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Performed by Tool

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Everyone Is Wrong | Reviewer: Sam | 4/14/13

The song is obviously about the first time a couple decide to experiment with anal sex. the Anal Canal is 4 degrees warmer that the vagina. "Lay back and let me show you another way" and "Take it all in" and "this brings us closer than dying and cancer and crying" and 'Take all or nothing, just to shut the reason" Don't think it has to do with rapists though.

i like pizza | Reviewer: that guy | 3/10/13

"like the calm beneath castles" This is a reference to the foundation mechanisms used to support castles. they were called "calms". It was a medieval invention created by a wart covered dwarf who masturbated too much. That is what this song is about; the ability to invent such a profound infrastructure device despite the fact that you are a profusely masturbating carbuncular dwarf. That and 4 degrees south of his dwelling, a shit monster took his habitation in a lollypop tree. skeet skeet bang bang nigga. seacrest out

Blah | Reviewer: yupyupyup | 3/29/12

I've seen the line "like the calm(s) beneath the castle(s)", on every lyric page, but it makes no sense. Shouldn't calms be 'combs, as in catacombs?

I think it is calm beneath the castle, it seems to be referring to foundations. Often castles are built on hills also (for defensive purposes) so, like C.g.jung's tip of the iceberg conciousness, the 'calm beneath the castle' could be the foundations of the conciousness, or unconscious while the castle represents the visible 'mask' or 'persona' . Not to mention the fact that the dungeons are almost always beneath the castle in the footings which is the place that you hide away recalcitrants..

Par tout le monde | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/11

If that's morshu's opinion, good, I like it, but it's his opinion, I can't tell it's stupid or not, it doesn't matter. I agree with morshu, this song is somehow reflecting a sexual point of view, but in a metaphoric way, meaning that sometimes people wants us to believe what they want, do what they want, but not just in a "normal" way, they want all of us! Meaning like the want to (psicologically?) rape us, and not just rape us, but anal rape us. So, find yourself your own way and don't let anyone rape you with what the want

psych | Reviewer: Fuller | 8/27/11

Tool is awesome. My interpretation is that this song reflects the struggle between the id, ego, and superego. Basically the struggle to suppress our true/hidden desires. Albeit our desires may be horrid and vulgar but life is too short to push them away. I just love how Tool is able to transform thoughts/feeling into words and then into awesome music the totally rocks and transcends time!!!!

Doesn't matter. | Reviewer: 27yearIs10,000days | 1/18/11

Morshu, Tool writes music for you to find what you're looking for and what achieve what you're trying to achieve. It doesn't matter what "they" (the band writes everything together) wrote the song about. It matters what it means to you. C'mon, that was stupid.

This song helped me think what I really want in a woman. It also reminds me of a magnet, repelling and attracting what it doesn't want and what it needs.

To avoid misconceptions | Reviewer: Morshu | 6/14/10

By reading the lyrics, you can obviously find parallels between them and sex. It is referenced to anal sex specifically because the anal cavity is 4 degrees warmer than the vagina.

Maynard deliberately created this link, but also delivers a message of forced beliefs. Imagine, for example, a door to door evangelist. He is trespassing on your property to press his views upon you. He is the anal rapist in this story, and you are the asshole. Religion (or any forced viewpoint) is the penis.

See how he creates a crude allusion to cause drama? It works doesn't it? Now shut up.

Possible correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

I've seen the line "like the calm(s) beneath the castle(s)", on every lyric page, but it makes no sense. Shouldn't calms be 'combs, as in catacombs?

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