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Performed by Tool

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Wha? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11

This song may or may not be a bout religion. Maynard was raised religously with his mother who passed away of cancer, she meant everything to him and tore his beliefs for God... Look at Judas it is a comparison to her. She prayed daily and was taken from him as a boy.

My Apologies. | Reviewer: Jon | 3/13/11

I must apologize to everyone for my last post. I was heavily addicted to Crystal Meth and Cocain at the time of that last comment(January 6th) And I also admit it was very hypocritical of me to judge or throw insults at you guys. We all like Tool right? and A Perfect Circle and whatever each song means to you, it means it to you in a personal sense. I should have explained the meaning that I see it as in a less aggressive way and that was uncalled for on my part. This song just spoke to me at a point in my life when I truly needed it and it fit like a hand fits a glove, I was into sorcery, demonology, intravenous meth addiction and a strong hatred for the world. I understand where you guys are coming from when it comes to religion. There are so many right? If you met someone that you really liked and got to know them would you want a religious experience with them or a relationship? I can tell you about how God and Christ have rescued me from Addictions, turned my life around and become the greatest friend I could ever ask for but the only way you would believe it is if you experience it as well. It's simple too, all you have to do is ask Jesus Christ to reveal himself to you in the comforts of your own home. You don't have to be good enough or act a certain way, you can come as you are, bring it all to Jesus and he'll change your life Forever.

Materialism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

The song seems to be pretty straight forward, materialism counts for nothing if you can't have/be with the one you love. He also seems to be blaming his love of materialism on malevolent forces, weather the, 'legion,' he is referring to is his inner demons or ones that he perceives to be real is anyones guess. Btw the reference to demons being referred to as, 'legion,' in the bible is in Mark5:9, Mark5:15, Luke8:30 and Luke 8:36, and I am sure Maynard made the connection.

Also | Reviewer: Jon | 3/13/11

Josh, In the last few years I have listened to Tool and A Perfect Circle and Puscifer tons. I will point out many aspects of their songs that have to do with Christianity(Christianity meaning a Personal Relationship with Christ opposed to A Religion, There is a difference) In Jambi, Maynard is obviously narrating a story of his life(personal to him) Maybe money, drugs, sex, addiction. Anyone who has experienced uncontrollable desires for these knows it's a fight and a struggle and painful. In the Holy Bible God speaks to his prophets about Jesus Christ and his coming for Salvation for all mankind, anyone who wishes to be saved can be saved by simply Asking Jesus to come into their hearts and start a relationship with God(Real, Tangible) Christ is the Light in the Darkness, Christ is the Son of God(Benevolent Son) Christ does save those who are in need, poor, broken and contrite in spirit(Which in my opinion is everyone, especially me) Maynard mentions the Devil, which is only in Christianity(aka the Ancient Serpent, Satan)

A Perfect Circle -

Weak & Powerless(Little Angel go Away, come again some other day, The Devil has my ear Today, I'll never hear a word you say, he promised I would find a little solace and some peace of mind, whatever just as long as I don't feel so...)

The Holy Spirit(Spirit of God, Flame in our hearts, What you receive upon asking Christ into your heart, amazing feeling that fills your heart with joy) dwells within anyone who has accepted Christ and God speaks through them. I believe The Outsider and Pet on Thirteenth step is Christ speaking to Maynard(It's not odd for God to speak to people, happens everyday, all the time)

Right In Two speaks of Angels and "Father" is God the Father. Our Father, Everlasting, Prince of Peace, Eternal.

Last but not least in a variety of songs is Gravity, that's a cry for help from someone in a very dark, painful place needing to be rescued. Everyone has been there at some point or another, we all need saving.

I'm not trying to force this on you guys but it's simply the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

This will probably piss all of you off... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/11

I don't pretend to know exactly what the lyrics meant to Mayard as he wrote them, but I can tell you what it means to me it's about a porn addiction, and a loved one who he (I) is (am) afraid he (I) will lose because of his (my) problem. I doubt that was Maynard's intent, but it's uncanny to me how every word can fit this situation.

This is hilarious... | Reviewer: Josh | 1/31/11

Jon, are you kidding me?

There is no way you could possibly comprehend the meaning to lyrics like these, from this band if you are any sort of branch of Christianity. If you've ever listened to tool, a perfect circle, or any other musical experiments he's been doing, you may find it quite ironic in your last statement.

Most of Maynard's music is about self-exploration, the opening of the thrid eye, society revealed as the shithole it is. Something most religious people lack the talent of doing, thinking.

JC? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

The only JC you should mention on a Tool review is Justin Chancellor, the bass player. That said, this song should be more interpreted similarly to Jimmy, as Maynard reuniting with his former self "If wants and needs divide me then I might as well be gone". "Shine on benevolent sun" similar to "Glow child glow", same reference to the light that his inner child emits metaphorically. And if you feel like interpreting it in other ways thats fine, but I find it fits best with Maynards inner child and his adult self reuniting. It could also fit with Judith his mother that he is referencing as well, I don't really care as long as it you don't think Maynard is speaking about Jesus... "Silence legion, save your poison, Silence legion, stay out of my way"

Doesn't matter. | Reviewer: M | 1/31/11

Use this song for you're own good, it's not your place to figure the musician's out. It only matters what it means to you, not them. Tool is named Tool because it sounds like a big dick, a wrench. "Use us as a catalyst to achieve what you're trying to achieve and find what you're looking for" look up why they named the band Tool. Stop this nonsence.

Jambi | Reviewer: THC | 1/27/11

Jambi is a province in Indonesia (which happens to be one of the worlds largest Muslim countries by populous)the song clearly is about a Sultan making a deal with the devil in order to get power and wealth (Tempted the devil with my song
And got what I wanted all along)However the Sultan clearly starts developing a powerful love for someone, hence "So if I could I'd wish it all away, if I thought tomorrow would take you away" Very simple really, and by some of the comments made, I am amazed how such a baltantly simple song can be so misconstrued.

okayy | Reviewer: guy101 | 1/13/11

yes the song may be about religion and how people do not know exactly what faith or religion is. and i do believe Maynard is an atheist, but i could be wrong, there has been many instances where he has made fun of religion and/or god.

Free Will | Reviewer: Jon | 1/6/11

Everytime I read comments about Tool or APC songs I see people flaming other people about it's meaning. Personally, I know for a fact Maynard is singing to Jesus Christ, he spells it out for you morons but still you feed your silly little minds with a conspiracy/readbetweenthelines metaphorical meaning. Just read the lyrics, they say it all. And Religion and God are two different things. Man made Religion, God made man. I could care less right now though, when it all ends I just want to be the guy that says "I told you so, dumbass." Your blind hatred torwards a complete stranger not only shows your fear but also your stupidity. I have a reason to hate you because I am you, it's not what Christ wants but Christ isn't here in the flesh, but he is here in the spirit. You'll just have to come with terms with the fact that shit isn't what it seems, there are things that we can not see and if you can't atleast recognize that then you're a fool and you're just being led by the hand of Satan. Atleast Maynard and I know what we're getting ourselves into when we seek God or The Devil for services. Obviously only God can save you from the enemy he made to cause you pain so you'd go to him. That's fact, salvation is through Christ, simple Truth. If you don't want to be saved or don't care about people being saved then shut the fuck up and mind your business like me, cept i'm a hypocrite and crazy right. Oh well, when you see, you'll believe. I hope you get that "I Fucked up" feeling too.

The Patient | Reviewer: UNJX | 10/26/10

this whole composition resonates so much...I settle within it.

In the music and pressure of the sound; the importance of the lyrics are so driven and even commanded by the rhythm as so much of how Tool communicates. The measure of the words is seen to be so perfect and to it I sense, know and embrace a special humility that can only be completely understood by persons who have experienced the deep love of a disciples desire, that passion of the Passion...and then a deeper separation, and then of digging, mining in the shadows, then defining in the light of day, and to that the deepest longing for the abyss that only can come from the thirst of abandoned expectations.

This music is difficult and delicious. It is love versus knowledge and desire versus family, just like sand versus is complete.

At the end of the day I agree that it is better to love your mother.

"What ya gonna do when the lights go down"

apparently i need a title to post it... | Reviewer: Dom | 10/16/10

theres a distinct difference between "it's about" and "i think it's about"

this song is NOT about jesus/religion/your god.
maynard james keenan is against organized religion and is (i think) aethiest, however he uses biblical references in his lyrics because they metaphorical.

HOWEVER this song can be about jesus/religion/your god to YOU. but MJK didnt write it about that.

he wrote this song about his mother who was dying/dead. and, naturally, he doesnt want to lose her so he says he'd give it all away to just have her back even for a short time.

(also 10,000 days is a reference to all of the years his mother was sick.)

im about 90% sure about all of the above

I really don't care if this is "really" what the song's about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/10

A lot (and I mean a LOT) of my friends and family have passed away in the last year. These lyrics always remind me of them, and how I took them all for granted until another one withered away. It was a really hard tim for me, and I couldn't word this better than Maynard has. If I could, I'd wish this all away.

Awesome Interpretations | Reviewer: MikeD | 7/31/10

There were some great interpretations for this one, good job guys.

For the people that flame others; Remember it is the interpretation of the poster and shouldn't necessarily agree to what you think or even to what the song really means.

Instead of getting mad for someone not having your views try to sit back to enjoy and ponder on others.

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