The Depopulation Agenda of the Global Elite | Reviewer: Michael | 5/22/13

So I was trippin' on acid, which I stupidly decided to eat after a day of eating Xanax and drinking Four Lokos. I was curled up in a lethargic ball on my floor feeling like I was going to just "pass away" and I don't know if this is when it happened or when I decided to take a shower and get all dressed up like I was going out to wade through my bad trip and was in the bathroom that I heard in the other room on Hulu a commercial or something, I didn't know what it was at the time, with some lady with a sort of calm yet gladly evil manner, bragging about how they kill 6,000 every year and commit numerous crimes against humanity and shit. I like rushed into the other room and caught like the very end of it, realizing it was an actual commercial. I was freaking out, because I didn't know if someone like hacked my computer and was fucking with me or I was part of some psy-op or what. Anyway, I found the commercial the next day and it was a Bayer birth-control pill commercial but it didn't say what I heard when I was tripping. No, instead it was talking about how Bayer cares so much for the well-being of women, etc., etc., etc.

In Georgia, there is a random monument built by an Anonymous group, probably Masonic, on government property and it lays out guidelines for a new age pretty much, one of which is that the earth's population of humans shall not exceed 500 million people.

Moral here, there is an elite group of people who might not display insanity openly, but inwardly believe they are destined as higher beings than their fellow men and that they have a duty to cause mass death of the human species. I would just tell them to kill themselves if they think they have a duty to kill people to save the world

This is necessary. It's the drive of a self-destructive shadow within these people and within humanity as a collective and among individuals as well. A shadow is perhaps things we deny about ourselves, yet they are plainly evident. As other animals, we kill for food, and this is perhaps a correct integration of our nature, but you look at a film of a factory farm and you see a very dark side nevertheless to the human psyche, one that is for lack of a better way to put it, psychopathic. Look at our wars overseas as a country. Our drone strikes have killed almost 200 innocent children, yet you don't hear about it in the news. It is a reality we cover up about ourselves or even justify openly with inaccurate, baseless, senseless, blind, prideful, leader obedient viewpoints. We kill children and call it good in other words, saying we're killing the terrorists, even though in reality, we are killing children and creating the terrorists, but we deny it, yet it is the truth.

Also, there could potentially be a holocaust of Christians who are sheep among wolves. This would be driven by the self-destructive psychopathic collective shadow of the collective unconscious, or Satan to put it in more simple terms that are mythological and not philosophical, not explained, so speculated upon

We murder children and say "it is necessary" but only in the eyes of psychopaths in the military industry who have made warmongering their profession, yet they paint a different picture of good, and then play off pride, to cover up the evil. So the people are sheep, and at any time the sheep could be led to the slaughter.

Perhaps Maynard had a salvia experience of the cries of the carrots, so he used it as inspiration for some random rant in the opening of a song. Between the air itself he experienced a vision upon which he realized the suffering he causes other beings. Yet this is his very nature. So from my Christian perspective, I'd say treating your needs as sacred and thanking God for what you do eat or crush under your foot for that matter, the land you walk on, because it's not yours, makes what is otherwise wrong right. Because the only way we can be right in our existence is with God. Otherwise, we're just wrong

Crucifix | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/13

Is has something to do with seeing the crucifix on the male reproductive organs, and now that we've been given glasses by Jesus to see this we still dont give a shit and we are still going to continue to rub the carrot raw...or the penus

just a thought | Reviewer: disgustipated1 | 2/1/13

we're the rabbits and just because you put glasses on a rabbit dosnt make them less of a rabbit.the carrots are crying because commercial farms are like pests in mother earths garden.the refrences to using your many times suggests that its speaking through the eyes of someone who does not look at life the same as everyone else a unified soul if you will.when you unified you see the truth and the truth is so powerful...

Different interpretations. | Reviewer: pigforslaughter | 3/28/12

From what I see ( hear ) that this song can be interpreted in so many ways, that it's almost funny. We take what we feel and stick it to the song we hear. Some people feel that the song is about god, some say it's about the "atrocities" that are committed against animals. Well for me it's an anti-vegetarian song. Exactly. I can easily understand the words spoken in it literally and say that the words "life feeds on life" tell us that feeding on other living things is natural and necessary for our survival. Be it meat or vegetable. Everything is alive and we consume that life to sustain ours.

At the same time I feel a slight cynical touch in the song. Now I personally disagree with all that vegetarian business because of "pity" for animals, since they are mistreated horribly. But is eating vegetables better? Is not hearing them cry before being eaten easier? I guess it is. But I believe it's the same thing. Doesn't matter what you choose to eat, you are still eating a living thing.

Oh and at the end, the natural human thought process that he is above all and has the right to do whatever he wants with his surroundings, be it nature or whatever - is very obvious. Because humans do like to thing of themselves as something much higher then the rest of the living things. And naturally...the human acts as he sees fit.

stole the words | Reviewer: deee | 3/25/12

that one phrase, "betwixt the air itself", I read long before tool ever published this. it was in a book written before 1970, a youth novel about a girl in the medieval times, it had some sort of fantasy activites regarding magic or supernatural stuff. That very phrase was in that book. So they borrowed the phrase "betwixt the air itself" I am sure.

fun to make fun of funny religions | Reviewer: blarg | 3/5/12

i think its supposed to be utter bullshit and say exactly wat really exists and how life really is whileat the same time laughing in the faces of millions if not billons of whom have a religous view that was in a way made fun of through out the whole song
its speeks of holocaust, jews-it preaches, cristians-all though it preaches it preaches satanicly so satanism and there are probibly a lot more so yea

Possesions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/12

I see the song from a different point of view.

I think it is a song that comes to make us think on what we feed on. The story starts with a "reavaltion" from an angel, that show a man the suffering and fearful carrots, because those millions of carrots are going to be cultivated on the next day, and the carrots have a conciousness and a soul. there may be a cynical use of carrots, instead of farm animals that really suffer and are afriad to be slautered for meat.

Throught the mantra of "This is nessesary, life feeds on life" you can hear crying farm animals, especially pigs.

so then you ask yourself, is it really nessesary for humans that life feeds on life, meaning, to eat meat?

at the end of the mantra, you stop to hear the "f" of life, and it becomes "lie feeds on lie", so mabie all this isnt nessesary at all.

the song finishes with a story of a man that doesnt have much in his head, but has a knife in his hand. Furthermore, he thinks that everything belongs to him.

This song tells us that we think that everything in nature belongs to us: the sky, the grass, the gravel road, objects humans have created, even people. With that kind of thought, that everything is ours, it is no wonder to think that the lives of animals are ours just to take.

To say that all of the nature is ours to take because we are humans is a lie fed on a lie, fed on a lie fed on a lie.

God | Reviewer: Pink | 7/15/11

Are there really no comments on this song? Such a shame, it's one of tool's deepest and most powerful songs.

If you want to pick a song to sit and contemplate for hours on end, this is probably your best choice. A unique combination of the use of analogies and extremely bold, forward statements makes this song hard to understand. Though, as this song is about us, god, and how man has created god, and for the reasons he has done so, I wouldn't expect it to be. The ironic reversal of us, the humans, creating the god, a powerful being that supposedly created us. Really something to think about isn't it? Though, if this song itself is about that irony is questionable, but that is what I get from it.

In the end, god is just a story we tell one another, to not feel so bad for the unending death and destruction our world has always gone through. Life will always feed on life, and 'god' is necessary to help us cope with the unforgivable atrocities committed in our world every day. This is undeniable. Without 'god' or something else like it, our entire civilization would fall apart within weeks. yet at the same time, 'god' is holding our world back more then anything, and causing untold amounts of death and destruction.

But at the same time, that's not to say that God isn't real, just that our idea of what 'god' is and what God actually is, are so drastically different from one another.

Think long and hard on the questions man has asked for thousands and thousands of years, think long and hard on the questions you are asked every day.