Amazing | Reviewer: Vurban | 6/16/10

It's great to see so many people who are so well informed of this admittedly difficult thing to find. =)
Amazing song by an amazing person.
It's a shame Ashe didn't put more stuff out before going female. She gave us a hell of an audio orgasm, first, at least. <3

What I found out... | Reviewer: Makana | 8/4/08

While looking up this song on youtube somebody listed as "Cry for you (Gothika Soundtrack); but when I looked up the playlist for Gothika this song wasn't listed. Maybe it's just an independent group that made an awesome song.

come on people | Reviewer: kc | 5/20/08

i dont entirely know who it is by but it doesnt sound anything like marilyn manson, korn (jonathan davis), tool or a perfect circle (maynard james keenan) and to alice its called the crow not the raven! by the way looks like at least one person is right its by ashe!
at the end of the one i have it says and just look cry for you up on wikipedia. it will go to one by september but if you look it says at the very top of the article "This article is about the September song. For the 1994 Jodeci song, see Cry for You." if you click on cry for you in that sentence it will take you to a page that near the bottom of it says "Cry for You is a song performed by the band Ashe"

it's by Ashe--CONFIRMED | Reviewer: Miller1 | 2/3/08

This song is by Ashe. I've confirmed it along with several other people who have done the same. It's not Tool, A Perfect Circle, KoRn, Marilyn Manson, or anyone else people have mentioned so get over it!! Now that we're past that...does anyone no WHERE this song appears at???

plugs! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

if you EVER listed to any of the songs by marilyn manson or by maynard james keenan(tool and a perfect circle) or johathan davis (korn), you'd be able to distinguish a difference between the vocals in "cry for you" and in any of their material. The singer, if anything, sounds exactly like the singer from Godhead. Before making wild assumptions, actually listen to the song

Are you confusing | Reviewer: brad | 1/10/08

I don't know if your confusing the song with "You- by Candlebox" That is the song I was looking for and after hours of searching I finally found it. And after I realized it was Candlebox I connected the dots and realized "Far Behind" and "You" had the same singer. Makes sense.

Cry For You | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

I freakin Love Marilyn Manson i so love hes music and i love hes VOICE?! lol It's Sexy Too Me, And Also, i know im crazy HES GOSH DAMN SEXYYYYYYYYYY! Ahhhhh I Love Him....

A Perfect Circle or Ashe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

This song is by "Ashe" or "A Perfect Circle"(same lead singer as Tool). Well that's what Lime Wire says.

ITS NOT TOOL, OR MARILYN MANSON OR KORN!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

contrary to popular belief.... this song is by Ashe (
In the Queen of the Damned soundtrack....Marilyn Manson played "Redeemer"
soo pleasse stop saying it is by tool,or mariyln manson or koRn.... coz it is not by any of them

who cares by who is this song? | Reviewer: fan | 8/28/07

as long as it's really awsome......i really love it.....but i have to agree that this is not Marilyn Manson's style when i heard am like what'sManson about it?