"The one" | Reviewer: Pink | 1/1/13

To me, this song describes a 'one consciousness' I single minded entity which is the consciousness behind all living things on earth (Most likely the sun itself, or something somehow linked to it.) What is described in this song, is an event that plays out forwards and then backwards, a double realization, it start's with a human being, realizing it is truly all, the same one immortal consciousness at the core of everything, and the the backwards realization, that you are in fact this 'one consciousness' now realizing the fact that you are held in this one body, this one extremely mortal form.

"Embracing you, this reality here. This one, this form I hold now."

It is essentially the immortal part of an entity talking to the mortal part of it. This is LIKELY linked to the drug "DMT" which is said to create connections with this "ONE" and other songs in this album are known to be influenced by DMT.

This song, while powerful, is only a small step in a huge journey. To truly experience the glory of this album, you must listen to it with "new ears" as if you are a new born, innocent, primal, and unbridled, letting your mind and emotions overpower reality, and the ideas portrayed to overpower you reason and logic, for by the end of the experience, your notions of reason and logic will be totally rewritten.

I have done a lot of drugs in my time, and tool's music is more powerful then (almost) all of them. To quote Maynard himself, the trick is to use drugs once to explore glorious new places, but use your own mind to return there, even if it takes you years, or even decades, for anything you see while under the effect of a drug is meaningless, if it isn't there when not under the effect of the drug.

Entire realities and utopias exist inside your mind, you are not a bag of flesh and bones, you are the glorious offspring of the stars, 5 billion years in creation. The entire cosmos snaps into physical existence at the glance of our eyes. We are as powerful and holy as the earth we walk upon, and the star who's light suspends us in eternal life and love. Science, and the glory of our minds, and reality itself is more beautiful then any religion. Never forget that. Even if you are a devoted follower of any given religion.

incarnation | Reviewer: sonoflight | 5/26/12

i think that maynard here , describe the moment of the incarnation of the soul in the body ! and as he said ,it's just the soul's freedom to choose which body he incarnates... and after the moment of the incarnation , all past lifes will be forgotten

Spirit | Reviewer: Denise F. | 5/10/12

This song sounds like it is describing the experience of the spirit in the body. You don't need to be on opiates to understand that, you just need a deeper understanding. I believe that this can be religious and spiritual depending on your belief. The lyrics are quite beautiful.....and no, I'm not on opiates. I choose to live drug free. Enjoy life!

Parabol | Reviewer: Seeker | 4/7/12

it seems like it is describing the moment to cross the line into heavier opiates... who or what came before this precious moment. Which, by the way, is the best line in the song. ultimately Maynard got what he wanted, we're all giving our own interpretation of this song and his music, which is brilliant.

relevance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/12

This song will mean different things to different people obviously. Maynard himself encourages people to let themselves interpret the music as it seems to them rather than the intention he wrote it with. That being said, a little background research into the very specific terms he uses in his lyrics can never hurt. Religion evolved out of a need to understand ourselves, which today so few of us understand ourselves that psychology has become a huge field. Most of tools music deals in terms and concepts related to self-evolution and self-understanding. Whether gods or angels exist or not is not important, for we have archetypes for them in our subconscious either way. The Qabalah and Magick are two extraordinary fields for understanding oneself, which have predated and guided pyschology, yet today's scientist who knows nothing of himself and his overdeveloped ego thinks they are child's fantasy projects.

Sex is the answer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/11

I have recently found Parabol describing a long awaited love making with beloved person.
Listen to the song again in this context and enjoy!
(I believe it's not only a female impression)

spirituality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

this song is about the spiritual experience, not religion, there is a big difference between the two.

there are great similarities between the psychedelic and spiritual experience, though they are inherently different.

Its different Spiritual than religious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

Maybe theyre are talking about the interconection state between everything and everyone and every. You can be aware of that state with drug and without them. They`re talking about the Tao. Not a religion, a state, a way of looking, of feeling, of not thinking.

thoughts on parabol/parabola | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/11

i think this song is about going deeper into your subconcious mind with psychedellic drugs (acid, mushrooms, weed, ecstasy) and for the time you are on the drug or drugs (heavily) you understand things you couldn't while sober, but not so much that it's "about" drugs, just the deepest levels of thinking... but definately not religion, listen to judith by a perfect cirlce (written partially or wholely by MJK). the song is basically tearing down religion

theory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

science is only based on theory, but you are mistaking the colloquial use of "theory" with scientific theory. a theory in science must be falsifiable, and has withstood enormous amounts of testing and examination; it is the best possible explanation for a natural phenomenon. this includes theories such as the theory of gravity.

zeros | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

science is largely theory (life's origins, outer limits, quantum universe, the brain), and hasn't disproved God or the eternal soul.

as for our Lord and Savior. Maynard sings about God quite a bit, and Christianity. Also, you can be a Christian and not fall into religion. It's a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.

SmoakDaHerb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/11

Science has now proven otherwise, but I do appreciate the metaphor in biblical stories.

On the side of Tool, well, a lot of their lyrics can relate to psychedelic experiences, which in my experience can be interpreted as "religious" by certain people.

what's it about? | Reviewer: hillbillywv | 5/6/11

i don' know much about MJK or his other worldly experience. i do believe that we are all spirits who live in bodies and have minds. i also believe that our spirits are eternal, as they are the breath of God. He breathed life into Adam;s lifeless body. i know Tool is not religious, but some of us are. That is our perspective on all we see.
Parabol, to me, is about anything new, the nerves of it and conquering them. It keeps me centered. it's like a Tantric mantra to me.
by the way, every song means whatever it means to you. they mean everything they get interpreted and more.

an' that's all i hav' to say about that

Birth? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/11

it seems to me that it's all about birth. baby held in the womb etc. wide eyed and hopeful for a life which is only now beginning. And for the parents a moment like this could certainly result in overwhelming emotion and temporarily forgetting "who or what came before." etc. Pretty literal interpretation but maybe people are over-complicating things.

Whats More Important... | Reviewer: Gloria Gypsy | 11/17/10

...The exact meaning of this song OR that it has meaning?

Any works of art no matter what genre (visual, musical, etc) should provoke the listener/viewer to delve deep within each piece and therefore deeper into their own psyche, perhaps observing or experiencing emotions that are not clearly apparent at first glance.

therefore, there could be many "meanings" and each one unique to each listener of this song!

Stop the debate and enjoy your personal inner journey the music leads to!

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious". - Carl Jung