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Performed by Tool

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Change | Reviewer: Ode | 7/24/07

I think this song is reflects the change that is happening to Tool. As someone sayd before his (M.)music has now less hate and despair. If I would have to guess on who "changed that all for me" I would say his "benevolent son". Also, has Tool has said in the past, music is a vehicle for emotion/message (aka ART definition) if it does not touch more that your ears maybe you should be thinking on sticking with the retard-type-80's-metal (that was all about instant gratification)!!!

music is about interpretation.. | Reviewer: metallicafan | 7/9/07

that's what's great about it.. everyone interprets everything differently.. a million people could get a million different philosophys about this song.. it means what you want it to mean.. it's about the music.. not the meaning.. maybe some people think of god and others think of someone no longer here.. the point is it makes us all think.. which is exactly what maynard is awesome at.. draw your own conclusions.. there is no right or wrong in music

oh god | Reviewer: Matt Richardson | 7/3/07

This song is really awesome but i have to agree with "maybe about his son" Maynard doesn't like God, he was abused and grew up in a baptist church i think. Hince, his venom towards god. Who doesn't now days? But that everyone is wrong on what the song is about really. The song is about renouncing a self indulgent lifestyle rather than lose a significant other. So maybe one was close than the other in argueing about what the song means. But to Jeremy Bishop, we're not trying to know there lives. I wish they knew ours so we could meet them. There is a difference between making music and making art with your music. Tool establishes art of the finest. Beautiful lyrics and music is what defines Tool. If anyone likes rock, you must get a tool album. But, back to you tho. If you like or love a band, then you should KNOW the band. Then otherwise if your trying to talk about them, but don't really know,.......then that person is just a poser. But kudos and a million high fives for you saying that they make the greatest music ever.

Your meanings | Reviewer: Jeremy Bishop | 6/19/07

Why dont you all worry about your own lives and stop following these guys? They make the greatest music ever sure, but why get to know their lives? They dont know yours!

Maybe about his son? | Reviewer: Gurdit | 6/3/07

Firstly, Joseph Davidson, you don't appear to know Maynard well enough. He hates all religions, especially Christ. There's no way Christ is his "center", absolutely no way.

To me, this song is about his own son, and how his son has brought about a change in him. Maynard used to be an angry man, angry and disillusioned with many things, but being a father seems to have changed him, made him more responsible, and much calmer. If you read the lyrics to the song "H.", you might understand my point of view.

The True Meaning | Reviewer: Joseph Davison | 5/27/07

No its about His walk with Jesus Christ and the fact the his mother was parilyzed for years has made him bitter but he knows in his heart of hearts that he is his "CENTER" and that he would wish all the fame, fortune, riches, women, drugs, and all that has come with his worldly lifestyle all away if he thought he had to TRULY live one day without Jesus! Cause thats how powerful his name is!

Meaning | Reviewer: Liam Cox | 3/14/07

its about the loss of his (Maynard's) mother, at the beginning he tells how he has a great life and has all these wonderfull things but then he starts telling about how he would wish that all away just to be with her

awsome song | Reviewer: evan | 3/2/07

this song is simply amazing....not really sure what its prediciton is its about jambi..the seaport in Indonesia that was hit hard by the tsunami. Seems like its about some one who is very connected to his home being Jambi and would wish any bad thing away because being in Jambi got the person out of depression or something idk. just a thott...could very well be wrong

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