opiate? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

people dont really see how this song relates to opiates. my best opinion about the relativity between opiates and people that blindly follow and lead religion is people will get addicted to their beliefs (or any belief), in the same way that people get addicted to opiates... they have a life-changing experience or two, and boom! the rest of their life is based around the drugs (or in this case, religion.) no matter how incorrect it might be, they are convinced that their beliefs are correct without reason.

sdfsd | Reviewer: dfssdf | 12/22/08

lol who gives a shit. if you dont like the lyrics go listen to christian contemporary music. there is a genre for everyone. most of the time the secular music is way better. blind faith is not questioned in music, and i like the way tool does it.

My take | Reviewer: MBII | 12/16/08

It is obvious that this song is against organized religion, which is fine, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My opinion is in disagreement to what Maynard is expressing here. While, doubtlessly, some religious leaders only want people to follow them blindly, I believe religion is meant to be followed purely based on a person's willingness to do so. Some of the religion teachers I've had have the opinion that you should never question anything, which both I and Maynard would agree is not exactly productive, but to question just so you can say "hey look I'm a progressive and Jesus is a lie" and stir up a fuss doesn't go much good either. Questioning for the sake of knowledge is a good idea. I will state again, not everyone has to be a fan of organized religion, and as somebody who IS, I still respect Tool, their awesome music, and their views. I still relate to alot [most] of their songs.

purpose | Reviewer: Slav | 12/7/08

You guys got the whole point wrong. The purpose of religion is indeed control over the masses, but controlling them for the greater good. Religion gives faith and hope, and without hope the desire to live just disappears. Is it not human to restore faith in those who have lost it and thus making them love life again? Making a man believe there is a devil will stop him from doing errors like murder or rape, of course.

Intentionally vague. | Reviewer: Shawn | 11/18/08

The song is said to be a lot of things. Personally I see it as a crack against televangelists and preachers. I don't see it so much as being a crack on God, more the people who feel they can "lead" the "flock". Earnest Angley, Joyce Meyers, Billie Graham, etc.

Cmon guys | Reviewer: Jon | 8/19/08

First off Maynard is far from a believer in Christianity. He has never been against spirituality, but he denounces organized religion particularly Christianity for what it truly is, an opiate for the masses as quoted by Karl Marx. This viewpoint is blatant throughout the entire song. Essentially what Maynard gets at is that all religion wants to do is to control you to have their way with you while dangling the promise of a better life or salvation over your head just as long as you do what they say and dont judge or question or think.

ha | Reviewer: Ryan | 5/22/08

I listen to lyrics, not just maynards lyrics, and sometimes im like, wow i know exactly what he or she is talking about... but someone else could have a complete different opinion of what it means. were not suppose to know what the artist is expressing... we are suppose to relate to it in our own ways, thats the beauty of art.

I wonder | Reviewer: dave | 2/17/08

Maynard says that he writes lyrics to the music. He could be put here to make a difference in peoples lives. He is so true to his passion of music it makes me wonder where he gets it from. Does this song have anything to do with opiates? He is asking Jesus to show up and correct him on not believing. Maynard is calling him out. He does in alot of his music. He wants to make us all see something he has been trying to find for years. I love everything he does and this song is great to play acoustic. I wonder if he is relating Jesus to opiates in how there both a false sense of comfort and happiness. Who knows? I bet he does.

Opinion please! | Reviewer: kristen | 10/30/07

say what, hahha, people are funny, "well i think" and "i know" and "maynard is..." blah blah blah, everyone has an opinion, we know........i will agree w/1 thing though, I love TOOL!

Read again. | Reviewer: Me | 10/16/07

If you read, you can see that he is replaying Jesus as a prophet, and preaching to those around him. It's only obvious. Maynard also points out the fact of other's "deafness, blindness, dumbness, and following" attitudes in the olden ages, showing they were not smart enough generally to lead on their own ideas, and would succumb to believing just about anything.

Then, in contrast, he places the reality into modern terms, questioning the power of God in times of need.

It seems to be an Agnostic conception of religion. Perhaps Atheist, but that's judging too far.

Review for the song Opiate | Reviewer: rico | 9/18/07

Opiate song was great, classic guitar, great drums, heavy base... cool song, well I may say that the 1st album Opiate was a lot darker and every new album Undertow to 10,000 days Maynards becomes more of a beliver, Tool is the best band in music they are progressive, in philosophies they are also progressive and they never limit their selves to possibilities...TOOL IS THE BEST

haha | Reviewer: sessle | 7/24/07

maynard in this song is merely creating the thoughts of him and many subtle and sometimes screaming lyrical content.
its about the christianity religion and how they're blind to see. he says "he speaks through me" conveying that god wants him to tell his lies,
make a mockery of it.

its fucking funny & a great song too.

fuck chrisitians

actually | Reviewer: Mr.Nasty | 7/16/07

I think the lyrics seem to reflect how religion seems to appeal to the broken,people who have had a traumatic expierence etc. Or people with low self-confidence they are willing to believe that everything will be healed as long as they do everything they tell you. Another Thing is the part where Maynard is singing Jesus why don't you save me now is questioning god himself as a power. If god is to be all powerful can't he be called upon to cast away our plight? Why do we have to follow what others say unquestioning, while we are promised salvation in the next life? If I'm to sacrifice experiences in this life to follow what a person who claims to channel god's will wouldn't you want salvation now? I think it's pretty clear what Maynard believes in this song and god isnt one thing. Amazing Song Anyways.

Meaning. | Reviewer: Shelby | 7/5/07

I think Maynard was confused with the whole Religion thing, because in every CD he seems to become more of a "believer".