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Performed by Tool

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your thoughts | Reviewer: R U FoReal | 2/18/12

you should keep your mouth shut - it's full of shit.

the name Magdala refers to a place, a place which isn't Bethlehem.

nice try though.

and Pele = voodoo?

do the volcanic islands a favor and stay out of Hawaii.

maybe next time, use your powers of interpretation on something even more simple than the obvious.

k thx.

(its a lame song anyways, no harm no foul)

my thoughts | Reviewer: R.U. Sirius | 8/7/08

"it's time to tell the world we both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem" She's talking about Mary Magdalen.

"Moses I know, I know you've seen fire. But you've never seen fire until you've seen Pele blow" She's referring to the voodoo god, Pele. Sort of saying, "Judaism (Moses) is not better than Pele (voodoo).

Just my interpretation. Although I have been known to be full of shit, once or twice.

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