and tool | Reviewer: caleb.c | 1/13/09

lol go listen to the opening of third eye by tool and i think this discusion is over.obviously there is somthing to be taken from tool without being on drugs but to truely apreciate their musical genius i must say and im sure the band would agree with me you need to be high."Spinning, weaving 'round each new experience.
Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this
chance to be alive and breathing,
a chance to be alive and breathing." id say shrooms is a big experience,step out of you bubble of normality and live.

Tool are gods | Reviewer: John G. | 12/28/08

I don't think you need to be on drugs to recognize the greatness that is Tool, and Parabola is a perfect example. The song is godly. I don't smoke weed, but I'm a big fan of Tool especially this amazing song.

Parabola | Reviewer: prydopenmy3rdeye | 12/8/08

this song is amazing just like all the other tool songs, maynard sings the truth always and forever, also, i dont agree you have to be on drugs to listen to them or love them, i no alot of people that have never touched weed and still is amazed by there lyrics. And they still have a strong connection, i smoke weed and shit and have def. seen the other world, its fucking crazy..

Alive and breathing | Reviewer: Kale T. | 11/29/08

The part of this song that holds the most meaning to me is when he says "Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing", to me it means that life is sacred and that we should make the most of every moment.

This is Why! | Reviewer: Joe | 10/22/08

if you dont think drugs are spiritual and dont think that tools lyrics have anything to do with drugs, Think again! Eat 8 grams of mushrooms and listen to this band. If you want to see the spirtual connection of tools songs snd have a truly holy experience, smoke some (n-n DMT) while listening to this band. I think without drugs this band would not exist. Look at Maynard in concert. Do you think he looks sober? drugs are a huge part of the meaning life that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.

just the music | Reviewer: Tacitus | 10/26/08

My opinion is simply the music, let alone the lyrics are elevating. Nothing is ever really 'sacred' but they've managed to create a really beautiful song from their conception of the deepest truth. I appreciate that effort.