Reviews for Another Sad Love Song Lyrics

------Performed by Toni Braxton | 04/25/2005 12:00:00 PM

Another Sad Love Song

Tunes that are written for the sake of sorrow or sadness come in many forms and arrangements. Ms. Toni Braxton indicates in one of her many wonderful songs, in her interpretation, how this is another sad song. They come in many ways, as every one has his/her own interpretation of sadness in their lives. Keep writing according to expression, whether in joy, peace and happiness, sadness or sorrow. Eternal joy will only take place when we no longer have to worry about the emotional casualties we face in our lives. I, for one, am all for writing poetry, which, in an instant only becomes poetry from feelings and emotions, primarily. Then, poetry becomes music. My family encourages me to find an agent, I haven't a clue where to begin. I enjoy writing poems, when they enter my heart and mind, that's my performance, in writing from the tablets of my heart-however, to actually perform them in the form of music is not where my talent is, I write, not a spotlight person. I would consider Ms. Braxton to perform any of my poetry transformed into music if I knew of an agent that'll trust and invest in my art of poetry. I write about life circumstances, wonders of Yahshua's nature through His Father, Yahweh the Creator of all and everything. Our family has been in attendance at the IDMR, Inc. Bible Institute for many years, where we learn, find and know of The Creator as He really is and actually exists. This is His One and Only True Name, World wide, Universal. The world hasn't yet come to an end as the Bible, the Word saith until all knows of the True Name. That's why "Y" we're still existing for the Glory and Divine Purpose of the Creator Himself, not mankind, we are here for His Glorious Purpose, goodwill in his Divine Name, learning also to have consideration, joy for one another...Peace in the Name...

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