I just want to add a couple of things | Reviewer: Aezakmi | 11/7/14

I just wanted to make you notice how as the songs goes on, time goes forward, in fact we begin with the good and bad chooses with rocks (the beginning of human beings) then the fire and then in the last couple of minutes we have this sounds that reminds some machinery or some technology, recalling today or maybe the future. Also I wanted to say that this track is connected to the next "right in two" where humans' choices brings them to war. Thanks for the attention and sorry for my English.

Intension | Reviewer: Chris | 2/20/14

The song title is called intension because Maynard sings about the intension of human beings, or rather what the defining characteristics of human beings are that are not necessarily changeable, but inherent.

is prince still a symbol?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/11

lots of stuff that got me thinking on a deep level here, thank you. so i question on intension, if humans used their intention and create something wonderful and beautiful using their will and knowledge.. i mean (individually).. is it possible to stay humble and keep ego in check....how? thanks to the membersof tool, and all the seekers out there,,

review of "intension" | Reviewer: theearthansun@yahoo.com | 11/8/11

I agree with almost all opinions here, and love reading new interpretations(: . I think the lyrics(Maynards writing of course) has a unique message. The basics of pshycology: Attitude, Thoughts, Desire, Behavoir, and Charactor which is all revolved around choice. I think this song contains a very important message. Your actions start with a CHOICE and could be both good and bad. This is one of my favorite tool songs, really inspirational(:

... | Reviewer: sKRiBEL | 3/5/11

my opinion: Maynard I think is stating that we have turned something that was meant to help into something to destroy, such as the armies today, money, government, making our it intention to live greedily, he is just pointing it out, look at the lyrics,

The good intention:
Pure as we begin.
Here we have a stone.
Gather, place, array.
Shelter turns to home.

bad intention (or how society has made us today):
Pure as we begin.
Here we have a stone.
Throw to stay the stranger.
Swore to crush his bones.

Spark becomes a flame.
Flame becomes a fire.
Light the way or warm this.
Home we occupy.

Spark becomes a flame.
Flame becomes a fire.
Forge a blade to slay the stranger.
Take whatever we desire.

You see what I'm saying here.

Clarification | Reviewer: Phoebs | 2/24/11

In response to the anon. author of "A high try", 16 June 09, I am not sure whether you mean "his ancestry's intension", or rather "intention" - they have quite different meanings.

Am I right in taking that you mean that the ancestors didn't mean any harm, and had pure and innocent INTENTIONS? I believe this also to be true, however "intension" spelt with an S means that which is "the set of attributes belonging to all and only those things to which the given term is correctly applied" (ref. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/intension)
Therefore "Intension" applies to something which is described by, or is, what it is called - maybe, with relevance to the song, a stone, or a fire, something true to its name.

As Maynard's clearly articulating two of the perspectives from which an object can be perceived, ie. a stone: to shelter or to maim, I think the title of this song relates directly to these lyrics. A stone is true to its name and yet has two sides: it can be a weapon, and violent; it can be a building block from which homes are constructed. Both are true to the name - a stone is a stone, and we are left with the choice of making it an instrument of construction or of violence.
All in all, a fantastic song :)

ya | Reviewer: Drake | 3/24/10

The lyrics to this song also coincide with the next song, Right In Two, which deals with the corrupt nature of humans. This song shows simple examples of choices. We can turn a stone into a house, or crush someone's skull. We can use a fire to stay warm or forge a blade.

Human Nature | Reviewer: Will | 12/29/09

This song is about humans. When we are born, we are without fault, without corruption. "pure as we begin"... We have not been taught anything. "ruled by will alone"... Then society and human nature begin to be exerted upon us. Thoughts of hatred and anger and lust and all other negative things enter our mind. These thoughts soon become actions, and slowly evolve and become worse. "here we have a stone, throw to stay the stranger swore to crush his bones" then "forge a blade to slay the stranger, take whatever we desire"...

? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

In my point of view, this song, and the entire album, is about the evolution of the human race and the desire to return to the state of tranquil peace of mind, living in the present moment, which every other species lives on.

It is the revelation after the enlightenment that is lateralus.

a high try | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/09

This song is simply defined by the title. It shows the point of view of people who settled some land(probably his family because of the beginning backwards message). The song's lyrics emphasize that his ancestrys intension was pure and innocent, despite the fact that they slayed the stranger and took whatever was desired.

Sdrawkcab (= | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

if you play this song backwards there's a secret message at the beginning of the song (the original beginning^^) where he says "Go to school....Work hard... Your father is right..." and something else i don't remember^^