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Performed by Tool

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what is all this bull****!! | Reviewer: Dilan | 4/1/12

this song his about heroin heroin heroin, where u read about child here? where? wtf???
this is song about been a father? "Leaves me cracked and empty"
that what his child make him feel?? I really don't get it..

My Thoughts | Reviewer: Jeremy C | 2/16/12

I have heard somewhere that Meynard's father was abusive. I have also heard his son's middle name is "H".Here's my take: "singing songs is a snake" (Memories of his father's voice in his head" . The "blood before me" is his son. "What's holding up is a mirror" is that all three share the same traits. "Both totally void of hate" (Child and his childs mother) looking to "change my piss to wine" (trying to make Meynard a better person.) "Killing me just the same" (Meynard feeling they may be opressing him as his father did) "Snake behind me hisses" (memories of his fathers abuse)"Blood before me begs me." (His son's existance is making him not want to end up like his father.) "coming over like a storm again" (memories of his father and the fear he might be the same way.) "Venomous voice" (memories of his father and how they still effect him.) "Too connected to you to slip away" (again about his father) "days away I still feel you" (what his father did in the past still effecting him. "without the skin" (without the "thick skin" and "wall" he's put up regarding his feelings about his father)"beneath the storm, under these tears, the walls came down" (a calming sense that he's coming to grips with his past by opening up about it) "The snake is drowned, as I look in his eyes, my fear begins to fade, recalling all of those times, i could have cried then, I should have cried then" (when he looks at his son he realizes that he's not like his father and is relieved) "I have died"(His father killed part of him inside) "I will die, I don't mind"(again him coming to terms with his past)

It's possible that the snake could be a few other things (e.g. addiction) but this is how I see it,and I think it makes sense. What's cool is you can interpret it in numerous ways. Gotta love Tool!

The real 1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/12

Maynard himself told that this song's about having children,be4 the band plays it at a live concert,
"what's comin' through is alive...turn my piss 2 wine.."this part is the experience of giving birth!Maynard always looks at stuff from the women's point of view 2!(like pushit)
"my fear begins 2 fade" mentions the fear of him becomin' a father!"i could have cried"those are tears of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(if u didn't know:he has a sun!)
but jus like any other tool song,the lyrics have the ability 2 have multiple meanings,so don't feel sad if u think ur meaning isn't right,because it could B.

Psychological & physiological transformation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/12

The meaning that my subjective mind finds in this song has to do with "spiritual" transformation, or whatever one might call it. "what's holding up is a mirror" could be referring to the baseline consciousness that permeates everything and gives rise to awareness while the snake could be seen as the baseline materiality that permeates everything... In Hindu tantra, consciousness and materiality are seen as the inseparable and all pervading components of the universe, and the material or energetic aspect is symbolized as a snake that moves throughout ones body to purify it before ultimately joining with contentless conscious and allowing one to be divinely transformed. Ayahuasqueros in south America also see visions of a snake goddess when they are in the midst of their healing rituals, a spirit-like creature who grants them knowledge on the specific ailment their patient has and how to heal them. In both traditions the transformation process is not entirely pleasant (which is what I see as much of the lyrics describing), and up until recently psychologists viewed experiences of kundalini (when the "snake" purifies you in tantra) as nothing more than a psychotic episode. "considerately killing me" could be seen as the snake killing off the maladaptive parts of oneself, for every rebirth implies the death of something else. Likewise, "remembering all the times I have died, I will die" could also be seen as describing the symbolic and literal deaths one faces in their lifetime. "I am too connected to you, to slip away, fade away" seems hopeful, like the transformative potential we have is always in the background whether or not we are aware of it. Anyways, that's how my brain views it, I'll leave it at that bc I don't want to ramble too much longer, lol. It's so interesting to see all the different interpretations. I think they would be happy that we are using their art to find our own meanings and important messages so that our own little trips through life can be filled with keys to help us along the way. Tool is fucking AMAZING!!!

h is for heroine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/12

songs about heroine. "Venomous voice, tempts me,
Drains me, bleeds me,
Leaves me cracked and empty.
Drags me down like some sweet gravity" addiction(venomous voice, doing the drug(drains me, bleeds me,), then the feeling on it.(sweet gravity)

he is the snake | Reviewer: Leo Piero | 12/22/11

No matter which interpretation you choose to believe or come up with this is an amazing song. I feel like he's the snake though. What's singing songs is a snake. It could mean that the drugs and alcohol were driving his music and he felt like a snake because they turned him into a prick. They are both void of hate, because they are inanimate, but killing him, because drugs are bad mkay. I read 'blood before me' as a parent, but could be any family depending on your perspective.

Something that I think maynard realizes is that everyone who listens and reads is going to place their own perspective on its meaning. If he talks about his own internal struggle then you will probably see some of your own struggle in the lyrics and connect to it. Unless you are void of perception.

Sins of the Father | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/11

I always took the song to mean that Maynard (or the listener have you) is scared that they will become their parent in raising their children, incorporating both the good and bad that they were raised on.
The snake is referring to the father figure, and the "blood before" me is his blood or his child. He even states that both are "void of hate" but continue to kill him because they are both asking of two different things or too much from one person. (If any of you have children you understand how parents can do this).
At the end he makes the conclusion to stay vigilant with his child and leaves the father behind, "as the snake is drowned" furthermore he talks about his love like an addiction which i think the song is called H. which could be the street name for heroin. The lyrics also make a lot of since if you think about them as a drug addiction.
Just some food for thought.

My view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/11

To me this song is about ego death, something one experiences during deep meditation or as in my case way too many mushrooms. It is like experiencing death, except that you live to tell about it. First one will become introspective, then a great sense of fear overwhelms you. You fear the loss of all you know. To me the snake is ego (or sense of self) slowly you realize your connection to everything and you become everything, your ego disappears and the fear goes away. You suddenly become okay with death, life becomes meaning full some how. For me I was almost wishing for true death, but in a good way. Also the lines:
Recalling all of the times
I have died
and will die.
It's all right.

Reminds me of the idea of reincarnation, something that seems totally possible after you experience a loss of ego.

The Science of being closed minded... | Reviewer: Jamie | 12/6/11

Taking into consideration how smart Maynard is, that a song like "Stinkfist" can go from gay encounters, to drug addiction, to addiction to TV, I'm gonna throw out an idea here. Maybe wrong, maybe right, but its damn sure better then Mr. Assrapes idea.
H-Enthalpy of a system
What is Enthalpy?
"Under conditions of constant pressure (e.g. most biological processes under constant atmospheric pressure) the heat absorbed or released is termed enthalpy (or "heat content")."
Lets consider 46 & 2, which is, in its most basic definition, a song about a chemical reaction! A snake shedding skin? Changes coming? This CD is a transformation! These songs are about things changing! Considering how incredibly deep into scientific theories most the members are, I would not put this song in a box(son, addiction, and ASSRAPE). We are probably giving MJK too much credit here, and he probably would laugh with how deep we all dive into these definitions, but hey, WHAT BETTER WAY TO SPEND OUR WASTED LIVES! Just a thought anyway...

The real meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/11

This song is about his son guys thats it plain and simple and not about dealing with how the public treats his son due to his fame either bc ├ćNEMA is only their 2nd album so they werent that big yet.

Stupid Lawyers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/11

I do not claim to know what this song was written for. But one interpretation that I don't see mentioned here is that this could be about some of the lawyers/executives in the music industry(or the snake)trying to take over his art and force him to write and perform his music in a certain way even though it isn't ready to be put out ("Looking to turn my piss to wine.") when inside, in his blood he wants to pour out his heart in his music. Every artist who is a professional knows what it is like to have their beautiful piece that they have worked so hard on get trashed because of some legal crap.

Review of H | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

Thats pathetic this and many other songs have been stripped of the talent. You obviously have never experienced pain or have any respect for professionally produced music. To the people who take music seriously, i love to hear your reviews and interpretations. I agree with both basic interpretations. i feel this song is the moment using any opiates and the sensation of withdrawls ("Days away I still feel you")ect., his son ("blood before me begs me") to change, though "the snake" (heroin) tempts him and the occurance of relapse ("feel this coming over like a storm again"). Kind of resembles the cycles of addiction. Just an opinion. "H" being the street term for heroin. snakes in some cultures believed to be the devils or the dark spirit animal or symbol. though this song could be about addiction it is very symbolic and could be something other, like others say his child experiences which either would cause perminent mental instability to some extent. For those mocking great lyrics, that is just what Maynard wants. He knows less aware people are quick to judge and have no idea the magnitude of these problems in families just like yours. Ive been through heroin but never had a childhood experience like that. If you had any compassion to even try and understand what that man went through, you would have probably givin up by now being in his position. I admire Maynard because he is a strong human being from what i know. it is pretty funny how nieve most people are. thank you for reading

H. | Reviewer: Tyler | 10/27/11

Lmfao it's about his son guys! "h." being the sons middle name. The songs about how ashamed and hurt Maynard is from having to deal with the troubles his son went through due to his own fame and success..

***Confirmed by Maynard*** | Reviewer: joe | 10/22/11

This song clearly carries on from Prison Sex - it's about him being broken down physically and emotionally from repeated ass rape, while at the same time evoking an "alchemical" change from his weakened state to a stronger more creative being.

"The snake behind me hisses

What my damage could have been."

The person who raped him and how badly it could have fucked him up if he was weaker.

"And I feel this coming over like a storm again now."

Refers to both remembering the emotions he felt being ass raped, and how the guy cummed all over him like a storm.

"I am too connected to you"

refers to the both the cock that was shoved in his ass in the past, as well as his current memory of the event.

"Days away I still feel you

Touching me, changing me,"

him haunted by his ass raping

"Considerately killing me."

sarcastically thankful for his ass raping - it gave him tons of material to work with as a developing artist, now he's a rock star with money and hoes. if he didn't get ass raped he would have grown up normally and became a PE teacher. shoot, i'd take a cock up the ass so i wouldn't end up some shithead PE coach.

"Beneath the storm"

him laying under a raging hot pulsating cock

"Under these tears now"

tears of jizz

"The walls came down"

Him shedding the husk of his ego - read jung.

"And as the snake is drowned

And as I look in his eyes,

My fear begins to fade

Recalling all of those times.

I could have cried then.

I should have cried then."

coming to terms with his assrape, remembering gazing into his rapist's eyes as he came into his ass again and again and again. he took it like a man and didn't cry, but realizes he should have so it wouldn't have become a repressed scar.

Btw, H. stands for "Hump" - it's a Maynardism.

So | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

It probably has many different meanings but the one I get from it is Heroin addiction. I suffered addiction to that demon for years and if you really read the lyrics and think about it consumed you.. you can understand that.

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