Externalism It Is. | Reviewer: Tom | 10/3/10

MJK is not a religious being. Nor is Tool a pro religious band. MJK has always said that drugs and other body changing things have opened doors to new ways of understanding life. I personally think, all of Tools songs are capturing a moment of complete spiritual clarity and understanding found in drugs or sometimes not.

Parabol itself i think is speaking about how love of another human body brings a person into a external reality (externalism) and makes the pain of the normal reality cease into an illusion.

Religion | Reviewer: asdf | 9/6/10

All of you people who think that MJK and Tool are religious or write about unions with some "god," especially a Christian "god" are absolute idiots. In case you didn't know, they're not really a pro-religion band.

parabol song's meaning | Reviewer: ak | 6/11/10

its the singer's expression of the taste of immortality that he gained after his union with god or with a holy angel for the time he was united.he has supernaturally transcended highest levels of spiritual energy for the time being and he and his body are now in a state of complete overwhelmness and joy...a state in which all worldly pains have diminished and can do no harm as the singer united with god at the moment is enjoying and has complete awareness of his surroundings and of every moment because he is like an enlightened being at this time .the singer has suffered a lot to attain this form and after he has attained it ..he barely remembers what all he had gone through before this union.it all makes him think and realize that he's not alone in this body and that this body is the temple of god and both of them live in this single body and they will unite one day and in his attempts to keep uniting with god the time he's united makes him free of all miseries and pains and in this overwhelming state he realizes the ultimate truth that he's eternal and his body now in a state of highest energy for the time being makes the singer feel that he's eternal and immortal. he's in joy and is wide eyed and hopeful that one day the union will be complete.

It could be | Reviewer: Zeldianus | 5/9/10

It could be that Maynard is remembering the familiarity of being here on this plane before and accepting this form and this time here and at the same time hoping that his time here will be wild and magnificent. Also, seeing people around him reminds him that he is not the only one sharing this time, this body, this plane, and that dissipates his feeling of loneliness, remembering that we are all one and only the body he resides in now feels pain; not him, his true self.

Now that's thinking with your dipstick Jimmy! | Reviewer: DaKine | 1/10/10

Agreed Mr. Jimmy. We need less people and more natural habitat.

Parabol and Parabola has pulled me out of depression an endless amount of times. Really makes you feel like being alive is a gift. Which it is.

I like fly fishing. | Reviewer: jimmy | 12/25/09

The song is all good, I think it is about a fisherman holding a wild salmon "This one, this form I hold now"-"wide eyed and hopefullly wild"
then it is from the fishes perspective "This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone"
then in in parabola the fish is released and swims again in the river. I'm a hunter and a fisherman trying to remember when but it makes me dizzy.
I think we should blow up the towns, rip out all the fences and go live in the wild.
What good has come from science?, try watching a trout feeding in clear water for hours, they are surey closer to anything that is whatever it seems to be. Lost within a mystical realm of surealistic stupor, the circle of time spinning into a glowing sphere of eternal darkness.

Sacred geometry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/09

This song is about sacred geometry. We actually have forgot who were before because we live in the third dimension, and our third eye "pineal gland" has vastly shrunk. You have to have control of your merkhaba in order to access different dimensions, to then know who we were before. This body is merely a temple holding your merkhaba, which makes you feel but pain is an illusion in your eternal ascended self.

I think | Reviewer: Kourin | 8/10/09

I think that the way Maynard writes is that there is always more than one meaning and are never clear in meaning to anyone but himself.
If you like A Perfect Circle, his other band, 3 Libras is not just about 3 people who are Libras, but 9.

Ending | Reviewer: Ryan Kiman | 8/5/09

My favourite part of this tune is at the end where Maynard goes, "All this pain is an illuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusioooooooooooon." And then you hear the start of parabola coming in (if you own Lateralus :)) It's not that i hate this song and want it to end, it's just i ca not get enough of the ending, but i still love all the rest, especially the lyrics, because Maynard comes up with the most breathtaking lyrics i have ever heard.

You all see something spiritual in this... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/09

...but my view of every song as one part of a story makes me see a different interpretation.

"So familiar and overwhelmingly warm
This one, this form I hold now."
The person the song is about is feeling detached from reality. His experience seems new, but "familiar".

"Embracing you, this reality here,"
Reveals that the experience is embracing a lover. And perhaps more from the next lines.

"Wide eyed and hopeful.
Wide eyed and hopefully wild."
Wide eyed, excited, hopeful, looking forward to something... wild.

"We barely remember what came before this precious moment"
They don't remember what happened before, this moment is too important, all their energy is directed toward their love.

"Hold on, stay inside..."
This is a witty double meaning, if you understand the story. You can think of it as dialogue, but it is also part of the next line.

"This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion."
Both of the lines "This body" could refer to either the lover's body before him or the body he resides in, feeling the ecstasy. The experience makes him feel powerful, and reminds him that he's not alone.

Reality | Reviewer: Quinton D | 6/13/09

The way I see this song is, the body is made up of a spiritual self, mortal self, and your soul, so therefore, your body is merely your mortal self. with your spiritual self, and your soul, you can make what you want,

with your eyes open you can see whats in front of you, with your eyes closed and at rest, you can see alot more, which comes to lead to what you see is an illusion, so would evrything else be?
This pain is an illusion

... | Reviewer: Inanity | 3/19/09

"all this pain is an illusion"

i discovered this song during a very hard time in my life, suicidal, psycotic and drug addict.
and these words hit me.
since then i've held on to this. they made it possible for me to begin to learn to live with my pain and taking back control.

it means so much for me.

yep | Reviewer: butterz | 3/17/09

This form, this body, what you've created of yourself. "we barely remember what came before this precious moment" like before life, if we remembered what was before, then we'd have more of a clue as to what is after.
"this body holding me, reminding me that i am not alone" because there being a body, lets us see each other, helping us know we're not enduring life by ourselfs
because if u were born alone and lived alone, this life would be much more confusing

song about living | Reviewer: David Z. | 2/25/09

At first, it was just melody for life about life, after "eternal feeling" has become more than eternal. we need to imagine our lives not only now, but also after we have done what we were supposed to. so just live and enjoy your self-created world that had been imagined long time ago.

Wide eyed and hopeful | Reviewer: Kale T. | 11/29/08

The meaning that I perceive in this song is that you have to choose to be right here and now, despite your inhibition whispering "Hold on, stay inside" (i added a bit of meaning to the song myself just from the way i try to live my life, im only gathering this meaning from two lines of the song =P)