nice song | Reviewer: HIimEVANS | 7/31/07

OMFG, I downloaded this song off a website while looking for KoRn. It said it was by Marilyn Manson and KorN. It didn't sound like there style, glad to know I was right ^-^

What I know about this song... | Reviewer: Ermm... | 6/25/07

From what I listen it from it's by September
but that's jus' cuz that's the first artist who I heard it from... I dunno the names of who you guys are talkin bout but I like September! They do good songs but their music videos aren't so good o.o

only tool | Reviewer: alice | 6/21/07

believe it or not its tool !!! this song is part of the movie "the raven" and in the soundtrack says its tool!!!

Vocals | Reviewer: Timmy C | 6/17/07

Anyone have any idea how they get the vocal effect in the line "Any more and I will surely meet decay" ? It's really cool and I want something like it for my band

MM & Korn >> | Reviewer: Cory | 6/12/07

It's by Marilyn Manson and Korn, it's the soundtrack to Queen Of The Damned (the squel to Interveiw With A Vampire)

the song isn´t playing by TOOL | Reviewer: chris | 5/30/07

YEAH! that´s not maynard´s voice i´m pretty sure cause i have follow them by ten years and that voice is not maynard. i´m agree with kate it´s from a band called ashe and yes that is his page.

THIS IS NOT TOOL, KORN, OR MARILYN MANSON!!! | Reviewer: Kate | 5/25/07

this is actualy a band called ashe. check them out at (yeah i spent like an entire day searching who the artist was too)

the name | Reviewer: Lynz | 5/17/07

I know what all of you are talking about! My computer keep telling me that it was by korn or Marilyn Manson, but I knew it wasn't. For one thing I LOVE Marilyn Manson and I would know if he sang that song. Its a great song but they need to get the correct name of the band, it pisses me off.

the bands name!!! | Reviewer: nicolette | 2/8/07

the bands name is ashe...i downloaded the song and at the end someone said the website! its not Korn or Marilyn Manson...not TOOL...its ASHE!!!!

Still, incorrect. | Reviewer: Holly | 1/15/07

This song is NOT by Tool. The voice definitely is not that of Maynard, so we are still on a search for who the ACTUAL artist is. If I figure it out, I'll post it.