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Performed by Tool

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So many interpretations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

Wow, I've seen so many ideas of what this song "really means", but, I think it is more simple than people are trying to make it. It's merely about the temptations we all face and about making "hopefully" the right decision.Yeah, decisions in life can be very daunting and difficult. I've been a heroin addict for years and I think I can see heroin meanings in many songs but that doesn't mean they are about heroin. I've even seen heroin meanings in movies and many other things but yet they aren't about heroin. I can definitely see the meanings in this song though, that's for sure. I can relate to the anonymous' statement about the part of the song where he says I have died, I will die, it's alright, I don't mind. Yes, it is sad, because, you do give into the "fact" that you're dying and there's nothing you can do about it...which day will it be? Who know's what the meaning is to Maynard though? It's his life not ours. We could speculate all day.

Heroin. | Reviewer: Sarahlynne | 7/10/10

The first time I heard this song, I was faded on H. The song describes exactly what it feels like on H, what you think about, and how you feel after doing H.

"I am too connected to you."- After doing it the first time, you honestly think about it more than ever. You don't crave it physically but psychologically, it's all you can think about.

"Slip away, fade away."- 'Slipping' is the term often used to refer to the point in which you first feel the H start to kick in. You get hot and your breathing slows down. 'Faded' is the term used when H has taken full effect. You lose almost all self-control and you, quite literally, fade away.

"Days away, I still feel you."- After you do heroin the first time, you feel is a few days after. Whether this be in the form of 'dope sick' (vomiting, sweating, high fever, etc.) or a temporary form of depression (usually in the form of extreme apathy and fatigue), you feel the effects of the drug, a few days after.

"Touching me, changing me."- After your second or third time doing heroin (if you are doing the standard dosage), if you are self-aware, you will most likely notice a change in behavior. Most people are more irritable and note feeling waves of exhaustion.

***Interesting tid-bit: If Maynard was actually talking about an experience with heroin. It is most likely that he railed (snorted) the heroin due to the different metaphors he uses in the song. When heroin is IVed, it takes a large toll on your brain. A large portion of your frontal lobe is damaged. Interestingly enough, heroin is very strong morphine that has the ability to shoot through your blood-brain barrier. When people IV heroin, the effects are stronger and therefore, there is more damage to the frontal lobe which has been known to cause changes in personality and even complete lack of creativity and drive. Interesting, huh?

awesome song | Reviewer: zumer7 | 6/8/10

Tool's songs are meant to be interpreted by the listener.
I think for Maynard, This song is about his experiences with drugs, He woke up in the hospital after a near fatal clash with drugs, and saw an angel on one shoulder and a snake on the other. This would normally symbolize good (the angel) and bad (the snake). However, maynard did not follow either, he simply stopped using drugs, and so did the rest of Tool.
Also, Maynard's son's middle name is H, which means the song could be about his son
for example:

What's coming through is alive, his son
What's singing song is a snake: his past (childhood)
Their both totally void of hate: his wife and son have not hate, but he sees within them that which he may harm because of the way he was raised
Killing me just the same: they are hurting him without intent because he was hurt when he was younger.
Snake behind me hisses what my damage could have been my blood before me begs me to open up my heart again I feel this coming over like a storm again: His past is threatening him, his wife and future generation of his family are begging him to open up, but he still feels surrounded by hate.

This is just what I think, I could be seriously wrong, and I probably am, but that is my interpretation.
Also, Tool is awesome when it comes to distorted bass, and the guitar in this song is completely telling me the same as the lyrics.

meaning | Reviewer: erica | 6/6/10

this song could hold many different meanings, depending on how you see it. either way, it's complete poetry. i think it's meant to be interpreted less as what it meant to him when he wrote it, but what it speaks to you.
and to me, the snake is myself.

H. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

It is about Maynard's son and his fears of raising him wrong. You were on the right track OldToolFan because he is recalling what his dad to him and he is scared of fucking up and hurting his son like he was.

relationships? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/10

to me the snake is the fear of being hurt by some one you love, after a bad break up you kinda build walls around yourself. and people start knocking them down, you want to love again but your in fear

PPD and abortion | Reviewer: gmf | 5/21/10

To me, this song is about coping with postpartum depression

The opening lines
"What's coming through is alive
What's holding up is a mirror"
is about the birth of a child and snake and the "venomous voice" is the depression "coming over like a storm again".
As I have never had ppd myself I cannot speak for how it makes you feel but it seems to me that it is a very bipolar state of mind where love and hate, hope and hopelessness, mix in a very frightening way.

However, in the end, the parent is too connected to the child to slip away and do something stupid, even through it feels as if the new-born is killing him/her.

My thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/10

Maynard himself said that his son's middle name is H. I think one meaning for the song is about his son, evident in the line 'my blood before me begs me, open up my heart again.' But again, Tool songs often have multiple meanings, as does all good literature.

goooood | Reviewer: chris | 5/11/10

This song seems to me to revolve greatly around heroin. H is short for heroin. All of the lyrics fit perfectly with the effects of heroin too.

"But what's singing songs is a snake / Looking to turn my piss to wine... They're both totally void of hate, / But killing me just the same."

Heroin makes you not care. It's like being happy because there is nothing left that you can feel. You don't hate it, and it doesn't hate you. but you still "hate" it. Unless you've experienced it, that's the best explanation I can give you.

"The snake behind me hisses"
Heroin is often referred to as a snake bite.

"What my damage could have been./ My blood before me begs me / Open up my heart again."
I could have died, and still i want to try it again.

"And I feel this coming over like a storm again. / Considerately."
Heroin comes on like a storm, heavy and strong... but kindly... like a loving embrace

"Venomous voice, tempts me, / Drains me, bleeds me, / Leaves me cracked and empty. / Drags me down like some sweet gravity."
First half is what it's like to resist heroin addiction, the second is when you give into it.

"I am too connected to you / To slip away, fade away. / days away I still feel you / Touching me, changing me"
The lingering effects of heroin. A good dose leaves you in awe for a couple days. The first part, of course, is about not wanting to give it up.

"Considerately killing me."
You are completely aware that it is destroying your life... you just don't care.

"Without the skin here / Beneath the storm. / Under these tears now, / The walls came down."
Realizing that you need to stop.

"And as the snake is drowned / And as I look in his eyes, / My fear begins to fade / Recalling all of those times."
You remember all of those times that heroin has come so close to ruining your life. Al the people it has hurt. Every heroin user knows someone who died because of it.

"And as the walls come down
And as I look in your eyes
My fear begins to fade
Recalling all of the times
I have died
and will die.
It's all right.
(I don't mind)
I don't mind.
I don't mind.
I don't mind."
This part is really sad for me. It's detailing that failing, the falling feeling. You know it is ruining your life, but you can't get away. You can't break it. It's too hard... so you just give in again, take another hit, take another shot, whatever. "I will die... it's alright... I don't mind."

I am too connected to you
To slip away, fade away.
Days away I still feel you
Touching me, changing me,

Considerately killing me.
Considerately killing me and
Considerately killing me."

It's a very very sad song.

Oldtoolfan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/10

I think the song is about someone who was abused by a male family member, well call him H, that is now at the edge of his life and would like to make amends. Talkin about it brings up old memories and feelings "the storm". The snake is the abuser trying to be nice saying it wasn't as bad as he thought it was and it could have been worse. This isn't 1977 not all songs are about drugs.

my personal interpretation | Reviewer: icarus | 4/29/10

i agree in that all tool tracks have meanings to different people its quite clever really because anyone could hear a tune and think "wow thats exactly how i feel" im not saying its a sales thing its just getting the most people to be able to think someone understands. personally i think its about relationships the snake hisses in referance to being hurt in the previous relationship but not as much as i could have been. begging to open up my heart again is self explanitory warning me not to jump headfirst into another relationship but remain guarded knwoing that the snake could bite again but still wanting to open up to someone else. Tools titles also can be anagrams or totally random words or lyrics from the song you cant really know without speaking to maynard

a great song | Reviewer: shitfacefuckforce | 4/28/10

ive read that H. stands for either Hydrogen, the first element on the periodic table, or Heroin, which is commonly refered to as H. I understand the "building block of life idea" and the addiction principal that people can relate to the song by either idea. However I think it is a cleverly titled song that is written to provoke many emotions on a relatable chain of our ideals and possible interpretations of life altering events. Its one of the reasons I look to MJK as a song writer for inspiration. One song can inspire me throughout different situations in my life, all different, though all personal enough for me to seek guidance in my confusion. To sum it all up: excellent song, hope they never quit.

ego, the battle of renunciation and the infinite cycles of suffering | Reviewer: gregor | 4/21/10

To me this song is about the mighty EGO, the battle of renunciation and the infinite cycles of suffering. The snake would be 'that part of me' which clings to this world, acting like a sort of gravity. The snake also represents the 'pessimistic views' tryin to protect the ego from not being damaged by action/living ion a certain way. To me, blood is suffering. According to many old phylosophies/practices, eastern mostly, the cessation of suffering is achieved through compassion `open up my heart`, otherwise the cycle of suffering will continue - coming like a storm again. Of course its quite hard to break this cycle which not only repeated in this live (i should have cried then) but it lasted for many previous lives and will continue in the future lives (I have died/I will die). I feel too connected to this beyond-ego part of me to let it go. I could realise this only when the `snake is drowned` and looking without fear, just observe the things as they are.

It's not heroine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/10

In my interpretation it is the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. I don't think H. stands for half empty/half full either, like many have suggested in the past.

It stands for Heaven and Hell.

all good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/10

I like reading the reviews, the different directions peoples minds take them. All good, all human, all true to them. Peace and know that this music touches a vast array of people that are joined in that they are human and TOOL fans.

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