Review | Reviewer: Mo Lester | 6/13/12

Tool came before Led Zeppelin. No Quarter was actually written by early slaves on George Washington's plantation. Jewish people believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God and Kanye West didn't actually fake his death in 1964 he is still alive I saw him on TV...unfortunately I was the only one who was watching at that moment.

To the blinded ones | Reviewer: Paulo | 12/8/11

Tool is awesome i agree. I love Tool, they are fucking creative. But what about Pink Floyd, Radiohead and the bands i dont know capable of achieving such levels of creativity?

Cheers to you all!!

yall smoke crack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/11

music is music obviously zepplin touched maynard for him to cover a classic fucking tune like no quarter the song was a great fuckin tune in the 60's and 70's and will continue to be for all ages no matter who covers it you fuckin morons get a life and realize its all just entertainment and subject to a wide spectrum of meanings. Just like beauty, music is in the eye of the beholder so get a goddam life and put down the fuckin crack pipe and learn a thing or two about music shit!!!!!!

BOOM | Reviewer: Johnny Hicks | 6/17/11

the tool cover was darker then REIN
but the Zeppelin original was a Nuclear Explosion on the music front
The Thaleren (HEAT) Fission Frequency of Uranium 235 is 262 Mega Exa hertz
FLASHPOINT 54,000 fahrenheit/29830 degrees C
Thalaren is heat

stfu everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/10

so what if its a cover, Ive gotten 2 versions from zeppelin and the one from tool. they are different, so whats the deal. they all are different every-time they play em. and you know what every damn version of no quarter is awesome.
just like your mom.

... | Reviewer: Pryce | 12/16/09

To the comment below me...That's just it - opinions. Tool, being my favorite band, I think they're the best. But of course people will disagree. I wouldn't care if you said Lady Gaga was better than Tool, because that's what you think, not me.

Just because I think Tool is my persnal choice of being the best, doesn't mean I'm ignorant to other music. I've heard plenty. And my mind likes Tool the most.

You guys are embarrassing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/09

I'm a pretty big Tool fan and I have read the arguments on the past two pages. All I can say is the arguing of the other Tool fans is ridiculous and embarrassing to me as a Tool fan as well. Tool is not the best band of all time and they can be topped just like any other band. You people really need to practice humility...and spell check. Half of you spell worse than five year-olds. And "FAIL."? really? Fuck. What a joke. This whole comments section is ridiculous. These lyrics are not here for us to try and see who's opinion is right. Because no one's opinion is right. That's why they are fucking opinions. Everyone needs to shut the fuck up and just read the lyrics or do whatever the fuck you came here to do with the lyrics.

6 of one, half dozen of the other | Reviewer: 3ob | 7/2/09

I prefer the Tool cover, but I chalk that up to having heard it prior to the original. To say a cover will never be better than the original is plain ignorance. I've heard more than a few covers that I like better than the originals. The live version of Pushit on this album owns the original.

∞ ☥☮☯ ☸ ♑ ♒ ♬ | Reviewer: Lil' Skunk | 6/26/09

I donno...
I don't think you can't really compare Led Zeppelin and Tool...well, I mean I guess you can. But is there a reason?? Without Led Zeppelin, Tool would not be the band it is today. Without Tool, Zeppelin could not influence as wide of a range of people. They are both beautiful in their own rights, but they are very different bands. As are they similar. Let's not fight about it, but rejoice in all (GOOD) music (:

You're all ridiculous... | Reviewer: Voice of Reason | 6/10/09

First off, I love this song. Both artists did great jobs. But there is no need to shit on another band because you like their version less. All music is equal. It is merely a matter of your opinion. If you don't like it turn it off. Don't call it inferior. Music was made to bring people together. Not to cause rifts between them. So please, before you decide to shit on someone here, because of something they said...everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter how much it rubs you the wrong way.

Damn good cover, but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/09

If ever there was a band that could faithfully cover this song, it's Tool. But the Led Zepplin version cannot be topped. Period. I get a fucking orgasm every time I hear it lol. Page's guitar riff is fucking epic. It may sound simple, but try to play it sometime.

tool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

to lol faggots you need to listen to a wider range of music if you think tool is the "deepest" band out there for sure they are one of the top but there are deffenitly others that they are wayy more far out for example pink floyd there hard to top.

As always... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/09

These guys blow me away every time I listen to one of their songs, they always seem to come back strong with every new album they make...

These guys are an example some of us should follow and i'm sure there are many people who agree when i say quit the fights...

When we're given a chance to listen to songs online we always seem to get someone who rants on about their favourite band being better than the one we comment on, or, their bands songs being better than our bands songs...

Just remember guys. the music is there to enjoy not squable over every chance we get. Live life to the full and enjoy it! :P

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

its sad that you people sit here and fight over whos better. these songs were ment to entertain us and enlighten us. but most people just bash and rant about how this band or that band is better. get over it. go listen to your backstreet boys and stay off our nuts LUIS...

The cover... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/09

Sure Tool did an alright job, but they didn't make the song. So anyone arguing that they did a better job isn't remembering that Zep created this song, and that Tool turned it into a Tool song and added their elements (which are recognizable). It's not a bad song, but it doesn't beat Zep's intention, delivery, originality, and balls to make a song like this.

The thing is that Zep would sacrifice a huge solo, double bass drum, and heavy metal bridges to maintain the mood and intention of the song. I listen to Tool way more than Zep, but Zep is great. Whoever is calling Zep fans "conformist" and then stating "TOOL 4 LIFE" IS A CONFORMIST. hahaha.

BTW, 10,000 days sucked--HARD.