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Performed by Tool

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46 and 2 Perspective | Reviewer: Cameron | 9/2/11

It’s quite an egoistic statement to proclaim knowledge that you are the sole source of meaning for any song, 46 and 2 regardless of intention of its original purpose of intent is a very spiritual and self-enlightening piece, what is found within any aspect of life is of our own conscious will, if one finds wisdom where another see’s nothing then that is their own path, whether anyone decides to elate any subject is their choice, from my own point of view of Maynards lyrics it is a well written song, one in which lead me to think outside the box and I am happy to say lead me to research some very interesting things, such as Carl Gustav Jung’s multiple principles of consciousness, and the shadow self, for those whom disclaim its relevance are ignorant and by all means please do your homework, the true point of 46 and 2 is to be free of your fear and to become unified, there for striping away the chaotic insecure delusions that lead to destructive behavior.

The right answer guy is right | Reviewer: aidan | 8/10/11

Í've seen that explanation in too many places for it to be incorrect. The song is about therapy, and the painful process of dealing with the parts of ourselves that we might not like to admit exist - the 'shadow' in the song. Anyone who's been through therapy can tell you that its a pretty literal description of the process. The stuff about the chomosomes, well the theory is absolute crap, but that is what 46 and 2 refers to.

its just a song | Reviewer: octavio perez | 8/10/11

dont make life so difficult for yourself trying to find meaning in every little thing, dude he wrote it for attention and money look at it that way, and if you say no maynard is not like that, well he is because he sure has your attention and money

Well in my opinion | Reviewer: Heather | 8/6/11

I feel like this song is about how you reflect on yourself and what patha you choose personally. Maynard is an atheist so I highly doubt its anything about religion unless he's mocking it which he does in several songs. He is extreamely smart despite his major drug useage, which is what gives him most of his inspiration, his songs always have a deeper hidden meaning. His song Stinkfist is about drug addiction he openly admits he does a lot of hard drugs. Tool sings about politics, mocking religion, ignorant closed minded people, and struggles inside yourself weather it be good or evil. I may not agree with everything they sing about but a lot of it makes sense when you listen to it.

Acceptance | Reviewer: Josef | 7/28/11

I can not say that i know what this song is about but i have my opinions, to do what ever it takes to break through, we must over come what others say and do and find what we think is are most logical step after we die, this song is not holy nor evil it is a reflection " a word to guide me through" finding something that makes sense to us, "Change is coming through my shadow" its not about evil because it says shadow, the shadow represents us as basic as it gets, no features or colors, are shadow comes and goes, just as life does, hte dip shit " On Tool" is obviousley retarded and has no moral guidance and is narrow minded to the possibilites that await us all "Clearing out what could've been." searching for your own resonable answer to life, this song is not about emoral or physical daminar towards anyone, it is simplily due to are spiritual remefications that we all must face. "Hoping I can clear the way" I I I.... all he is trying to say is look into your soul, this life is all questions and the next is the answers, remember this.

Response to 'on Tool' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

I like that you're cynical towards Tool and don't just blow them off as the most awesome band. I think you're right in some ways, on how he expresses disdain towards others and their ignorance in some of his music. On the other hand this particular song to me speaks to making a positive personal transformation, I think it was partially inspired by Bill Hicks and his passion about trying to evolve people's collective consciousness. A lot of us our brought up to be 'cool' and dismissive, so most of us our conditioned have disdain for others, overbearing self-pride and our trapped by our own ego's. This song speaks to breaking through the chains of our conditioned 'self' (shedding skin) and moving through as a greater, stronger human vehicle.

On Tool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/11

Here are my reflections on Tool and other JMK's projects.I used to be a Tool fan. I don't listen to them at all any more. I believe that musically they're nearly perfect. But it's the emotional background to their songs that I find really disturbing.
This song obviously has a deeper massage. It's not positive at all. It's about giving up to evil and letting evil take control. These evil emotions ('shadow') would no longer 'attack' (for lack of a better word) you, once you give up, thus making you feel more comfortable, or even giving you an impresion that you are now more powerful or, let's say, knowledgeable than others. These songs are full of such negative emotions; false pride, the feeling of disdain towards others. Apparently this dark sarcasm is what JMK calls art. If you think that's what art's about - feeling better than others who 'don't seem to understand the depth of the world, which I'm on my way to understand', that's not spiritual development at all. You have been cheated. It's just conceit and vanity. Anyway, that's my opinion.

46 & 2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/11

this song is fuckin' amazing....
it feels like it's abaut going over the next step in evoulution... not for everyone, "shedding skin" "scabs again".... that sunds like a personal self improvement to me...(and not the kind that sells in magazines), anyways... it's a very deep/disturbing song for anyone who has the time to interpretate it.. I'LL SEE YOU IN 46&2!!!! (that's a methaphore by the way)

Pardon the rant | Reviewer: Can't be bothered doing schoolwork... | 7/17/11

Person who made the Aborgines comment?
You need to get out more. It's already been said but here I think I need to restate a veyr important fact: You're a moron.
If you haven't yet realised, Aborigines are people, just like you. They can think, they can rationalise, they do have 46 chromosomes. Get off your high horse.

Now, seeing as the anti-racism rant period is over, I'll get to the song.
I think, firstly, that there's multiple interpretations to every song, but the meaning that speaks (or sings) loudest to me in this song is about identity. Maynard is addressing, among other things, the idea of picking at "scabs", or old, dark thoughts from the past, maybe something to do with mental disorders or instability, and using the past to step through the shadow and into a new, better person. He wants to discard the person he used to be and become someone stronger; or so is the message I'm getting. It's the one I prefer to hear, at least.
The chromosome interpretation is an interesting one, and certainly offers an explanation for the title (which has previously baffled me), but it sounds a little too sciency and one-way-meaning for Tool, in my opinion. They're usually so raw, especially in albumbs like Undertow, that it makes the chromosome sound, well, like journalism. But hey, that's my opinion, never claimed it was the right one.

check the facts | Reviewer: check the facts | 7/12/11

Last post by someone calling themmselves "the correct" is wrong wrong wrong, thinking that "primitive people like aborigines in Australia have only 44 chromosomes"

What complete and utter bullS**t !!!! They have 46 like you, ignorant racist moron.

right answer | Reviewer: The correct | 6/30/11

This is one of Tool's most amazing songs, and really sums up the entire theme of Aenima. This song is about growing, changing, and moving towards the next level of human evolution and conciousness. It's deeply rooted in Jungian theory.

Basically, it's believed that there are three levels of human evolution and each has it's form of conciousness. There's the 1st level with 44 chromosones. These are primitve people's like the aboriginies in Australia who do not percieve anything outside of themselves. They only see one large conciousness with no distinguishment between organisms. Then there's the second level with 46 chromosones. That is us. We are a chaotic disharmonic conciousness that is basically used as a stepping stone between the first and third levels. The third level is 48 chromosones. (Or 46 & 2, with 2 being the sex chromosones x & y). This is the higher level of conciousness. Our destination.

But this is where the Jungian theory comes in. It is believed that you can not reach this third level of evolution without first delving into yourself and basically cleansing your conciousness for the next jump. That's where the Shadow comes in. The shadow is basically everything about that is unseen that you are uncomfortable with or hate. This is also known as the Anima (hence the name of the CD).

The last part of the song sums all of this up...

"See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me
Soften this old armor
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side
Step into the shadow
Forty six and two are just ahead of me"

Youre all wrong | Reviewer: I make stuff up. | 6/20/11

You all are so freaking dumb. The song is about work safety.

A guy is cutting wood, 46x2 plank, and his shadow from the sun risks him shedding his skin: aka cutting himself really badly. He has been through so much, finally has a nice construction job, and he got there by crawling through shit on his belly, but even though he's at a good spot in his life, part of him can't help but hope he cuts himself with the 46x2 plank, you see he likes picking scabs.

But then at the end, he chooses to live, and abide by the safety code set by his boss.

my thoughts.. | Reviewer: nebadon | 6/10/11

46 = Palladium or and 2 = Helium or when a meteor cross in front of the sun before impacting the earth it will cast a shadow, i believe this song is about embracing the end of an era and accepting the change that would come of such an impact and thus recalling your good and bad in your life before the final moment and right before you come face to face with your maker. Being that tool seems to be a common theme for tool i can not imagine this song being about anything else honestly, but of course this is just my take on things i guess really it can be whatever you want it to be about.

Really? | Reviewer: Al | 5/20/11

Ok, I think that this is a meaningful song.. but I think you might be acting a bit elitist to say that Tool's lyrics are completely specific. If so, what was Maynard trying to say in the lyrics he would eventually write, "Sudafed, shit the bed"?

I personally think that the song is supposed to be taken in context with the whole album, then in an even larger context with Undertow and Lateralaus. To me, those three albums represent growth and change. Undertow first acknowledges the past experiences and problems that brought about the realization that change was needed, Aenema is all about confrontation of those problems and the battle of making sense of them, Lateralus is about accepting and transcending yourself and where growth really happens. I have no fucking clue about 10,000 days... I kind of lost interest in that album.

No judgement here, just truth | Reviewer: The Student | 3/26/11

The reference to chromosomes is correct. The shadow aspect: everyone has a shadow(dark side of their selves). The way to evolve is to process or transcend your shadow by acknowledging it and accepting it . Most people deny, shun, or avoid it. Once you look at, identify it truthfully, and accept your shadow then it acts to assist you in your transformation, your ("evolution"), as a shield against the darkness of which it was. By doing this you go through it, you let go of the illusion of perfection or specialness that the ego(the false you) has sold you on. Accept it and you can step through it. It's the only way.

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