this song is from God | Reviewer: Marian Sackey | 8/31/2006

Everytime i hear this song my heart races. i feel secude, i feel safe, i feel lik everything will be ok. this song helps me feel the lords presents and i feel safe n loved. wen ever i feel down this song makes me think of all da things the lord has down 4 me n i start to prase his name. i know his word will never fail me and with him i'll always be safe. is funny how he has down soo much 4 us n how we take it forgranated. we sin n he still 4 gives us, we do things against his well n yet he 4give us. it makes me cry wen i think of the thing he has down 4 me im only 17 bat he done soo much in my life it uncountable. tonex is blessed n really gifted.God gave every1 a gift n its up to us to use it to bless his name. i knw that the gift he has placed in me i'll use to bless his name 4ever n i'll try n bless as many souls i can just lik ave been bless by Tonex. i pray God will keep blessin him n will renew his blessins everyday n also draw him closer to him everyday, giv him wisdom n norlage to keep on doin wat he is doin. Amen.

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