i don't feel like breathing anymore, just pure heartbreak | Reviewer: robert | 7/27/10

To Andy

the love of my life, I prayed that God should direct you and if you do come back, I don't if i will be waiting, but i know i truly love you.

this song is so sad and it says a lot about the person that i loved.

i like the phrases:
There were times when it took all my strength
To just get through, yeah, through another day.

those words are so true and these as well:
Did you think my life would end that day
That you walked out when you broke my heart
Did you think I couldn't make it through
Ooh, without you
Did you think you'd stop my world with goodbye, oh no
Did you think I'd crumble inside

love truly hurst and i don't want to be in love again. i hope you read this one day i know that i still love you.