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Performed by Tool

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2 cents | Reviewer: AH | 2/17/09

TO ME, this song is about Maynard overcoming his "act". What's holding up is a mirror; Part of coming into 'oneness' or divinity, is realizing the world around you is your mirror, and I believe as he speaks of the snake, he is refering to his act(reality). If you ever go on a conscious path and sway back and forth between reality and divinity, you will see a whole other meaning to 'And I feel this coming over like a storm again now.'

When he says;
'I am too connected to you
To slip away, fade away.
Days away I still feel you
Touching me, changing me'
I believe he is talking about his oversoul, or divinity since I feel the exact same way.
Getting in tune with the divine is about killing or clearing your act. I believe he says Considerately killing me cuz as his divinity kills who he 'was' (his snake), it's doing so for his greater good. Considerately.
Crying is expected as you realize how fake a life you were living, and as you transform your reality, you realize how many times you should have cried in the moment. As he cries, he drowns out his act, and realizes there is nothing to fear, since reality is actually nothing.
If you read lyrics to ALMOST all other tool songs, you can see connections, most are conscious songs, with amazing depth. In any case and no matter how you interpret them, they can have amazing depth. Thats why I love tool so much.

The real meaning of the song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/09

The song is about falling in love with someone.
He's been down that road before, and got hurt,
so now he's scared to open up to anyone, and when he does, he expects the worst, hence " I DON'T MIND!" Everything else in regards to his son is true, but it's his son's mother that hurt him!

my opinion | Reviewer: travis | 1/29/09

well to me its about overcoming his heroin addiction. which is the snake in this song. because hes going to be a father. which his sons middle name is in fact H. for example in the song he says. "the snake behind me hisses what my damage could have been" to me sayin he could of really hurt or died from heroin. and then "my blood before begs me open up my heart again" to me sayin his blood which would be his son. and when he is talking about the snake drowning and his fear fading. that he thinks hell be ok without the drug. and he doesnt need it anymore. but he was scared to leave it. but thats just my opinion on the song. thanks for reading.

Beautiful/Sad | Reviewer: Robyn | 1/28/09

This song is absolutely beautiful it is by far one of my all time favorite Tool songs its about addiction and the struggle to overcome it, or to try to overcome it and then eventually relapsing.
Recalling all of the times I have died
And will die
It's alright
I don't mind
o.d. talk

The meaning behind H | Reviewer: Mark | 1/18/09

It's very interesting reading all the interpretations of this song. This song represents my own personal struggle to escape a threshold of my past. A beast within the blasted lands will pandor all desire. This is what it means to me, myself, to say the least. I must excape these blasted lands which render me a beast.

overall | Reviewer: Nick Jeezy | 12/16/08

Overall I believe this is just a critique on life, how basically everything that feels good is actually bad for you and how the best things in life cause the most pain, the reason he is doing these horrible things is not because he hates himself, but because it feels so good. However, I do believe there are references to both Heroin and past relationships for more of the purposes of examples rather than the theme of the song.

H. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

H. The song simply is about an addiction. An addiction to heroine, and another name for heroine is H. He simply says "Recalling all of the times I have died and will die. It's all right." Therefore, he has overdosed, and eventually will die again. I think.

Theme? | Reviewer: Marvin Edvard MatchStyx | 11/28/08

I personally believe this song represents a relationship. This relationship, when at it's end, is still continuing. In hindsight, this relationship was truly damaging, yet this said damager is still harming, and despite the fact that it seemingly no longer exists, days away it can still be felt touching and changing. This may be a far more personal song than people would think, "H." being perhaps an initial, much as the song "Jimmy" is the frontman's given childhood name. These are still cryptic messages and... codes, references to personal events. This song is simply an embodiment of the emotional remnants of an event.

Summing things up, this film is about the harmful remnants of a harmful relationship.

this song in my perception | Reviewer: ben | 11/11/08

This song to me is very deep about abuse suffered as a child.The snake symbolizes the abuser,Hissing his abuse and telling him you cant tell cause things will get worse.And slipping away i believe refers to withdrawing within ones self to try to shield yourself.

What The Song is about | Reviewer: tool listener | 10/6/08

Maynard is conveying the message of child molestation in this song. At first it thought it stood for H heroin But no when you read closer you understand what he is saying and how he hides the expressions and the feelings felt by the associated party in the pain that is child molestation

For the "half empty"... | Reviewer: nightsinger | 9/20/08

...addiction is not alway about taking drugs. Sometimes it's just about another person. And sometimes the effect it has on you is not not so much dependent on wether it's about drugs or a person. For the more lucky "half full" people out there: you might as well substitute "addiction" with "love" and hope you never experience otherwise.

Half Empty/Half Full | Reviewer: Sevas Tra | 8/14/08

If you read "The Lateralus Code," or "Tool FAQ," you would have a better impression of what the song is about. If you know the definition of the word Tool, you would understand all Tool songs (purpose, rhyme, reason). Although the interpretation of any song of any band, really comes down to what YOU think it means... regardless of what they are saying... The other reviews are not even close.

I see it as heroin too. | Reviewer: Sam | 5/19/08

This song is about friends getting you into bad habits. Most likely: heroin. Maynard has said it is about the Angel & Devil on either shoulder analogy, and further said that those are in fact only people who we know.

Maybe | Reviewer: Tyn3 | 3/3/08

my first impression concerning this beautilful song is it's about heroin. All along the song he describes an addiction. The music being lowder and lowder could be the movment of the drug into his veins. (Sorry for my poor english). But the lyrics also shows the temptation, symbolyzed by the snake. (like in the holy bible).

The meaning behind the song... | Reviewer: jakob187 | 1/29/08

H, on the periodic table, is the elemental letter representation for the element Hydrogen. The element, in and of itself, is extremely unstable, which is why the music to the song goes from a calm and almost erotic state at times to complete chaos and mayhem.

The lyrics, themselves, are based around the Garden of Eden and the temptation of Adam and Eve by Lucifer's serpent, as well as their later banishment into Exile. The general theme is temptation and the lack of human beings' capability to not give into it and continue their purity. This unstable nature, mixed with the music and the instability of Hydrogen, creates what is known as "H", the song.

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