Tool means many | Reviewer: Tool means many | 10/19/13

What I interpret in my own mind....let's see. Well, I think it applies to how one can be gullible and how overall they can be screwed. Once the manipulator has you in his hands, he can be stabbing you in the back at the same time after earning trust. One of the examples "can" be about religion, but it can apply to a lot of situations.

Opiate Meaning!? | Reviewer: Juan M.G. | 7/1/11

Although we are inclined to provide meaning to everything including Maynard's songs, we must look at the bigger picture. He writes what he feels and thinks to heal himself from the condition that individualy go trough. To put a single meaning to a song is to limit the ability of your thinking and out a stop to your ideas. Listen, Interpret, apply as needed. Just a piece of advise.

Dumbasses in religion.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

I think that the meaning of this song is to show that people are too quick to just jump into the belief that someone is a holy person deemed to be a leader of a religion. And pretty much that people are idiots for believing in all these stupid ass religions. Just my personal interpretation...

meaning and correction | Reviewer: Joe Bob Mcgee | 5/29/11

its about a pope as you can see, and its not satan its save him, its hard to make it out and it does sound like satan but believe me i was at the concert and it sound perfectly like save him at the concert

Yea | Reviewer: Andy | 4/29/11

Amazing song. Loving everyones opinion on the their meaning. I see how this song can mean many different things to each person. I think tool is putting down the fact that religion has so much control over many people (mainly the the ones that cannot make decisions for themselves) I doubt he is saying that god does not exist but rather that religion has no real connection to what we should think of god.

Meaning | Reviewer: Matt | 4/11/11

Like Every other tool song, It is how you interpret it, Personally I think it's about how we all listen and follow one person "Choices always were a problem for you What you need is someone strong to guide you". And how no matter how hard we follow these "ideas" or "people""higher beings" etc, We still revert back to our animal ways "My god's will Becomes me When he speaks He speaks through me He has needs Like i do We both want To rape you"

Opiate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/11

I believe Opiate is more about mankinds inherant ability to choose or participate in free will but its inability to make a choice because of lack of will power. This is where the Opiate resides. Weaker people are fed illusions in order to control them and over time even strong, intellectual people start drinkin the Opium. Then, when times are tough, we blame the same illusion that was fed to us. This song is sarcastic in that control is their god and he does want you to be obebient, not question anything and feel as if you are indeed weak and he uses his son, Jesus Christ, to accomplish this. The opening line tells us who he is speaking to, and that being the weak who needs guidance. This is not to say that he believes God is evil or Jesus Christ is a lie or did not exist. It is just to say that religion uses God and Jesus Christ to convince you are weak and a sinner to gain control and ultimately rule over you. This speaks volumes with regards to religion overall, specifically Catholicism.

Opinions | Reviewer: God | 2/14/11

I agree with all people who say that everyone's opinion matters. Maynard writes these songs so that everyone can find a different meaning in them that relates to their own lives. Coming from someone who is in a band and that writes music I will let you know (not saying that all of you don't know what I am about to tell you, but...) that songs aren't usually about just one thing. Sure a song might get its original inspiration from one thing, but then a lot of other things are tied into it. All of you guys' opinions on here could be exactly what Maynard was thinking when he wrote this. No one HAS to be wrong.

'Tool read Karl Marx's book' | Reviewer: Paul | 3/12/10

Tom, you make me laughing with mile smile. 'Tool read Karl Marx's book' -- I just see this smart wrench reading smth like Das Kapital. And I guess if they are (communist) party members since 1905).
But it's a joke and really I completely agree with your esteem really.

Opiates | Reviewer: Tom | 11/23/09

Thought this might bring some clarification.
Here is an Extract from Karl Marx

"Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. "It is the opium of the people." The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.
Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right"

Perhaps Tool read Karl Marx's book. They are great artists in my opinion and are in what i would call a state of clarity and that's why i enjoy their music. They also bash L. Ron Hubbard in Aenima which is directed at Scientology lol I don't feel that they are targeting any religion with this song though as it is more against religions as a whole as all their words can be applied to almost all religions except Buddhism.

Things and Stuff | Reviewer: Nyarlathotep | 7/13/09

Opiate is a song with a number of great lyrics and ideas. Firstly one has to see the hard angst and sarcasm directed at religion in general,the way religions speak strongest to those that can't either think or feel for themselves, how they generally (not always) pick out the weakest people, those that are afraid and confused and those that are in pain. Religions target these people because they want to gain a following and not, I repeat, not to help them in any way. These lyrics are mostly about that, not hating FAITH but religion.

Next, the song has a strong beat to it, almost hypnotic and powerfully sung directly to the listener him/her-self. It is asking them to think for themselves, to decide and consider things and stuff (things and stuff being code in my words for God and Yourself). A person should love God for whom God is, not who a church make God out to be. This is my single belief in life and this song seems to speak right to it.

I'm not bashing God, only church they are totally different things and Tool seems to understand that too. Also the last part is a humor-hidden track thingy that was popular in the 90s, nothing much there.

Christianity | Reviewer: Rebecca | 6/22/09

How can anyone be content with being a part of an institution based on FEAR and HOPE? Psychologically, that is a problem for me. "It gives me hope." Hope--that Jesus even existed, that heaven exists, that there is a legitimate reason (that doesn't eradicate christianity) for why the gospels contradict each other, but really: that if I do good things and repent for my sins, I will be saved. Fear-- that if we don't abide by the rules, made by a hypocritical, patriarchal hierarchy of mythics, we might indeed burn in a vast fire pit, suffer eternal damnation, or risk being in absence of Goodness for an eternity after we die.
How it's done: religion acts as an OPIATE, an addiction. I understand that religion has it's perks.I had been a christian most of my life. It provided me with stability, constancy, a sense of direction. It supported my weak mentality. People need to stop being afraid of the idea that humans are simply animals, a biological result of natural selection. We search for things like religion because we are capable of cognition, and we like the idea of being the most important beings on earth. The further an animal's brain develops, the more advanced its needs for entertainment and stability become. Whether or not it's true, most people block all this out because they allow opiates to overwhelm. what other ideas have they been blocking out?
Have you ever heard somebody say something like this:
"Just look at how amazing our bodies are. So beautiful and intricate and efficient. There must be someone out there who designed all this. He really knew what he was doing." ?
Take this into consideration: If our bodies weren't so amazingly intricate, if they were anything less than perfect, they wouldn't work.
And have you heard: "God has to exist! Wouldn't it be terrible if, after we die, NOTHING HAPPENS?!"
This is absolutely no reason to believe there is a god. It is a conclusion drawn from emotion, deeming it out of the bounds of logic.

ANYWAY. It's a good song, and I certainly respect the bands music, both it's technical aspect and the ideas it puts forth.

god damn pussy | Reviewer: 1337 | 3/30/09

People like to decipher the hidden meanings in songs. It doesn't mean they are right. Most reviews specify that this is what THEY think and they DON'T need YOU(*cough* writer of "goddamn pussy") to tell them that they are wrong. Because they never said they were right to begin with. You on the other hand made that very mistake... You think you are right... However you are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine and EVERYONE is entitled to theirs and will not make a ridiculous attempt like yours to stop you. However if anyone needs to stop it's you... I only wait til your IP gets banned.

btw "Please thin of the song as you like but stop making it your own sick little message." You contradicted yourself you fool. Don't listen to tool. You're obviously not smart enough. You couldn't find the meaning in a song if it were in the song title.

Meaning of Opiate | Reviewer: Songmeaning | 2/26/09

This song is a satirical representation of organized religion, and it's control of the people. As the deaf, dumb and blind followers are led, they are being violated. This song is a bit dramatic, with rants of God wanting to rape the listener and blind them with his lies, but it does provide a thoughtful message into Tool's feelings towards hypocrisy and corruption in the church. The title, Opiate, is allusion to Karl Marx's quote "Religion is the opiate of the masses"
As for the etymology of the word opiate, it can be traced back through latin, then greek to opos; which mean vegetable juice.

Goddamn Pussy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/09

Jezus Christ... Can you guys stop being total dumb asses for once? Please thin of the song as you like but stop making it your own sick little message. If one says they tell you they are against organized religion OK THATS FINE Go cry about it in some corner or whatever BOODIEBOOBOO I THINK MAYNARD DOESNT LIKE GOD, Maybe Maynard doesnt like me!! OMG WHAT TO DO??! WHAT TO DO?!! stop bitching about it :P Goddamn u people make me sick. Ask Maynard what he means for godsake because this kind of bullshit pisses me off!