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Performed by Tool

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interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/11

i think his thoughts were a premonition of a reoccuring feeling that he sees in the images of his mind, something that even he doesn't understand completely, while incorporated with his life experience there's more to this than what meets the eye...he's using symbolism, in chinese zodiac the snake is actually good where a snake symbolizes growth and change by shedding layer, but at the same he's fought that change and through knowing that it's hurting him still because he hasn't found what it means and's there...

best interpretation ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

Rottedcockmeat DOES have the best interpretation ever. I laughed friggin hard.

"Beneath the storm"
him laying under a raging hot pulsating cock
"Under these tears now"
tears of jizz

^^^LMAO thats when I couldn't hold it in any more.

Lmao @ rottedcockmeats | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

My interpretation is somewhere between a harmful relationship he keeps being lured back andthe son interpretation you guys refered to. I believe at lollapoluza all he said was my sons last name starts with an H, nothing more then that according to wkipedia.

Oh ya and i laughed my ass off at rottedcockmeats interpretation.

Whats singin songs is a snake.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/11

I think the song is about poetic nonexistant people who care to try to disect a song based on their own personal existance.

Really, look at the lyrics people!!! It is someone who was abused by a person who took a sick nice way about abusing them! Sure it coulda been Heroin. "Consideratley killing me." Its about harmful feelings that have been rehashed. For arguments sake say it is about heroin. Its about falling off the wagon. If its about an old Uncle that wanted to butt fuck the kid and then apologize later in life then thats what it is. Find your meaning and hug that mofo so hard you squeaze it death and love it.

Derpa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/11

This song is about him having a child and his inability to love because of his abuse. He says this during llolopalloza 97. Two more things, prison sex was written by the guitarist and I couldn't tell if you knew but 10000 days was written like ten years after this album so it's not likely written about something on that album.

Great song.

drains me | Reviewer: jp | 8/5/11

The letter H is short hand for hypnosis.. the victim was hypnotized even stating it "drains me" if anybody has ever been hypnotized you feel a sense of emptiness as if you where drained you feel no sense of gravity.. and then you become conected to the persons whom is hypnotizing you.. the victim was controled in many ways by its master.. it could of been sexually, emotionally, and physically.. so there is a lot interpertations to this song and that's what makes it magical. But H stands for hypnosis

The Point is.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

To listen to the tone of the entire song...his pain during a deeply personal moment is turned to beauty by his voices sound & honesty...that's what I call moving on. The entire bands performance evokes an energy in me that is positive. Whoever did something to someone else in your didn't win. I get more out of the song but with that i'll pass......

Ask Maynard | Reviewer: Bridget G. | 7/13/11

I don't know what the real meaning of this song is but it is fuckin' good with some badass lyrics. Yes, I am goin' to admit that it does seem like words of molestation but egh, then again i'm full of shit so I don't know. Anyways, even if he was, he sure hell didn't let a horrific event fuck from his past fuck up his future. ;]] Now thats what you call brave. :p Anyways, he's awsome and so are the band members! ^,^ [Love]

song meaning | Reviewer: rottedcockmeat | 7/11/11

This song clearly carries on from Prison Sex - it's about him being broken down physically and emotionally from repeated ass rape, while at the same time evoking an "alchemical" change from his weakened state to a stronger more creative being.

"The snake behind me hisses
What my damage could have been."

The person who raped him and how badly it could have fucked him up if he was weaker.

"And I feel this coming over like a storm again now."
Refers to both remembering the emotions he felt being ass raped, and how the guy cummed all over him like a storm.

"I am too connected to you"

refers to the both the cock that was shoved in his ass in the past, as well as his current memory of the event.

"Days away I still feel you
Touching me, changing me,"

him haunted by his ass raping

"Considerately killing me."

sarcastically thankful for his ass raping - it gave him tons of material to work with as a developing artist, now he's a rock star with money and hoes. if he didn't get ass raped he would have grown up normally and became a PE teacher. shoot, i'd take a cock up the ass so i wouldn't end up some shithead PE coach.

"Beneath the storm"
him laying under a raging hot pulsating cock
"Under these tears now"
tears of jizz
"The walls came down"
Him shedding the husk of his ego - read jung.

"And as the snake is drowned
And as I look in his eyes,
My fear begins to fade
Recalling all of those times.

I could have cried then.
I should have cried then."

coming to terms with his assrape, remembering gazing into his rapist's eyes as he came into his ass again and again and again. he took it like a man and didn't cry, but realizes he should have so it wouldn't have become a repressed scar.

Btw, H. stands for "Hump" - it's a Maynardism.

Dumb asses | Reviewer: Catman | 6/22/11

Maynards mom was dying and after all o the 10000 days of suffering, and her devout religion, her "god" stillers her die. It's him coming around, through and beyond his shadow. If you don't understand it's ok. Read "the red book" (Carl Jung). It'll give you insight into maynards lyrics and maybe into yourself. Maybe even your shadow.

Meanings are Tricky | Reviewer: deltaj | 5/2/11

Certainly everyone develops their own meaning when there are no available explicit interpretations from the writer or the meaning isn't plainly visible to the reader. That said, as a songwriter I often write in a highly metaphorical language that not even my wife can interpret with any validity. The symbols and expressions make sense to me. More importantly - I believe in them to be the truest expression of the (rather simple at times) message that I am trying to convey. Believing in the words makes it far easier to perform them with conviction night after night. I think Maynard has a similar approach. Deriving specific meaning without him there to tell you what it really means to him - is useless. Take from it what you will. Besides, I think we may all find that if he actually described his songs' true meanings - we may find how simple the original message really was and in some cases, be disappointed. The mystery is more fulfilling for both parties.

holy sh#% you guys this is awesome | Reviewer: tool rocks | 5/2/11

this is the way i see this songs meaning

it starts at his birth and his dad is looking at him and seeing an image of imself and ends up trying to live his life through his son and no matter how far he get (even days away) his father is there, (my blood before me begs me to open up my heart again) is maynards son and how its hard not to treat him like his father treated him, i really love this song

The part you can't control | Reviewer: Alex | 4/15/11

I agree with the statement that the song is not limited to a single interpretation, but I want to share mine anyway..
I see it as the part of ourselves that we can't control. The part that confuses and drains us with thoughts, all types of thoughts, any kind of "crazy".
And what's "coming through" is alive and real, it's myself. And my everything begs me to open up my heart again, to stop with the analysing.. But it comes, like a storm, taking over. The "snake" drowns when I look at it's eyes, and it passes, but I still know it's there, in the back of my head, changing me.

What this song really means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/11

I think it's about a gay man who lost his virginity to an older guy with a very gigantic penis, but now is in saddened because he is in along term relationship with another guy with a tiny weenie. He truly loves the short-peckered man, but longs for his first lover with the humongoid schlong. Shallow, yes, but I think it reflects on U.S.society in general :It's all about the "Packaging"

Tool H. review | Reviewer: Yumi | 4/7/11

I believe Maynard's lyrics are ultimately left up to the individual to interpret as they will and derive personal meanings from the messages that will seem as if they are directed specifically at the listener. But the concepts are universal, and I think everyone is right because they got meaning out of the song and in some way felt the light of inspiration Maynard had when he wrote it.

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